Will we See Astronauts Eating Insects in The Future For Living in Space?

In Bremen Germany, World’s most famous Universe and space related scientists had a conference discussing on the different aspects of long duration travel in the universe. In the conference, different questions and prospects of astronauts and travelling in the space were put up. Like that of when China will send astronaut spaceships in the universe. What is the reason behind creation of Galaxies and rotator tracks of huge masses in the universe. More than forty thousand of the scientists from seventy countries discussed on these type of aspects about universe and its related mysteries.

But the most astonishing and unique was that of, can astronauts live in the universe eating insect like creatures? In the conference, what was interesting to hear for the people and the press, was the discussion about how to provide food for the astronauts in space, especially in long duration space travel. The problem that made them think about this was the fact that, if the astronauts take all the food materials from earth, it will be cumbersome and heavy for the spaceship, and they have to make the spaceship huge, which can lead to failure of spaceship launch.

So, for the ease of space travel, Japanese scientists have already made different type of food items from insects. They said that these food items are very healthy and tasty. But with these insect food items, there are also rice and soybean in the menu. Japanese scientists confirmed that these food items can be grown and produced in the upper bed of moon and also in the spaceships. To certify this, ten persons were given to eat these insect made food items, and they were very much satisfied with the menu.

The conference was a success and the attendees were very much happy and had taken good use of the great opportunity. But not only interaction, but also job offers were also made to deserving scientists and related people by space agencies and universities in the conference. The wide prospect consultation has opened doors for huge development and scientific knowledge delivered between scientists. Universe related mysteries can be solved with these type of conferences, and who knows, astronauts can discover the unknown someday.

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