Which OS is Better? Competition Between Ios 5.1 And Ice Cream Sandwich

The top two players in the smartphone wars will compete for the hearts and minds of consumers with the new version of Android and iOS – Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) and IOS 5.1.

Android 4.0, better known as an ice cream sandwich or ICS for short, was in October 2011. Many may not realize, because the operating system has not found its way on many devices yet. Meanwhile, Wednesday, November 7, 2012, Apple came out with exposure and iOS 5.1 for those who can accept, paving the way for serious competition.

Here’s a quick comparison between the two operating systems.

Backup in the cloud

Ice cream sandwich and iOS 5.1 for storing the contents of your device in the cloud. Google does this for a while. Apple, however, the parts dealing with icloud. The icloud service and Ice Cream Sandwich cloud are similar, but icloud feels more integrated into the Android 4.0 operating system has to offer. Ice cream sandwich is based on the number of requests from users for maximum cloud service Android, iOS 5.1 has only icloud, which makes all the desires of the user Google music, documents, Google, Google + and others.


Apple iOS 5.1 to the end of the game when it comes to face detection. Even Google is well beyond what Apple has introduced new OS. While users iOS 5.1 can now have a face, said when the shooting will Android five steps. Face Detection Ice cream sandwich is part of its safety features, users can have the OS to find them a few cuts to unlock the device. Great? You bet.

Browsing experience on the Web

Probably an application in the smartphone – a web browser. If your smartphone does not have the viewing experience (for example, Symbian), it is not considered a true smartphone. Safari iOS 5.1 does not see significant improvements. However, it is faster and plays well with HTML5 content. Android browser, which recently surpassed Opera Mini and Opera Mobile to become the number one mobile browser in the world, now has more features than you can throw a stick at.

Users can save complete web pages to pass incognito for a private viewing, you know, for those times when you simply want to relax. There is also the possibility to synchronize bookmarks chrome, which is a good addition as well as Android users tend to use Google Chrome on the desktop.

Wizard software voice

Siri is where Apple beat Android. Android 4.0 has a strong voice on the voice of assistance actions Android, but he can not resist Siri, when it comes to pleasure and comfort and total usage. However, to activate the Siri, iOS 5.1 users should press and hold the button, Android 4.0 users simply need to talk to their phones. New updates have learned to speak Japanese Tachi, share of voice of Android are still trapped in the English language. But Siri is currently only available on iPhone 4 s.

Overall ease of use

This is debatable, but we believe that IOS 5.1 is easier to use ECI cream sandwich. For the average user of smartphone and tablet iOS 5.1 grid of icons makes it easy to understand, can be said about the ice cream sandwich. Google has a lot to learn when it comes to designing a user interface for the operating system is not tech-savvy consumers, and we hope that the company has once again changed the appearance of Android in the near future. Take a look at Windows Phone 7 is the youngest of all, but it is easier to navigate the Android and in some cases, IOS.

What is the best?

This is a difficult question to answer. Ice cream sandwich and iOS 5.1 have their advantages and disadvantages. However, the most important thing to us is the ease of use. Many functions in the operating system is great, but the whole experience should be no difficulty, and something is missing do not Android, complexity.

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