Major Technology Events in The Year 2011

Last year, a lot of mishaps happened in the technology world. A lot of Information Technology related businesses were affected by these news. It has been an exciting year for everyone be it tech gurus, electronic gadget enthusiast or even video games gamers. Let us take a look at some noteworthy events in the year of 2011 that took the world by storm.

The year of 2011 is not the best of year for Sony. Sony’s Play Station Network suffered a massive hack of its network. Sony was forced to take down many of its popular gaming service due to the attack. Over 24 million Sony Online Entertainment users had their account personal information stolen from hackers. It was said that around 20,00 bank account and credit card numbers were compromised. It took Sony several months (from around the start of April to end May) to stabilise everything. Final reports of approximately 70 million of both users and gamers were affected.

Google announced that it is acquiring Motorola Mobility in August 2011. Google spent a whopping US$12.5 billion (around $US40 per share) on this acquisition. Google’s software Android was used by companies such as HTC and Samsung in their mobile devices.  This strategic move by Google ensures that with Motorola Mobility under its wings, it will own Motorola’s patent portfolio. This will then further protect Goggle Android from copyright infringement suit threats from Microsoft, Apple and the likes of other companies.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) made major losses in its company value in the month of September  2011. HP’s  chief executive officer Leo Apotheker  proposed spinning off personal computing to focus the company on enterprise software. Leo’s undoing started on August 2011 when the company announced plans to kill the Touchpad.

Apple lost their beloved co-founder Steve Jobs, who died in October 2011 after losing a seven year battle with pancreatic cancer. Many tech chiefs, chief executive officers well known in the technology field heralded Mr Steve Jobs as a brilliant and creative genius. Apple fans all over the world had even gone thru to the extent of building shrines outside some Apple stores as a form of respect for the late Mr Steve Jobs.

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