Travelling on a Shoestring Budget

Travelling on a Shoestring Budget
If you’ve always wanted to travel but don’t have the money to take partake on the perks of having a first-class air ticket, luxury hotel and guided tours, do not worry. You may not have the money but you can still enjoy travelling and make your trips memorable. So how do you make your trips fun and memorable without having to bust your wallets? Here are some helpful tips that could transform you from a clueless “I don’t have money for travel” to a savvy budget traveller.

The most important thing that a budget traveller should do in getting to the next dream vacation is to research. Proper planning is vital because a well-researched trip could save you money and time when you get to your destination. Firstly, decide on where and when to go. There are probably thousands of travel destinations around the world, but majority of them have their peak and off-peak season. That means Boracay is crowded during the Holy Week and the summer season. However, you can enjoy the beach during off season, which is usually at the start of the month of June. The incidence of rain is still less during this month, the visitors are much lesser and the best thing is that hotels are starting to offer rates at a discounted price. Going to a popular tourist spot during the start of the off-peak season could save you a lot of money while still having a pleasant memorable vacation.

Another important tip for travellers on a shoestring budget is to sign-up for cheap flights alert. Since the majority of your travel expense will definitely go to airfare and accommodations, it is a good thing to be informed of any upcoming or ongoing flight promotions for various airlines. Some of them are even offering cheap flights for as low as Php1, saving you a lot of money for your trip. However, make sure that you have already cleared up your calendar on the date that you specified when you book your flights since having to rebook a discounted air ticket could mean hefty charges. If possible, book your flights on a weekday so as to increase your chances of getting a cheaper airfare.

In addition to cheap flights, accommodations could drain your travel fund, so look for cheaper alternatives. The internet is a good source of information on backpacker hotels and hostels in your planned destination and you can find sites where visitors give feedback on the quality of their stay and the hotels’ service, giving you an idea where you can get the most value for your money. Some are even taking advantage of the hotel discounts being sold by coupon sites Beeconomic, AtCrazy and others, saving them money while enjoying a stay in a better hotel.

So now that you’ve crossed out the big-ticket items in your travel basket, how do you save money on local transport, food and other things? Again, the key is to do research. If you want to get around in cities like Hong Kong and Singapore have fantastic public transport system so a visitor will not feel the need to take a cab, which can be very expensive. Some bus companies have websites and are posting their routes online so visitors can easily plan their route well before actually visiting the place. You can also visit travellers’ online forum for additional information on getting around, especially from people who have already been to your planned destination before.

The point of travelling to an entirely new place is to discover and try out new things. But don’t you know that trying out local food can also save you money when you travel? Spend less on touristy restaurants and instead go where the locals eat. You’ll discover that it’s much cheaper and at most times, much more delicious too.

Travelling on a shoestring can be easy and enjoyable if you have planned well ahead of time to know how and where you can cut your costs. Once you get the hang of it, finding and doing things in a less expensive manner come naturally.

Marikit Dela Cruz is a nomad enjoying the beautiful islands in the Philippines. She always dreams of frolicking the beaches of Boracay, Palawan and Panglao. When she’s not dreaming of her new adventure, she dabbles in writing and sharing travel tips with fellow wanderers. She likes Skyscanner Philippines because it gives her the cheapest flights to her new dream vacation.

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