Fayoum is The Small Egypt

Fayoum one of the beautiful cities in egyptits South-Western part, the Fayoum depression is also home to the Rayyan Valley, or Wadi Ar-Rayyan, which covers 11,450 hectares of lakes, 1,580 hectares of wetlands and 160,949 hectares of desert lands. The area has been declared as a protected area in 1989., full of beautiful places such as Water Weels,Musiuoum of Karanis,Lake Karoon,Wady Rian,Wady El Hitan,Kasr karoon,Madint Mady ,

watcing imigration birds also in fayoum one of the great things there,yyou can take also a nice souvonirs from the hand craft and hand made things made in fayoum from the nature.

fayoum have great history start from pharonic and romans,islamic eras ,in fayoum where lived incient egyptians,fayoum is a small green oasis in the desert,you can’t imagine how much this place is beautiful you should see and take a nice fotos there it will be great memories you will never forget.

hotels you can find in the city and near lake karoon also,and the destination between fayoum and cairo is about 99 km.

or only one hour also you can visit by train it will be nice ,i advice all people that wish to visit fayou to book minimum 3 days to see all the beautiful places,in the city also you can find nice risurants and hotels ,

so don’t worry about food hope to visit this place to see how much it is beautiful ,in lake karoon fabulous coasts of Lake Karoun, the former hunting lodge of King Farouk,

Fayoum Oasis is a wonderful destination, well known for its delicious fruits and vegetables. Birds migrate to the oasis for the lush plants and the waters of Lake Quarun, the largest salt water lake in Egypt. Here you’ll find Grebes, coots, ducks and shorebirds during winter.the area is visited yearly by Only hundreds or thousands of Egyptians and foreign tourists who enjoy the natural features of the protectorate.

Imagine your self taking a trip back in time 40 million years explore pharonic temples like qasr al sagha and dem’s el sebaa as well as the world’s oldest road made from basalt rock soon you will find your self standing in the middle of the peterfied forest near the 30 million years old gebel qatrani.

i advice every one want to relax and enjoy his holiday to come to visit el fayoum as one of the beautiful places an all egypt ,dont forget your camera with you ,,,

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