Google Stated as Greenest's Company

Google has been named by Greenpeace as the leading company in the application of environmentally friendly technologies. The achievement of the company’s shift in business networking, Cisco.

Institute for environment campaign, said Google has risen to the top of the standings thanks to the excellent investment in renewable energy projects. In addition, Google gives vocal support to the U.S. a clean energy policy and EU efforts to increase the ambition to achieve climate change targets.

Interestingly, Greenpeace does not include Apple in this criterion. “Apple does not show leadership in driving IT energy solutions, like many other companies, despite record profits and their large cash reserves,” Greenpeace said in a statement.

Facebook also has not been included in the list. However, Greenpeace confirmed that Facebook will be included in this list next year, after the giant social networking site announced participation in the renewable energy campaign at the end of last year.

Analysis of the Greenpeace International IT, Gary Cook, said that 21 global technology company rankings highlight the crucial role of IT companies in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

“Technology is great to have a real opportunity to use their power and influence to change how to produce and use energy,” he said.

Cook said, Google became the top because of the money set aside to pump renewable energy investments.

“The IT sector may wish to consider the mind to the front, but it is inaudible. Meanwhile, the dirty energy industry continues to use undue influence on political processes and financial markets, “he said.

In the rankings, Google beat Cisco to drop in second, and Ericsson, and Fujitsu are in third position.

Dell also reap praise, because more than one-fifth of its energy to renewable energy. Meanwhile, the Japanese telecommunications company, Softbank, also highlighted thanks to his role in the demand for renewable energy in the direction of the turn after the Fukushima disaster.

Company’s business software giant, Oracle, received the lowest ranking in the list of companies, especially in the case refused to convey information using renewable energy and carbon.

Cook continued to IT firms urged to use their status as an innovator, in order to manage its investment in renewable technologies in their business model.

“The IT industry should use its influence, the spirit of innovation, technology and know how to cope with dirty energy companies who maintain their status,” said Cook. “Many companies are a lot of talk but little action so far.”

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