Ujung Genteng

Located + / – 120km from the city sukabumi, it is an object Ujunggenteng interesting tour. The beach is still clean and has a natural charm to visit. In some parts of the coast there are areas suitable for play or just soak in the sea. This is due to thigh deep sepangkal only when and if the tide was low tide is only about a foot and calf of the interesting things there are no waves but only shifting slowly flows from right to left.

There are also docks Dutch legacy is already considering his age and old enough now to live the rest of puingnya only. History was less people know clearly.
Towards the east from the end of the tile there is also the location of the fish auction, which is quite noisy in the morning between the hours of 5-9 am. Various types of fish that fishermen have been fishing all night there traded at a price of course much cheaper and fresher.
Pangumbahan, seems to be a tourist attraction that the region is quite unique. See turtles lay eggs on end on the beach at night is clearly a rare event for some people and not all objects have beach tourism. Turtle laying eggs this area of the green turtle species which are animals that live in sea water. Green sea turtle can grow to reach more than 1 meter in length, more than 200 kg weight and living more than 100 years. Before the turtle started laying advised to avoid noise or noise, and also advised not bring light in any form because it can make the turtles lay their eggs and are reluctant to return to the sea. Once the eggs start out then we can approach and examined by using a flashlight or other lighting devices. It seems that when the turtles have started to remove her eggs, will have difficulty to stop it, and the number of eggs released from a green turtle to reach 200 points.Cipanarikan estuary, is one of the other tourist objects of interest at the end of the tile. This estuary is where the river meets the sea cipanarikan. River flow Cipanarikan form before turning into the sea, sand, forming a large area with a form of very fine sand, ideal for sand play area for children. This Dimuara many animals such as crabs, grouse, lizard and fish estuary. When we look at the beaches there are many common ornamental fish colors typical of seawater fish swim free on the sidelines now. Besides, the shells are beach location has many forms that are still intact and good / brilliant colors.

Seven Waves, located about 15 Km from pangumbahan which can be reached by foot perjalanann for 3-4 hours. This location is a favorite area for foreign tourists to surf sports. The term according to the population of seven waves because the waves are always a sequence of seven waves and is always big. Waves around there beberpa seven small islands, the beach is very natural, many small rocks, average people who surf using motorcycles to motor up there and when the rainy season, nothing can be there except on foot.

CIBUAYA, location suitable for bathing or swimming because the beach is the basin that have the depth that varies, ranging from 0.5 meters to 6 meters. Inside there is also a beautiful coral trumbu. The location is perfect for enjoying the afternoon sun, sea water also has a fairly clean & clear. Sometimes when the season snapper or krapu, CIBUAYA an ideal place for fishing.
Besides the natural tourist attractions, Ujunggenteng also has tourist attraction in the form of coconut sugar manufacturing process by the local community. Simple construction utilizing the vast coconut plantations, the villagers set up to accommodate the fluid bowl of flowers and coconut and cooked in large pot collected and printed with bamboo strips whose size is greater than the size of palm sugar on the market.

Overall there are still some unspoiled places that have a beautiful place. Nevertheless, tourism also has Ujunggenteng accommodations with rates ranging from 75,000 to 350,000 rupiah. For the record: the end of the tile area there is malaria, possibly because these areas adjacent to protected forest, so if there would be a good idea to visit with quinine pills, food and beverages also be helpful to bring their own because there were still classified as coastal areas and less developed tourism. 

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