20 Most Hilarious Things That Ever Happened At Supermarkets

Who didn’t like going to the supermarket as a kid? Running all over the place, playing hide and seek while your parents looked for all the groceries… It’s definitely one of children’s favorite activities. But don’t think that this is the only thing people do at supermarkets… Don’t miss this list of the weirdest things people have been found doing at supermarkets!

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

#20. Shower And Shop

Sometimes you don’t have the time to dry your hair after washing it, so you have to run to the supermarket and buy your fish in order to get dinner ready on time!

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Take a look at this picture… What do you think this girl was doing when she realized she had to go and buy some fish? Judging by her look, it seems that she had enough time to get dressed and do her make up, but not her hair…

#19. Dive Deep

It appears that the woman in the picture had no time to waste. She could have easily waited for the cooler to be restocked, or simply come back a little later to get her favorite flavor of ice cream. However, she chose not to wait at all.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

She could have also asked for some help, but instead of doing that she decided to dive deep into the freezer and get her favorite ice cream herself. Good for you, lady!

#18. I Do… Like Going Grocery Shopping

Wedding photos. Each couple has their own style. The bride or the groom in a certain pose, or maybe posing with their friends. However, some other couples prefer to pose in front of a beautiful landscape… such as these two lovebirds.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

With so many options available, it’s no surprise that this couple decided to kill two birds with one stone and not only take their wedding photos but also do the shopping. They took their love and being productive and efficient to a whole new level, right?

#17. Starting Over

This girl here seems to have found everything she needed to start her new life, from pillows to tricycles. What do you think made her do this?

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter/ B Versani

We have some ideas. Perhaps she’s moving out of her parents’ house and is getting everything she needs to make her new house a home. Or maybe she’s getting all (seriously, AAAAAAAALL) the essentials she needs to decorate her room at the dorms.

#16. When You’re Out Of Wheelchairs

As you know, many supermarkets have a wheelchair service for those who need it. Sadly, there are times when in order to navigate the aisles of the store, people have to look for other ways to do so when there are no more wheelchairs available.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

The lady here had an idea and decided to take this elderly woman in the cart. We think she was pretty clever, but what we do not know is how the old lady is going to get out of the cart or even move!

#15. Take Your Llama Shopping

It is not unusual for people to take their pets when they go shopping. Sometimes, pet owners take their dog or even their cat to the store, and there are some other times when they decide to take their llama!

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

It definitely has to be one of the most unusual things to see at the supermarket! While the cashier looks pretty unbothered by the situation, it seems that some customers have never seen a llama before. Take a look a the man taking a picture!

#14. A Week Is Not Enough

We’re sure you have heard of those stores that are always open and never close their doors, not a single moment of the seven days of the week. But what’s the deal with this place?

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

The owners of this store decided to take business one step further and keep their doors open nine days a week. We’re not entirely sure of how that works, but it seems to be a pretty tiring idea, don’t you think?

#13. Who Cares About Age?

Have you ever heard that age is just a number? This couple certainly has and decided to live every moment to its fullest. That includes every ride to the supermarket!

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

So, next time you think having fun is just for young people, remember this couple and do every mundane activity under this philosophy! I hope the woman doesn’t fall!

#12. Never Stop Training

If you thought that a supermarket was the place to go shopping and nothing else, you were wrong! We have shown you several pictures of people doing every possible activity that there is, yet we are still surprised by this one.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

This group of girls decided that doing the shopping was boring, so they tried to make it a little riskier and entertaining by buying groceries while practicing their routine. Clever, don’t you think?

#11. Say (And Grab The) Cheese!

Ah, social media models. What would a common life scenario be without one of them posing to get the perfect shot? While most people tend to look for a landscape or some beautiful background for their pictures, this girl decided to take a picture of a supermarket aisle.

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter/Luca Rallo

She definitely nailed the shot and probably got to buy some items to make dinner later that night. Good for you, efficiently beautiful girl!

#10. Exactly What Your Baby Needed

Several types of beers and many different wines… Aren’t those the things every baby needs? According to this supermarket sign, they are!

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

We’re not sure about you, but until this moment, we had always thought that babies needed milk, some formula, and carefully prepared baby food to survive. It seems that we were wrong!

#9. Have You Got Everything You Need?

Pencils, a ruler, pens, marker pens, a knife… A knife? It seems that this supermarket wants children to be absolutely prepared for any situation they might face once they go back to school, including slicing some bread or chopping vegetables.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest
Okay, we know this picture was taken during a hectic moment when the store employees were probably restocking the store and organizing every aisle. Still, it is funny.

#8. Nap

If you thought we had already shown you every crazy situation in a supermarket, let us tell you how wrong you are, and show you this lady who thought it was a great idea to take a nap after an exhausting day of shopping.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Could you blame her? Shopping for groceries is certainly a tiring activity, and once you’ve found the perfect spot for a nap in the juice aisle, it is hard to avoid doing it!

#7. Get Your Canned Cat

Every cat lady out there is aware of the many shapes and sizes of cats. But… Did you ladies know that now some supermarkets sell canned cats for you?

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

It is clear that the sign meant to say that this is the aisle of canned cat food and some letters got lost. However, if you don’t bump into this reasoning, and by taking a simple look at the scared cat, you might think that the store actually sells cats in cans. Run, kitties!

#6. Whatever Your Beauty Routine Needs

Some beauty gurus tend to take their skincare routine to the next level, and even beyond! Take a look at this lady, who seems to have found a new way to soften the skin, maybe?

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

We’re joking, of course! What do you think happened with this woman? What do you think she was trying to do, though? Some questions are better left unanswered.

#5. Drag Your Kid Around

Parenting is hard. No one ever said it was an easy thing to do, especially when you do the weekly visit to the supermarket. Some parents are lucky enough to have someone watching their kids for them when they have to go shopping.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Some others, however, don’t have that kind of luck and have to think of any method available to do the shopping an entertain the kids! Apparently, it was “drag your kid around” day for this man.

#4. Grooming Supplies?

Everyone needs to buy everything they need to look good and clean themselves. Even a fox! Okay, we’re just kidding of course. Probably like this man (at least, that’s what we hope).

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Why do you think he went to the store dressed like that? Perhaps it was Halloween and he suddenly remembered he needed some grooming tools? What does the fox say, huh?

#3. Take Your Children With You

One of the many rules for being a cat lady is that, sometimes, you have to take your children with you, wherever you go. And that includes the supermarket!

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Look at those beautiful fat babies! We’re guessing their mommy took them to the store so they could pick their favorite food and some treats. Or perhaps they went to visit their canned friends?

#2. Cheese!

Who said going shopping was boring? Certainly not this lady! Look at her posing like a supermodel right in the middle of the cheese aisle. Straight to Tinder!

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

We can’t help wondering what the person taking the photo was thinking. And what about the rest of the people who were simply trying to pick some cheddar for their fondue night? They had to wait until this lady nailed the perfect pose, for sure.

#1. Pik-A-Meal

Everyone is entitled to have a little snack after an exhausting morning of grocery shopping, right? This is what this woman must have thought, and we couldn’t agree more!

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

She took her Pikachu with her, and as far as we can see, things seem to be going pretty well. Who do you think is paying for this lunch date? Okay, enough with the jokes, we’re sure this lady is waiting for her children to come and pick up the stuffed animal.

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