Benefits of Prepaid Connections

In my opinion using prepaid connection is far better than using post paid connections. I am using prepaid sim card for my mobile usage as well as prepaid data card for my internet usage and getting more benefits, fun and enjoyment with it.

While using prepaid connections we have the ability to control our usage as well as we can check our balance and validity time frequently, as well as we will pay the money as per our usage and whenever we wish. But while using post paid connections we are in need to pay monthly bills and most of the time we don’t aware about the usage. We are in need to contact the customer service to know about our usage and billing amounts and wait a long time for their reply.

In prepaid we are paying our money at the beginning and our usage will be based on it and our service provider will cut the service if our usage crosses the limit and we can recharge our account based on our needs and necessities. We have the ability to control our usage and expenses, whereas in post paid, we don’t know about our usage and some times we are in need to pay a huge bill based on our usage, some times the billing amount may wrong and we have issues with it.

Most of the post paid customers having problems with huge bills, but prepaid customers don’t have this kind of issues and we can check about our usage frequently using some options and limit our usage based on the limitations. We are not in need to pay a monthly rent for prepaid usage as well as we will get grace period which is the extension of the validity period and recharge our card based on our wish.

Previously i used a postpaid data card connection for my internet usage and got a huge bill with my 3 months usage. After that i planned to change prepaid connection and now i am paying very low amount based on my usage and i have the ability to check my usage frequently and recharge my card whenever needed. 

Also prepaid connections comes with some good deals and offers and we will get more benefits by using this kind of offers which is lack in post paid connections. In short prepaid connection is having a lot of benefits compared with the post paid connection and it is the best choice to subscribe.

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