Features of The Blackberry Bold 9790

The Blackberry Bold 9790 is unmistakably Blackberry in its appearance; with the bottom half housing a full Qwerty keyboard and a modestly sized touchscreen above this. This is one of the few Blackberry handsets which follows in the footsteps of the Bold 9900, utilising both a touchscreen and Qwerty keyboard rather than a standard TFT screen. The combined functionality of the keyboard and screen makes this a great handset for messaging, with fast typing possible when writing emails or text messages, whilst retaining the touchscreen functionality which lends itself to gaming and web browsing.

There is also an optical trackpad which offers an alternative means of navigating the users interface.

As a camera phone, the Blackberry Bold 9790 is typical of a mid range smartphone; at 5 megapixels it is able to produce pleasing results thanks to its resolution of 2592x 2944. As you may expect, the camera has a package of image enhancing features included as standard, such as autofocus, face detection and image stabilisation along with an LED flash. Although there are no high definition settings, reasonably good quality video footage can also be achieved with the camera, with VGA being the maximum resolution.

There is plenty of on board storage in the Blackberry Bold 9790, with 8GB at the user’s disposal.

This means that several hundred music tracks can comfortably be stored within the phone along with many other files such as videos, photos and documents, the latter of which can be created, viewed and edited thanks to the document editor which is compatible with MS Word and Excel, so it is equally at home in the hands of business users or students.

The Blackberry OS 7.0 platform is the operating system of choice for this handset. Although it is a far cry from the interfaces of the popular iOS and Android handsets which dominate the market, it is perfect for fans of the previous versions and those who are more interested in functionality than customisation and graphic rich interfaces. The 1 GHz processor is more than ample to power everyday tasks, and run demanding applications.

As mentioned, the Blackberry Bold 9790 is a mid range smartphone, so it does not disappoint in any areas of its spec list, whilst there is not much to get excited about either when compared to the more heavily marketed smartphones out there. If you are a fan of previous Bold phones, or the brand in general, this is a natural progression as the handset brings the Bold range bang up to date.

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