Everything You Want To Know About The Walking Company.

    The Walking Company, on the other hand, is always selling shoes that are convenient to wear and are produced with the finest materials. So let’s take a glimpse into this company what it can give you.

     You have probably already heard of Clarks shoes and you might even have had a pair of them at some point in time. This company was one of the first to manufacture quality footwear and since it first opened it 1825, it has continued to go strong. The Walking Company is one place you can find some of Clark’s best offerings. They make a diverse selection of relaxing leisure, dress and walking footwear for men and women. Clarks Unstructured is their latest line, and these are shoes and sandals made with lambskin linings and lightweight soles that provide maximum air circulation to keep your feet cool all day long. Clarks are just one of many quality brands that can be purchased at The Walking Store. In order to increase the diversity of its offerings, The Walking Company has recently introduced Thad Stuart, an innovative line of men’s shoes. Designed to be a dress shoe, but fashionable and comfortable to be active. These shoes have many features to ensure that your feet will be well supported, such as a padded leather lining, leather uppers and an EVA midsole, which provides lightweight and durable cushioning. The Thad Stuart Bristol Tie, for example, is a dress oxford style shoe with a classical design, yet made with the latest footwear technology to ensure you’re comfortable and well supported all day long.

   Pikolinos is a distinctive shoe company from Spain whose products are featured by The Walking Company. These stylish shoes are traditionally crafted and are unlike any others. Among its other innovations, Pikolinos has created the Cyclonatura line, which is the most natural type of leather in the world. This leather is uses a vegetable base tan, which is an environmentally safe process that doesn’t use any toxic elements. In 2008, Pikolinos was award the European Eco-label Certification, highlighting its commitment to making its products in an ecologically friendly way. This is just one of the innovative footwear brands offered by the Walking Company.

   So if you’re in the market for well made and comfortable shoes, the Walking Company is a great place to shop. The company’s many retail locations and online store make it easy to access it no matter where you live.

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