Expensive Life

Now a days we are living an expensive life due to the expensive prices of our basic needs and necessities. All the things are raising their prices, it is very hard to find a cheap thing in this modern days. Day by day the prices of the things are increasing gradually and it is really hard to maintain a family in this modern days. We are in need to increase our earnings based on the expenses.

Schools and colleges also increasing their fees system based on the expensive life style. school and college fees are doubled now while comparing to the last decade. As we know education is very important for our living. We are in need to  pay a huge school/college fee to our children for their bright future.

Transport charges are also increased in a great manner. Other necessaries like Electricity, Phone bills, cable connections, house rent and so on are reached the peak with their increased value. Really it is very hard to compensate all the expensive things, we must work hard and find various income sources to live a comfortable life. Even our basic needs requires a good amount to pay. 

Now we are living in a technology world and the growth of technology items made our life simple as well as increased our economy a lot. Due to the arrival of the new tech items, we changed our life style a lot and things become expensive based on it. We are in need to buy the basic things even it is expensive. It is impossible to live our life with out food and the grocery items cost also increased a lot.

The sad thing is most of the companies don’t increase the salary to the employees and paying the same salary to them for a long time, we are in need to do some other part time job to increase our wealth and compensate all the losses due to the expensive living. Don’t waste your time, work hard to gain benefits from it.

What do you think about this issue? Are you living an expensive life due to this modern trend? Are you searching for ways to make extra money to compensate all the loses? 

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