Lead Shielding For Radiation And X-Ray Shielding For Dental Equipments

Medi-Ray is dedicated to advancement in cause steel technological advancement. To achieve this purpose, Medi-RayTM ‘s creators decided that a multi-disciplined approach could provide the solution to the business problems and expensive built in the many job areas which sketch upon materials and technological advancement.

From its creation, Medi-RayTM has driven upon and structured a staff of major professionals which represents the entire array of metallurgy, light science and ecological technological advancement. These experts have been routed into product description, research and development areas. Effective, end-user driven management has been employed from the beginning to guarantee that producing goods and services are of the best expectations and appropriate with present-day metallurgical and light protection requirements.

Shipping Containers

Medi-RayTM has been the biggest company of radio-pharmaceutical shipping containers since 1974.

In over thirty years of service, Medi-RayTM has totally changed the design and production of every type of guarded medical containers.

Lead Metal Instrumentation

Medi-RayTM‘s experience in medical instrumentation assists customers in simplifying styles and lowers production costs.

Our amazing launching technology allows Medi-RayTM employees to thrown your delicate styles and lowers possibly costly additional functions.

Laboratory Accessories

Medi-RayTM creators were the power in the development and accomplishment of guarded research laboratory equipment and components for nuclear medicine. Our range of products includes numerous vial shields, syringe shields, and specialty items. Design employees can develop an entire sequence of components to supplement a radio-pharmaceutical sequence.

Counter Weights

Custom counterweights have been developed for vehicle, sea, ecological apparatus, construction apparatus, medical research laboratory programs and recreational use.

Quality control procedures assurance constant unit weight. Specialised lead materials can be provided to assurance longevity and features.

Syringe Shields

Medi-RayTM has produced numerous perfection lead needle shield designs making use of plastic security exterior and interior components. Syringe safety measures go through extensive QC procedures including unit weight, dangerous testing, amazing porosity examination and features reviews.

Un-Coated Containers

Medi-RayTM will fabricate uncoated bins and products which can be constructed into plastic or metal outside and internal seashells or forms.

Custom serving of lead into a client provided form is met with shipping back to the client within 24 hours.

Metal Components

Brass, stainless steel, and aluminum elements can be provided with a client’s lead requirements. Precision screw machine products, places, inserts, sleeves, threads, nuts, bolts and clips can be insert casted, thereby guaranteeing form and fit of all parts. Medi-RayTM‘s focus is to produce complete product assembly’s to reduce customer cost and assurance quality.

Source Shielding

The specialist marketplace need for safe, precise and quality protection of radioactive resources has regularly brought Medi-RayTM to the cutting edge of source containment.

Intricate styles have been thrown as one (1) piece models, considerably increasing ease of customer set up and facilitation of placement into specialist equipment and examining equipment.

Lead Bricks

Medi-RayTM materials all conventional lead components styles as well as interlock options. Customized styles and styles are provided in the least turn-around time in our market. Medi-RayTM Dura-block stones are consistent in size and are the greatest stones available.  

X-Ray Shielding

Utilizing cause castings, sheet cause and cause aluminum foil, Medi-RayTM has developed facility, research laboratory and specialist office items for all x-ray applications.

Redesign of current specialist items can provide more user-friendly items with no increase in costs.

Sheet Lead

Medi-RayTM‘s amazing production devices will allow customers to obtain the biggest using any piece lead product. Medical equipment, research laboratory research and oral features are all areas of Medi-RayTM‘s experience.

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