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 This has been in the flying business for almost 80 years. Its story contains plenty of ups and downs. However, the thing that is pretty outstanding for any business, and especially an airline, is that not only are they still flying, but they are stronger than ever.

  No one can say that Turkish Airlines does not see the value of promotions and brand recognition. In fact, they are wise because they know how to carefully pick out brands and the markets that are impacted. For example, the market of American basketball and the airline’s contract with Kobe Bryant, an all star American basketball player. During February 2011, Mr Bryant finished a funny commercial for Turkish Airlines. Recently, the airlines added Caroline Wozniacki to their list. She will help promote the airlines’ Business Class service to European tennis fans.

   Turkish Airlines reported a 9M net profit of 169 million USD, making 2010 the best year the company has had to date. Turkish Airlines saw a 39 percent increase in their sales, with revenues at 5 billion USD. The company is expanding its fleet with a number of Boeing 777-300ERs, which are long-haul aircraft, in an effort to increase the revenue generated by business class travelers. The company also intends to use wide-body planes for international cargo routes. No one expected the results posted by the company for 2010 but that doesn’t mean they weren’t well received. This surge could also be due to the fact that the company has been actively marketing their brand all over the world. Asian expansion and penetration into the US market is what the company is planning on.

  Turkish Airlines has created a new style of travel called Comfort Class. This latest service offering is available with the airline’s new Boeing 777 aircraft. The level of comfort available is taken to a whole new level with seats that are almost 46 inches wide. So, you have four feet of seat for yourself or anything else you need to carry with you. Boeing 777s are pretty big airplanes, meant for long-haul flights, a fact that you should keep in mind. Seating in Comfort Class can also be obtained by redeeming miles accrued on the Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles program.

 There have been many benefits derived for Turkish Airlines as a result of them diversifying their marketing efforts.

  Most businesses understand this basic business principle. Yet many businesses simply don’t bother to reinvest in their own growth, as Turkish Airlines have wisely done. In this case, it’s not just the airline that has increased in strength and branding, but passengers also get to enjoy the benefits too.

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