Parts Needed to Build Your Own Computer An Why Is Computer Slow

Many people are intimidated by a computer’s internal hardware. It is really a basic procedure to build your own PC, with a little knowledge of the components and what they do, anyone could do it.

The Motherboard

The motherboard is the heart of the computer and may or may not offer integrated sound, audio or Wi-Fi.


The CPU you purchase will determine the motherboard you purchase or vice versa. The CPU is the brains of the system and will offer the speed that you are looking for.

The Tower

The tower will most likely be a standard size case, if you plan on purchasing a smaller size be sure that your motherboard will fit properly into it.

Hard Drive

The hard drive is where all your data is stored. You need to ensure that you find one large enough to handle the amount of data you plan to store.


The memory or Random Access Memory (RAM) will help speed your system up and keep your programs running smoothly. The more memory you install the smoother your system programs will run, just ensure the motherboard is capable of handling the amount you choose, otherwise it is wasted money.

Graphics Card

The graphics card will determine how your images, videos or animations are displayed. For serious gamers look for the more advanced video cards but for basic computer functions the integrated video is usually sufficient.

Audio Card

The audio card determines the clarity and the crispness of the sounds you hear on your system. If you are a gamer, just like the graphics card, you might want to get a more advanced card for features like surround sound.

The components are easily put together and come with full instructions. Your motherboard manual will explain in detail what each slot is for.

There are many reasons why your computer may be running slower than normal. One of the main causes is your systems registry. The registry in your computer is the systems main brain and stores everything you do. So, every action you take on your computer from turning up the volume to downloading a program makes an entry in the registry.

Over time your registry becomes bloated or even corrupt. If you uninstall programs without using the uninstall feature you will end up with left over fragments of the program in your registry and this can create a problem with speed as well as how your system functions. Malicious software is another cause of a corrupt registry. If you surf the internet chances are you have been infected with some sort of malicious software. Adware and spyware are very common and sometimes missed by your antivirus software, but viruses and Trojans are fairly common as well for those who download files from the internet. You can run your antivirus software to try to remove the malware from your system but in many cases it will still have fragments left behind in the registry.

The best way to deal with your registry problems is to download a registry cleaner. Trying to mess with your systems registry on your own can be not only tedious, but risky as well. You do not want to chance making a mistake that will alter how your system works, so let the program do it for you. Always be sure that you use the backup option in the program before you make any changes to your registry, just in case the program removes something you might have needed. If after cleaning the registry of all errors you still notice your system being slow, you might want to consider storage space, memory issues or even malfunctioning hardware as the cause.

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