Firefox 11 Launched by Mozilla With Upgraded Add-On Syncing Tool

Firefox 11 is the latest edition to the list of open source web browsers introduced by the non-profit company Mozilla so far. Firefox 11 has been released on March 13, 2012 for its consumers, globally. Highlights of the new browser include Google Chrome migration, SPDY integration services, Page Inspector Tilt (3-D view), add-on sync, refurbished HTML 5 video controls and the style editor (CSS).

The breaking news about the launch got disseminated through the official blog of Mozilla where it was first reported. Upgraded add-on synching tool was shown as a major improvement as well as feature with this latest Firefox version. Now users of Firefox 11 will be able to sync add-ons among multiple systems apart from importing bookmarks, history lists and other data from Chrome.

If there is any feature in the new Firefox version that will prompt users to switch from their existing browser to Firefox 11, it is the new add-on sync feature. With this feature you can sync your add-on across various devices including Android smartphones and tablets irrespective of what operating system they are using as long as they are run on Firefox.

If you are installing the new Firefox 11 on a new computer, then all the add-ons related to the account will be automatically downloaded by the software and thus software gets installed on your computer. If you don’t want to sync add-ons between personal computer and work PC then you can exercise the option provided in the preference panel of Firefox.

However, add-on synching remains the prime feature of the new Firefox, you can also look at some other features Mozilla has introduced with this version. It is equipped with tools such as Page Inspector 3D View. It uses the WebGL-based visualization that allows developers to understand how a website can be structured better. Moreover, you will find with Firefox 11 a new style editing tool that helps developers to edit CSS style sheets like a text editor and monitor the changes simultaneously.

With the improved style editor, developers and designers would be able to quickly see the changes in the look and feel of a website and make the revision for their clients simultaneously by using the new Style Editor. During the launch of this Firefox version, Mozilla announced that the forthcoming Firefox 13 will accommodate silent updates that will install new updates automatically without distracting the user.

The launch of Firefox 11 was coupled with the launch of Thunderbird 11, an email client and a viable alternative to Microsoft Outlook. This is largely focused on offering its users a variety of bug fixes. The interface of Thunderbird 11 has been improved and made user-friendly by moving all tabs to the top of the page. Mozilla has given indications of some more launches in this fall.

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