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I always get a lot of annoying calls from the service providers. I know every one is facing this unwanted situation. Most of the calls are come when we are in important work. As a business person i am in need to attend a lot of calls from clients. This kind of marketing calls very much disturbed me. mostly i got this kind of calls while driving my two wheeler. This type of calls divert the persons concentration, some times this will lead in accidents too. 

Most of us will have annoying and irritating experience with recorded calls, mostly this kind of calls comes from the service providers to promote their products like special offers, caller tunes, internet options and some other new things which is introduced by the service provider. We all have the experience in attending such kind of calls at least once in our life and surely annoyed with this kind of unwanted calls. Some times other advertisers will make this kind of recorded calls to promote their services.

This kind of marketing persons don’t realize the problem of customers and clients and interested in promoting their products. This kind of calls will reach our phone at any time, some times we are attending an important meeting or driving our vehicle while receiving this kind of calls and it will divert our concentration and give anger to us, always i hate this kind of calls.

 It is very hard to avoid unwanted calls from the sales persons and customer call executives. Every day they call us and give a lot of irritation to us. Most of the time they call us while we are doing an important task. Really this kind of calls are problematic to us. We can use block option to avoid this, but most of the times they are coming from different numbers and it is too hard to block all the numbers.

Most of the time i try my maximum to avoid this calls. After knowing that the call is from a sales rep or CC executive, i simply told them that i am in an important work and kindly don’t disturb me at that time. The service providers and other marketing persons must know the issues of this calls, they are spoiling the privacy of the customers, surely this kind of calls must be banned, i registered with DND services, but some times this kind of calls will reach my mobile and give a lot of irritation to me. What are your ways to avoid this kind of calls?  

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