Top 5 Social Sites For Cinema Lovers

If you’re going and riding the current recommendations Oscar on Facebook, worried about the impression of that none of his friends, but it is time to) find new friends or B) find social network your film needs.

There are five large sites can get movies with fans from around the world in contact.

1- GetGlue

If you love movies, but your interests ranged also support of GetGlue is for you. How Foursquare check you favorite activity-all movies, TV shows, games, music, books, and more using the Web site or application but, instead of icons for you to win stickers in each store. Some labels gives you the opportunity to win prizes, but most of them are just a good way to show your pride for people who follow Geek. Unlike immodestly icons, you can actually request a physical copy of the markings that you won, so that you can be proud of it offline as well.

Interaction of GetGlue is very individual. So if you’re looking for dialogue, is the best thing to do is to come when you have seen the movie and contain a summary of your situation. Normally will chime in with their own opinions and could lead to a new friend.

2- iCheckMovies

Some fans of the film, intended to look at all the list of films nominated for best picture, IMDb top 250 or one of the AFI 100 stocks. With iCheckMovies will only check box, the movies that you looked at and it will automatically track your progress on a range of both of these indexes. You can also create wish lists, if that destination specific type or area of interest. When you are finished, you will receive a fee that reflects your profile and show your Valor watch video worldwide. Based on the movies you have seen, the page will try to find people who have similar taste, so you can easily follow the evolution of their and discover new movies.

If you want more interaction, iCheckMovies recent user forum is to discuss sex, regional films and for lovers of movies. Depending on the level of involvement you website offers a free membership or higher paid membership, but for most people, the free version is all you need. Be careful, if movies can be very attractive.

3- Letterboxd

One of the latest social video sites where, Letterboxd is still in beta, so you will need to request an invitation or find, send you a friendly fan film. When you are on, you can create a personal profile, and then fill in by searching for movies. Each Department has its own page with a brief summary of the plot, or given information, mean asterisk and popular magazines are written by other users Letterboxd. Here you can mention that you’ve seen the movie that I would appreciate comment or output is called “my favorite samurai films”.

Almost all Letterboxd activities available on the site, there are many ways to find users who share your movie centers of interest. And because you have to send an invitation to a friend, you can follow anyone check for latest movies look they have created lists and reviews as they are written. Just add your own two cents to one of the omnipresent comments and get the conversation rolling.

The site gets a little traction with online film critics take a look, to connect with some of your favorite movies, charts,, lift the personalities and much more.


If your film standards Federico Fellini as Lindsay Lohan and other contact, perhaps MUBI cityscape social movies for you. MUBI (former author) focuses on international cinema, experimental short films and find addresses, collection criterion. On the website you can enter full profile-style movies that you like, such as exclusion, rather avant-garde fashion film.

Then your managers, who prefer to set your speed, the movie notes on your wall and keep people from all over the world or in your area to see what’s playing in local art house theatre. Go To “Kurosawa Vs Shakespeare” and “Nihilistic Cinema.” in the forum where you can discuss that “the Film that defines the story, some of these conversations, so deep, it’s like a movie class-in-a-box.

If even beginners, you will find yourself in a garage, to connect to other people who can help you, your movie dream a reality.

What separates MUBI is really the ability to stream hundreds of these great movies directly on your computer or the Boxees on television. Most short films for free, most films, at an additional cost of $ 2.99 is a one-time fee, or is only $ 6.99/month for unlimited access to the full catalog.


Seenth. When is not started, and there are already some buzz amongst fans of the film. Like other places, you can include the user sees a movie, add a custom list to give a rating or comment. But with Seenth, you can also recommend the movie to a user, group of users or of the community as a whole. All these activities have been set up in the chat room on the site is graphically similar to Pinterest user Seenth to do anything.

Peep can, all users on the decline of the only people to follow or be extended also to be filtered so that watching the movie, what is said about them, from there it is easy to recognize positive criticism to blue, negative testing, prisoner in purple, windscreen, clear yellow, so they don’t accidentally click it. You can also post your favorite quotes from the film in order to start the negotiations, so that others can offer opinions and ideas.

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