Finger Print Verification

Finger print verification is the recent trend in most of the government related works. As we all know each and every one is having unique finger prints and it is hard to do fake works with our finger impressions. Each and every person is having their own and unique finger impression, even twins is also have different finger impressions, so finger print verification is the best way to avoid duplication and find the unique things with the real person.

Recently Indian government announced for smart cards to get ration items from the family card and this new smart card contains the finger print of the family head. By using this smart card system, we don’t have the ability to cheat the government and we will get our own unique things by providing our real finger prints, the shop keeper will check our smart card for the verification. With this kind of unique verification, it is very hard to use the fake things.

Some websites also provide the digital signature and thumb impression for our security purpose, if we use the thumb impression method, we are in need to provide the thumb impression to login to our account. This kind of things are used for highest security purpose while dealing with important things.  Now this finger print rule is implemented in pension system of India and the persons whoever received pension from India must provide their finger print as an identification proof to get their pension.

Recently i provided my finger impressions for smart card. I think this smart card will come in to existence in our place by next year and most of the persons will be updated with this new smart card in this year and all will get the new smart card from next year to get their necessary products. This smart card is the main identification and verification card for individuals. It will be very useful to get the food items and necessary things with low prices as well as play an important role in the verification of an unique person.

I hope this kind of finger impression identification will be implemented in all the countries in the near soon and every one will get this kind of smart cards for their verification.

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