23 Creepy Body Modifications That Will Give You Chills

Many people claim that body modifications such as piercings, tattoos, or even skin implants are not only attractive, but they can also be emotionally uplifting. But while we’ve all grown used to tattoos and piercings of all sorts, some more extreme body alterations may still come as a shock. I dare you to look through these 23 creepy body modifications without cringing! Are you up for it?

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#23. Magnetic Piercings

Ever fancied wearing a decorative object on your body but without having to get yourself pierced? Well, look no further, cause magnetic piercings have come to revolutionize the fashion world. Ever heard of them?

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This is one of the newest forms of body modification you’ll find on this list, and it consists of having a magnetic implant placed under your skin. After you’ve done that, you can place any metal object you’d like and attach it to your skin. I know it sounds kind of scary, but I assure you it’s completely painless!

#22. Teeth Sharpening

Teeth sharpening is exactly what it sounds like: the act of sharpening your teeth manually, usually done on the front incisors. Believe it or not, this is a common practice among many cultures to this day.

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In fact, many tribes sharpen their teeth for spiritual reasons. Such is the case of the Zappo Zap tribe from the Democratic Republic of the Congo as well as several Vietnamese and Sudanese tribes. However, in the modern age, many people do it just because they think it looks good.

#21. Extraocular Implant

Out of all the types of body modifications you’re about to see on this list, this is one of the less creepy ones. While having something get into your eye is one of the most annoying sensations ever, some people don’t feel the same way.

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On the contrary, some people actually choose to have objects implanted into their eyes just for decorative purposes. Extraocular implants have been legalized in just a few countries, including The Netherlands, and it generally costs over 700 euros.

#20. Human Branding

Human branding or stigmatizing consists of burning a symbol or a pattern into your skin. As you may imagine, the process is quite painful and there’s no way back, as it leaves a scar. What’s the point of it, you may wonder?

Photo: Courtesy of CBS News

Basically, the scar is meant to serve decorative purposes. It is done by using a hot branding iron and it was traditionally used as a form of punishment or torture. It’s also used by farmers as a livestock branding technique.

#19. Lip Sewing

Lip piercings and lip earings are quite common these days, but some people choose to take things one step further (or should we say, a million steps further?) and have their lips sown. Yeah, as crazy as it sounds, lep sewing has become a thing.

Photo: Courtesy of Medical Bag

Just like it sounds, lip or mouth sewing involves stitching both lips together, and it is often done for religious reasons or as a form of political protest. But can you guess which other body part people choose to sow? You won’t believe it.

#18. Eye Sewing

Yeah, that’s right, eyes! Eye sewing is definitely one of the most spine-chilling body modifications ever to be seen. No need to explain what eye sewing is, right? You’ll get the point by looking at the picture.

Photo: Courtesy of List 25

Eye sewing is as gory as it gets, but at least it’s reversible. Obviously, having your eyes unsown will leave a few scars, but at least you’ll get your sight back. If this gave you the creeps, then get ready for what’s coming next!

#17. Corset Piercing

Piercings are probably the commonest form of body modification and every teenager wishes to have one done to look cool in front of his or her friends. However, some forms of piercing are a bit more painful and questionable, to say the least.

Photo: Courtesy of Inked Mag

Ever heard of corset piercing? This practice consists of piercing one’s back many times from side to side and then having the piercings laced up like a corset. Corset piercings are not meant to be permanent, as they can inflict long-term spine injuries.

#16. Elfing

OK, I’m not gonna lie, this one is kind of cool! Elfing or ear-pointing consists in modifying the shape of your ear to make it look like that of elves. Can you guess how this is achieved?

Photo: Courtesy of Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery

Elfing is generally carried out by removing a tiny portion of the top of your ear and then suturing the two edges. Think things twice before doing it, cause your ear will never look the same ever again.

#15. Corneal Tattooing

Tattoos have become as common as an old shoe. Back in the 70s, most people who got tattoos were teenagers or young adults, but nowadays, it’s common for 40 or 50-year-olds to have one done too.

Photo: Courtesy of Eye Health Nepal

But have you ever seen a person with a corneal tattoo? It’s quite shocking, to say the least. It’s very hard to find professionals who know how to do them, as it requires great skills and the risks of permanent eye damage are high. If you find this terrifying, then you may wanna skip #14!

#14. Eyeball Tattooing

Eyeball tattoos are quite similar to corneal tattoos, the difference being the part of the eye which is tattooed. The eyeball is the white part that covers most of the eye, and believe it or not, this too can be modified.

Photo: Courtesy of USA Today

While some people choose to have small paintings or patters drawn into their eyeballs, others take things one step further and modify their eye color completely. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the image above. Yikes!

#13. Abrasion

Similar to human branding (slide back to #20), abrasion is a form of scarification that consists of peeling off layers of skin. It can be done manually by using some tool like sandpaper, or chemically by using a combination of corrosive

Photo: Courtesy of Medical Bag

Abrasion can also be done with the help of a tattoo machine, but without ink, as the only point is to remove skin layers with friction. I do all I can to be as open-minded as possible, but this is just too much for me.

#12. Scarification

Similar to abrasion, scarification is achieved by cutting a person’s skin by different methods in order for scars to be formed from the wounds. These scars result in permanent body modifications and they are usually designed under the form of words or symbols

Photo: Courtesy of HuffPost UK

Scarification artists need to have deep knowledge of the human anatomy in order to prevent the tools from cutting way too deep. The more it takes for the wound to heal, the more prominent the scar will be. Don’t try it at home, I beg of you!

#11. Skin Stretching

As creepy as it may seem, skin stretching is possibly the third most common form of body modification after piercings and tattoos. While this practice originated in African tribes, it then spread to the Western world, becoming extremely popular among teenagers.

Photo: Courtesy of Daily Mail

Stretching involves expanding a healed piercing by wearing certain kinds of jewelry. While many African tribes stretch their lips, people in the Western countries usually have their ears stretched. If you choose to do this, take it slowly, as hypertrophic scars may form if you try to stretch your skin too quickly.

#10. Subdermal Implant

Subdermal implants stem back to 1994, and it’s a funny-looking sort of body modification in which objects made out of silicon are placed beneath the skin. Once the body heals, the wanted pattern or design.

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This practice is also referred to as pocketing or 3-D implants (this last one actually sounds kind of cool). The implants are usually injected underneath the skin using a syringe-like device. Let’s be honest, that’s gotta hurt.

#9. Transdermal Implants

Transdermal implants are basically the opposite of subdermal implants. While the latter is placed completely under the skin, transdermal implants are at least partially exposed. But how is this even possible?

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

This complex type of implant is achieved through a process called dermal punching. The object is implanted between layers of skin through a device known as a dermal elevator. Dermal elevators are used to separate the fascia from the subcutis, thus creating the space where the object is to be placed.

#8. Uvula Piercing

There’s really no need to explain what a uvula piercing is, right? Unlike most piercings, these ones can’t be seen unless you have your mouth wide open. Why do people do it, then?

Photo: Courtesy of Tattoodo

In my opinion, this is definitely one of those “let’s test my own body limits” types of things, because let me tell you one thing, having your uvula pierced is extremely painful! It takes over a week to heal and you’ll barely be able to eat until the inflammation ends.

#7. Neck Rings

As creepy as they may seem, neck rings have been a famous tradition among many African and Asian tribes. These rings mainly serve decorative purposes and this practice dates back to the early 11th century. They are only worn by females, and in some parts of the world, they are seen as a symbol of a woman’s faithfulness to her husband.

Photo: Courtesy of History Daily

Wearing the rings can be quite painful, as they push the women’s ribs and collarbones a few inches down, thus making the neck look longer. It can also weaken the neckbones of the person who wears them. Ouch!

#6. Arm Ear

OK, I’m not exactly sure whether this is a trend, but it definitely deserved a spot in our top 10. Remember what we’ve talked about subdermal implants? Well, Australian performance artist Stelios Arcadius – known by his stage name Stelarc – has always been interested in testing the limits and capabilities of the human body and most of his works revolve around this topic.

Photo: Courtesy of Daily Mail

In 2007, he came up with an unusual idea: to have an ear surgically implanted inside his left arm. He was then photographed by famous artist Nina Sellars, who published the photos on her work Oblique: Images from Stelarc’s Extra Ear Surgery.

#5. Tongue Splitting

Tongue splitting, aka forking, is a form of body modification that has become a trend during the 21st century. It consists of cutting the tongue with a scalpel from its tip all the way to its underside base. I’m not falling for this one, that’s gotta hurt!

Photo: Courtesy of The Irish Post

Those who support forking claim that it increases sensations when kissing. For others, however, it’s just a matter of connecting with one’s own body or proving its limits. One way or another, it looks super creepy!

#4. Bagel Head

Created in Canada in 1999, bagel head is definitely one of the most bizarre types of body modifications ever seen. Basically, a dose of saline is injected into the forehead, causing it to swell. The effect lasts from 6 hours to a day.

Photo: Courtesy of Tru TV

As you can see, the swelling distortion creates the shape of a donut or bagel. For some unknown reason, it has become a trend in Japan ever since 2007, and it was featured on a National Geographic special. Are you ready for our top 3? Grab on!

#3. Suspension

Without a doubt, suspension is one of the eeriest practices I’ve ever heard of. It consists of suspending a body through the use of hooks, which are implanted by piercing them to the skin. I know what you’re thinking: how can anyone feel that looks good?

Photo: Courtesy of Flickr

Well, actually, people don’t go through body modifications for aesthetical reasons only; sometimes, it’s rather a matter of proving the limits of one’s body. As regards this practice, there are different types of suspension, including coma or superman suspension.

#2. Extreme Piercing

Even though piercings sound like the commonest practice we can think of, some people take it a little bit too far. Take this guy, for instance, who had two 10-inch knives pierced into his nose. How does he even kiss people?

Photo: Courtesy of Herbeat

Extreme piercing involves creating bigger openings in order to have medium-sized jewelry pierced to some part of your body. However, some people choose to have weirder objects pierced into their bodies, such as this guy.

#1. Lip Window

At last, our #1! There is no doubt that lip windows are one of the most spectacular forms of body modification to ever exist on the planet. Although they’re not as frightening as some we’ve already seen, it’s definitely out of the ordinary.

Photo: Courtesy of List 25

Remember the skin stretching we’ve seen in #11? Well, this can be considered as a form of skin stretching, but beneath the lip instead of in the ear. However, instead of placing a ring in the hole, you place a transparent pyrex plug. This protects your mouth from infections, but at the same time allows you to see right through your skin.

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