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Now a days most of the people are using smart phones, 3G enabled handset and interested in using their mobile phone as their modem and access internet from it. 

I used my mobile phone as my internet modem several times. If you wish to use your mobile as your modem, you must have PC suite or OVI suite in your system based on your cell brand and service provider. You can download the pc suite from your mobile phones web site. Lot of mobile companies allow us to download the PC suite for free and different kind of updates are available frequently.

You must download the PC suite in your system and connect your mobile phone using the data card, some persons may connect using blue tooth or infra red method based on their need. Different kind of brands having their own pc suite for their different models, we must go to our cell phone provider website and select our model to download the pc suite or OVI suite, after downloading it, we must install it in our system and connect our device using the data cable and activate internet option in our phone to access internet. It is not a tough task to connect our mobile with our laptop or desktop system. 

My cell is having the 3G ability and i can access the net very fast using Airtel service provider. But the sad thing is the connection lost every now and then. Even though i got the connection back with in seconds, it gives me a lot of irritation while connection is cut. We have to do our work again while getting the connection back. Mobile internet is not good. 

Some persons will get a good speed with their mobile based on their service provider and plans, however most of the mobile internet connections sucks, because they are depending on the signal and we will lose the connection frequently based on the signal problems. Also the connection speed is very low compared to normal internet. Mobile internet is good for us to access it via mobile or smart phones. The high light of mobile internet is, we can access it at anywhere as we go. But we need more patience to use mobile internet. 

I hope some of you used cell phone as internet modem. What is your experience with this kind of problem? This kind of frequent signal and connection problem is happened to your ISP? will you get your connection easily with them? What will you do to avoid this kind of interruptions?

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