Apple Ipad With New Features And Improves Screen And Processor And Enables Lte

An iPad (new), Apple, from $ 519

The next generation iPhone is now available for pre-order and land on store shelves March 16. If you bought the iPhone 2, which at this moment was released last year, the question is, upgrade to the new iPhone is worth shelling out another $ 500-plus to buy one? If you do not need tablets or the original iPhone, the financial picture looks a bit better, although it needs to compare the new iPhone competition is based on the Android tab. And it’s better to buy now and save $ 100 on a discount iPad2s, starting at $ 419? Here are some of the features on the new iPhone so you can compare for yourself: the new iPhone has much more screen.

The resolution called on the retina, the 2084-by-1536 pixel resolution, or 3.1 million pixels, four times that iPad2. The new iPhone has more processing power, with A5X chip with quad-core graphics, compared to the A5 dual core processor iPad2, making it an advantage for games and other applications requiring more energy than just catch up on email or Facebook. The new iPhone also included LTE, LTE is a new higher speed network, for three major carriers, Telus, Bell and Rogers in Canada has been launched. Like the previous generation of new iPad comes in WiFi only version, which starts at $ 519 and WiFi, and 4 G (LTE) models, which start at $ 649.

Battery life for nine hours in a cellular data network and 10 hours to change if you’re on WiFi. It also has a better camera. The 4 G / LTE version, you can customize giperoblast WiFi on it, which means you can use your iPhone with other wireless devices to connect to a network of data – a handy feature, especially if you are traveling and you do not want to pay for data plan Smartphone and Tablet PC. / CA.

Apple TV, Apple, $ 109

2 This week Apple Apple also released an updated version of an Apple TV set-top box. For many people this is a relatively inexpensive way of converting old TV into a single, connected to the Internet and may be associated with Netflix, iTunes movies and TV shows, YouTube and other online content. It also synchronize with other devices from Apple and Apple’s online store sys TEM, icloud. The new Apple TV has a 1080p HD video, and unlike its predecessor, this is wireless access to movies of icloud, you bought the iPhone or iPhone. It also has the AirPlay, already have before Apple TV, allowing you to stream wirelessly from your iPhone, iTouch or iPhone to a TV. For example, you have a bunch of vacation photos on your iPhone or iPad, you can easily view them on your big screen TV. www. / CA / AppleTV.

3 tab Iconia A200, Acer, $ 330

In discussing whether to go with a new Apple or Android Tablet PC, there are a number of new Tablet PC-based operating system Android, including the laying of Iconia A200, which has just arrived in Canada. 10.1-inch (25 cm) is slightly larger than the iPhone despite a 12.7 mm in depth, it is a bit heftier. It is Wi-Fi, 1,280 x 800 screen resolution and has an NVIDIA Tegra 2 mobile dual-core processors. You can use the Flash application on the A200, although the transition to HTML5 Adobe Flash Player on mobile websites, that is not addressed. Battery life is eight hours, she has a USB 2.0 port, so you can connect other devices, and microSD slot and micro USB port. Front with the release of two well-megapixel camera for video chatting and taking pictures.

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