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Cellular service providers who offer SMS also offer public SMS gateways, which allow you to compose and send messages from the service provider’s Web site allows. A number of independently operated message gateways also exist on the Internet. Some gateways have more features than others.

A few let you compose messages to more than one recipient, create group lists, messages, manage, and send pre-set or customized replies. Using a public gateway, you can send a message to another device on the network, and SMS – equipped phones or pagers that you can send messages to friends or business associates. If you access your account, e mail or SMS – equipped phone, the public (available from any computer with Internet access) is a convenient gateway could not be contacted.


Unfortunately, the lack of public gateways is file security. Web transmissions that occur as secure transactions, to any third party to monitor the contents of a cell phone number and a message when the message is sent through a public gateway. Short Message Service Center by phone and sent messages on the phone more secure, but the possibility exists that these broadcasts can also be monitored.

Public gateways are often referred to as SMSC or SMS centers. The centers typically run a robust software program (the modern versions such as the above) and a large database that is suitable for carriers using the correct settings to allow messages to be lost to subscribe.

The means for people to send messages to SMS gateways are useful. These services are enabled phone, mobile phone or SMS to send and receive SMS messages are not enabled. Even large organizations like the Red Cross, the government, it is convenient to use the media to send messages to large numbers of people can find. A natural disaster such as tornado warnings are important messages, Typhoon, hurricane, flood or earthquake can be sent. The idea is to prevent sudden death due to natural disasters. Romantic Guys and girls who want their loved ones and want to use the crisis to a PC via the gateway can send messages to their mobile phones.

Schools, colleges, and vocational education institutions, associations, guilds, federations, societies, groups and communities are using SMS gateways to other classes of society and community benefit.

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