Unlock 04.11.08 Baseband Iphone 4 Ios 5 Info

Always when Apple releases new generation of iOS versions,we have a big problems. Along with the new iOS 5 was released the new baseband – 04.11.08. We have a number of users iPhone, which rely on the unlock their iPhone to make 4 pieces and other media.

We have a huge number of readers who stuck on 04.11.08 baseband, and many of these people ask me to unlock 4.11.08 baseband. But is it possible?

We start with the basics iPhone Unlock iPhone 4 4 lanes with support enabled to open a lot of discussion since its release, there are two types of unlock iPhone 4, the opening up of hardware and software to unlock it.

There is only one version of the iPhone 4 band-ho-ho, which can be unlocked using software Ultrasn0w 1.2.4 and is the primary band is included with support for 1.59.00 baseband. And then open the band and the use of SIM-card Gevey.

Gevey SIM was a very solid solution to unlock iPhone 4, which is stuck in quite some time. In any case, the iPhone 4 users, which, after the band and managed to unlock their devices for use on carriers other than AT & T, using GEVEY SIM:


We have a big problem now, with IOS 5 Apple introduced a new band with support for 04.11.08 unlock some people accidentally updated their iPhone IOS 4 and 5, as a result they lost their will unlock most of them were on the runway with the support of 10.4 .01. Some users who were familiar with the band to escape from the support to keep the band with support for updates. Here are some questions from people who are stuck on the runway with the included 4.11.08 Unlock

Unlock 04.11.08 Baseband ?

When IOS 5 was released publicly on 12 October, some of the iPhone 4 users have updated their devices without the knowledge of the band with support for updates. But some of them were lucky enough to lower their bands are included in 04.11.08 to 04.10.0 baseband.

Downgrading the firmware with support for lowering your band to support, but only to Apple, signs of an early version of the IOS with the low band is included in the case of IOS 4.3.5 to 04.10.0 bands are included. Many people cut the strip is turned on and unlock the use of 4.10.0 Gevey SMS, but some are stuck because of Apple stopped signing IOS 4.3.5 on October 18.

We mentioned two methods above to unlock the iPhone 4, unfortunately, they both will work for you if you get stuck on the runway with the included iOS 5 on 04.11.08 baseband.

Downgrade To iOS 4.3.5 and Unlock 04.11.08 Baseband ?

So this was the only hope that we had, but Apple stops seed this firmware on 18 October. There is a huge misconception that lowering the firmware at any time to help you to downgrade the baseband and support for 04.11.08 Unlock iPhone 4, but this is not how it works.

You can downgrade the firmware is enabled at any time if you have saved SHSHspots, but it NOTmean you can lower the band included, at any time convenient for you. It’s pretty simple, you just need to lower the bandwidth included with the firmware downgrade to Apple, signs of an early version of the IOS.

When Apple, stop the signing of a specific version of firmware with support, you can only downgrade the firmware to support, but they are not able to downgrade the 04.11.08 baseband.

Unlock 04.11.08 Baseband – What should I do now ?

Just wait. This is the best thing you can do now. The developers are constantly working to find solutions to these problems, and they are working on a solution to this problem as well.

There is nothing you can do to change your band included five IOS 5 04.11.08 up to 04.10.0, or any other use of explosives and unlock GEVEY SIM-card. In anticipation of the band with support for unlock 04.11.08 baseband.

All our hope is on the Chinese firm Applenberry, which has long time working on the new Gevey SIM 2, which will finally be able to unlock our iPhone with baseband 04.11.08.

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