Finding New Paths Towards a Great Plan Commences With The Primary Step For a Renewable Energy Solution

Wastes arise together from here and there and from all directions of the planet with the escalating problems of environment.  The huge puzzle of an individual’s life lacks a big and important piece. Following the right procedures is not just about theoretical dilemma, but rather putting it on every human’s action in search for more solutions towards battling against the threats with negative climatic changes on the sly. This is one of the problems that we ought to work out at once to save Mother Earth. Renewable energy is the best panacea to recreate an atmosphere of safe haven for the people.

It can’t be denied that we have experienced the so-called “smokestacks” from factories, including the smog around the cities. All of them are viewed as regards “no fear-thought-policy” without being unaware of the prevailing issues — knowing that these things may pollute not just only the specific place but also the entire planet. And the threats would not just be static but sometimes fictional and absurd!

Global surface temperatures are very high, thus increasing daily in uncontrollable manners. And these would be clearly cited by our descendants with differing scenarios and with greenhouse gas emissions from blasting off. These are the models of diverse climate sensitivity elevations with a bad situation. The warmth-effects of the North and South Poles would likely be the outcome and gradual rise of the oceans in a very deadly way even if greenhouse gas levels have seemed to stabilize. But this threat would be prevented from transpiring when everybody knows the various ways on how to do a counter-attack in times of great danger and perilous things to take place.

Finding new paths towards a great solution commences with the primary step for an ultimate solution. This step is the usage-effect of renewable resources. Global warming with its definition and formation and its deadly effects would not be  scarcely “dreadful” when one knows how to utilize it wisely with  the use of renewable energies. Everybody has the savvy about its positive resources. As the high technology grows fast in this dispensation of times, still the smart people can multiply with even more … the smarter ones to resolve the conflicting views. It is so facile for a person to think about the new discovery or the breakthrough of its existence in this planet. Besides, the human invention is also a sign of different inventions, good or bad inventions that pollute the world.

If I be given an authority to dictate solutions and those people with great powers who have had heard about it would support me, there would be a lot of paths that I would declare. In analogy, if a businessman works everyday in the city, he takes up gasoline which is nonrenewable to go to the urban area. This does not only refer to the man but rather to all the people who live far from their daily destinations. In my case, with such authority I might have to foresee things in the future, the investors and city engineers conform to each other financially for global amelioration. Most top officials or the government itself designs a city that thwarts from future pollutions. It is formulated if it could design well with a smoke-free environment. How could it happen? If the government lets all the people use solar energy for its vehicles, then it would be totally smoke-free!

Having produced the smokestacks of factories, the gas   releases all throughout with slowly-produced darkened atmosphere and even creates a huge whole in Ozone Layer. Why should we risk our lives and wait for years just to claim nonrenewable resources? Though we know those things that can only be used once or twice and without mentioning, the negative feedback we might meet and get along the way of discovery. Why dangers oneself to have energy? We can just use our wastes for biomass energy, it is renewable and yet can be located anywhere. How can the cheap and weightless object have it with everyone’s pocket if we know that it brings bad effect to us? It’s figurative, isn’t it?

I have ever heard about China letting office workers ride bicycles towards the city where they can work. There is a big reason for this kind of vehicle strategy. China is the third most populated area in the world and it is also one of the most economically industrialized countries that continually engages in world trade. Obviously, China has a lot of factories, but it finds ways on how to conserve energy with the use of bicycles.

The second suggestion of mine is that redesigning the urban areas is likely to produce good effects in our environment. Just like the Kingdom of Dubai wherein it produces ways to bridge and put the barren land with something usable and that is putting up a huge building for the benefits of the masses. With its very own modernized strategy and latest technology, Palm Island produces three artificial islands in the shape of a palm-tree shelter that comprises nearly 500 apartments, 2000 villas, 25 hotels and 200 shops of luxury.

Palm “Jumeirah” is the most advanced and completed building that has put up in 2005 with hundred twenty-five kilometers of coast additional modernized-buildings.  And the fact clearly states that Dubai forms a city with palm-designs, villages, hotels, villas and shops around the islands. With the use of solar energy to produce the lights intended for houses, there would be no smoke or no emission of prohibited air from the factory, no fees and no signs of threats such as Global warming.

And just imagine a source of energy that is more powerful than a million electric power plants. Imagine that this energy source will never run out of power, at least not for a few billion years. This energy source is not imaginary. It’s the real sun-solar energy that shines down on every resident each day. Solar energy is a renewable energy. Though Dubai may pay a lot of money for the making and building of these wise structural edifices with techniques and ways to become formidable in the entire planet, it saves the whole humanity. So think about it.

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