LG Nitro HD – The Next Partin The Mobile Cellular History

LG Nitro HD is out in the market. It is yet another new cellphone from LG, which provides way more than any other mobile cellphone available currently. The most excellent functions of the LG Nitro HD are its Real HD present and 8 mega-pixel HD digicam. Is this truly the next coolest cellular phone? Following is a brief research of its improvements to help you decide it for yourself.

Operating System:

•It operates on Managing system 2.3 Gingerbread with LG’s Customer User interface managing on top of it. This program will get increased to the Ice Treatment Meal next season.

•It has a 1.5 GHz model which creates the sleek and fast managing of the person interface and the operating system; consequently it is easy to multi-task.

•Availability of Wi-Fi Immediate and Wi-Share create image and submit discussing very practical.Pre set up programs include but are not restrained to the following: GMail, Remain TV, Videos, Amazon Ereader, Environment, Yellow-colored Internet sites, Visual Voicemail information messages, Show Digital camera, SmartShare, Talk about, Twitter posts, The google App Collection, YouTube, Software Manager, AT&T Value Audience, AT&T Gps and MOG. MOG is software which has been offered on this cellular. It makes it possible to use your venture design as your surfaces review.

•There are some exciting choices available for surfaces records as well.

•User user interface seems to be to be other LG Cellular cell cellphone gadgets but this provides many more abilities.


•This cellular functions on AT&T’s 4G LTE System. If an end customer does not have that system security it may also operate on AT&T’s HSPA+ System. Both programs are very respected. The cellular has a 1.5 GHz Dual-Core Model which makes it operate way more easily than any other cellular.

It has a WiFi, Wifi 3.0, Individual Hotspot, accelerometer, location indication and much more.


•It comes with an 8 mega-pixel HD Photo photographic camera with an LED Present at the rear again again. Also, on the rear again again are LG organization company name and the speaker.


•In the front it has a 1.3 mega-pixel digicam, which raises the good quality of film displays.


•Three operating system important factors are located under the display which will take you to the home, selection or rear again again display.


•Above the display is the position to location an ear element in.


•This cellular has the prospective to make a film saving in up to 1080 pHD.


•The cellular has its energy choice, headset position and USB position at the top.L



•Back cope with is nonslip and under the cope with is a pre set up power, AT&T SIM Card and 16GB little SD card.




•This is the first ever cellular that provides a finish HD Display, which has been developed possible with the use of IPS technology.


•The image is an amazing 1280 X 720 p.


•The statistic the present is 4.5 in. HD AN-IPS.


•Colors are in keeping with or even better than actual way of life.




•The 8 mega-pixel digital digicam with LED expensive on the rear again again again of the cellular is one of the most amazing functions this cellular has to offer. It is one of the best cameras ever to be developed available in a cellular mobile.


•Video excellent quality is amazing as well.


The LG Nitro HD is the next element in the age of cellular mobile design. This cellular exceeds all the other available cellular designs with regards to the functions and excellent quality it gives you. Do have a look at it out if you are looking for a new and increased cellular. Quantity for the LG Nitro HD is $249.99. It comes with a 2 interval agreement with AT&T.

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