Firefox Set to Adopt The Spdy Protocol From Google

SPDY that stands for SPEEDY is a new and experimental networking protocol from Google that aims at quick transportation and loading of web content. It is very similar to HTTP and has been developed by Google with a goal to reduce web page load latency and improve web security. This new protocol obtains latency through compression, multiplexing and prioritization. Firefox users are all set to avail this protocol facility by default if they are using the latest Firefox 13 Aurora version.

As per the latest industry update, the first Aurora build of Firefox 13 browser is expected to provide faster and more secure web browsing to Firefox users with by default activation of SPDY protocol. It took around four months of effort by Firefox to put this protocol in the Firefox 13 Aurora version.

Firefox 13 Aurora version that can be downloaded and used with Windows, Mac and Linux however does not bring many other new features for Firefox users still there are few that can be mentioned. One of them is the change in Firefox for Android that will help websites recognize when a user is running Firefox on an Android either on a phone or a tablet. This means that the appearance of the site will change according to the size of the device to provide the user better site navigation and viewing experience. For this to happen, the website must be coded to recognize different mobile device through form factors.

In-browser multitouch support and implementation of the Screen Orientation API on Android are some other changes that you will notice with the new Firefox 13 Aurora version. This version is also equipped with DOM (Document Object Model) that helps a browser turn HTML into a Web site, browser-network interaction, JavaScript, plug-ins and page layout rendering facility.

Designers of this browser have also made some improvements in the developer’s tool. Now the recently opened but now closed panels will reopen simultaneously. Moreover, CSS files will be saved and loaded locally without a save prompt to enable faster workflow. Firefox is relying on this new version and looking at to improve its market share as an open source web browser.

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