Ways To Find Missed Cell Phones

 Now a days missing our cell phone is quite common and most of us missed our cell phone in various places like friend’s house, public place, function halls, shopping malls and some other places. After realizing that we missed our cell phone, we will make a call to our number and most of the time it is in switch off state, because the person whoever take our phone will replace the sim card and use our cell phone for their needs. We are in need to apply for a duplicate sim card to get the same number again.

It is not easy to get the same number and duplicate card again, we must work hard to get the same number again and it need more time. Two years before my wife missed her cell phone in a marriage function. In fact it is a new Nokia phone which is recent one in the market. Some person take her phone without her knowledge. We spent a lot of time in searching, but we don’t find the phone. The phone costs around 15k rupees and she missed it easily within fraction of seconds. We made a complaint about it in the nearby station. 

Placing complaint for the missing cell phone is a good activity. We must give a police complaint as soon as possible. The police person will trace out our phone using the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number which is unique for each and every cell phone. We can find this number by dialing *#06# in our mobile phone or it is provided in the cell phone box. If we missed our cell phone, we can find it using the cell phone box. Using IMEI we can trace out the location of our cell phone and police will find our cell phone easily with this method. Since each and every phone is having unique IMEI number, it will help us to find our device. 

In the same way we got our cell phone within 3 days after placing the complaint, but we don’t get the sim back and applied for the duplicate sim. As we provided the necessary documents and details to the service provider so it takes around a week to get the duplicate sim. If you missed your cell phone, just try your maximum to find out the IMEI number, it will be useful to you to get back your phone. 

Don’t forget to dial *#06# from your cell and note down the IMEI number of your phone, as we don’t know when will we lose our cell phone. IMEI number is a great tool to find our missing cell phone without more efforts. Try your maximum to find out your IMEI to trace out your phone.

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