TV Spoils The Youngsters

Now a days a lot of technology equipment like cell phone, internet, tablet, video games, ipad, iphone and other high tech items are available and youngsters are very much craze about this new trend items. They are interested in the equipment with the new updates and most frequently change their items while a new updated version is available in the market.

Even though youngsters are very much interested in the new technology items, TV channels are there all time favorite one, now we have the ability to watch a lot of channels using the cable and dish connections, also we can see TV channels using internet and satellite TV’s are available in online. Youngsters are very much interested in watching various TV shows and programs and spending a lot of time with the TV shows, recent trends, fashion programs and other interesting things which is broadcasting by the TV channels.

Not only youngsters, most of the family persons are addicted with TV and spending a lot of time in watching TV, so the family members are not interested in cutting the cable connection since every person in the house are watching the TV shows and programs, this kind of TV shows have their fans ranging from 6 to 60’s. As well as cable channels fees are very low compared to the entertainment we are getting from the channels, so most of the people don’t like to cut the cable channels.

Youngsters forget about their studies and spend a lot of time with the new trend items and watching TV, most of the satellite channels are destroying the creativity of the youngsters and guide them in a wrong way and people are interested in watching the fashion shows and music shows, very few people come forward to watch the education related programs in TV. 

Watching TV is not a bad thing, in fact it is a good thing, if we watched the useful and worthy educational channels and programs in the TV, otherwise, it is merely waste of time. Youngsters must realize the value and worth of the Time and avoid watching unwanted TV shows. They must realize that TV is one of the addicted thing and have the ability to spoil our precious time. It shows all the things, it don’t know what is good and what is bad, so only previously some people called it as “Idiot box”. Don’t spend lot of time with this idiot box. Organize your time and use it in a good manner to avoid diversions.

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