Beach in Portugal

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Portugal located on the southern part of Europe, a lot of sun shining during most of the year, and a warm population that trully knows how to welcome. Lisbon is the capital.

If you’re looking for a good destination for your vacations, Portugal is one that you should really consider.

The Portuguese coast has about 1230Km, to which you should add 667 Km from Azores and more 250Km from Madeira Island.


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Of course from all this area it would be expected to find (and you will) great beaches and fun places to enjoy sunsets or just take a look at the sea movement or the Seaguls and believe you can expect great picture and a lot of dream images.


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The beaches located more in the north and Center of Portugal have a colder water and bigger waves some are very and surfers love them such as Ovar (Praia da Cortegaça) or Vila Nova de Gaia (Praia de Miramar) coming down to Nazaré, Peniche, Santa Cruz or Ericeira.

if you go down to an area closer to the Capital (Lisbon) the water gets a bit hotter and the sea gets more calm still not as much as in the south the most know beaches here are Costa da Caparica, and the Estoril coast or Sesimbra and Troia (which is a Natural reserve) close to setubal.

But if you are aiming to get sun and dive in clear water you should go to the South, Algarve is the place everybody wants, although I must tell that you can find great hot spots in Alentejo, and probably not so crowded, just some examples Vila Nova de Milfontes or Zambujeira do Mar. Algarve is the most know place to get to the beach, always hot, the water is warm, no big waves (so not so good for surfers) and lots of night live, you can go to Portimão, Lagos, Albufeira, Tavira and much more.

Really easy to get fun over here, hope you enjoyed this and maybe helps to help you learn a bit more of Portugal.


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