Can You Believe These 24 Albino Animals Actually Exist?

I’m sure all of you have seen an albino person at least once in your life, but did you know that albinism is a condition that can also be found in animals? Believe it or not, no matter how rare they are, albino animals do exist. They usually don’t live long given they’re much more prone to being eaten by predators, but the animals you’re about to see have managed to survive despite the odds being against them. Ready or not, here’s a list of the 24 coolest and palest animals ever to be spotted on Earth.

Photo: Courtesy of Earth Touch News Network

#24. Albino Echidna

Although very few people know what an echidna is, they’re actually one of the coolest mammals in the whole world. They are one of the two monotremes left in the world, meaning that they are mammals who lay eggs.

Photo: Courtesy of Post Fun

These animals are rare enough, but take a look at this albino echidna! This funny-looking creature was found in Australia, and despite how cool he looks, he mustn’t be too happy about his looks, cause it must be way harder for him to blend in with the surroundings when a predator knocks on his door!

#23. Albino Lobster

Yeah, I know exactly what you’re thinking: does an albino lobster taste exactly the same as an ordinary red lobster? Well, I don’t know about that, but what I do know is that they’re as cool as hell!

Photo: Courtesy of Insider

However, all-white lobsters are so uncommon, that if they were to be sold at a local market, they would probably be worth like 1000 bucks or something. Therefore, it’s better to be left with the doubt.

#22. Albino Crow

Crows are one of the most famous and iconic birds, so much so that a non-black crow is basically inconceivable. However, it appears to be that not all crows are black. If you think I’m bluffing, then take a look at this albino crow!

Photo: Courtesy of Post Fun

What I love the most about this picture is that the all-white bird seems to be very furious at his normal black friend, almost as if he were screaming out “Why don’t you love me the way I am?“. Come on, black crow, you know better.

#21. Albino Zebra

Zebras are famous for their black and white stripes, but Zoe seems to be the black sheep (or should we say the white sheep?) of the species. She’s one of the most unusual zebras to ever be born, since her stripes are white and… gold!

Photo: Courtesy of Post Fun

Known by the name Zoe, this zebra was born in 1998 in Hawaii, on an island named Molokai. She was the only “golden zebra” ever recorded on Earth, and she died just 2 years ago at the age of 17. Actually, she’s not really albino but suffers from a pigmentation abnormality known as amelanism.

#20. Albino Beaver

And the cutest animal of the year award goes to… this sleepy little albino beaver! Beavers love to wallow in the mud all day long, so I seriously doubt he’ll remain white much longer. That’s actually a good thing: if he covers himself in mud, he’ll look just like the rest of his beaver friends and no-one will look at him weirdly!

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Although we’re not completely sure where this picture was taken, another albino beaver was recently found in Alaska. Scientists believe that albinism in beavers occurs in one every million cases. So don’t get your hopes up, it’s more likely to be struck by lightning than to see one of these bad boys.

#19. Albino Black Bear

I know what you’re thinking: that’s not an albino bear, it’s a polar bear! Those are not so rare! Well, think again, cause this is actually a super rare albino black bear. OK, he’s not technically albino, or else he’d have reddish eyes, but close enough.

Photo: Courtesy of Post Fun

So this polar bear is actually a black bear who suffered an unusual genetic mutation. Nearly 500 all-white black bears have been discovered so far, all of them in Northern Canada. Cool!

#18. Albino Iguanas

Unlike most animals on this list, albino iguanas are not as rare as you’d think. Even though most iguanas come in different shades of green and brown and have the capacity of camouflaging with their surroundings, white iguanas have been spotted on numerous occasions, especially in Mexico.

Photo: Courtesy of Post Fun

As you can see, these pale reptiles look as if they came out straight from the Game of Thrones universe. If you look closely, they’re not technically white, but pale yellow. You can even own one, as they’re sold in the market for around $25.000.

#17. Albino Porcupine

Let’s be honest, folks, doesn’t this albino porcupine’s hair look just like Donald Trump’s? We mean no offense, but the resemblance is just uncanny!

Photo: Courtesy of Modoor

Also, is it me, or does this porcupine look like a rabbit, just without long ears? All-white porcupines are extremely rare, but just recently, another one was found at the Seashore Trolley Museum in Kennebunkport, Maine.

#16. Albino Wombats

Wombats are small marsupials who live in the Australian desert and let’s face it, they’re adorable as hell. While they’re usually brown, in 2012, a team of wildlife rescuers discovered 2 albino wombats roaming across the southern backlands.

Photo: Courtesy of Post Fun

Known by the names of Icy and Pola, these two little fellas were spotted near the town of Ceduna on the verge of starvation. Luckily, the rescuers gave them medical assistance and they are now living at the Ceduna Fauna Rescue Center.

#15. Albino Turkeys

I bet you don’t see a white turkey every day, do you? Well, this albino turkey was discovered together with his normal black-feathered pal in the snowy countryside of Minnesota. But even though he’s white, he’s not actually albino.

Photo: Courtesy of Post Fun

The thing is that some turkeys may carry a recessive gene that can result in them being born white instead of brown or black. According to scientists, 1 every 100,000 turkeys are born this way. How cool is that?

#14. Albino Fox

The animal shown in the picture is actually an albino fox. Like many animals on this list, this fox is not really albino, but was born with white fur as a result of an unusual genetic mutation. But how can you tell the difference?

Photo: Courtesy of Post Fun

Well, if this fox were albino, it would have red eyes instead of black ones, and even less melanin. Still, albino or not, how cool is he? If he had just a little bit more fur, he could easily be mistaken for a white dog!

#13. Albino Sea Lion

No word can describe just how adorable this furry little creature is. This albino sea lion was discovered off the coast of Punta Bermeja in the Argentine Patagonia among a group of over 800 of its kind.

Photo: Courtesy of Vix

The sea lion was 3 weeks old, weighed roughly 30 pounds and was 80 cm tall. According to marine biologist Milton Perelló, the lack of pigmentation in his skin, eyes, and fur was caused by an unpredictable genetic mutation.

#12. Albino Stingray

I don’t know if it’s that I’m still on Halloween mode, but if you ask me, this albino stingray looks like a ghost. The contrast between this all-white fish and his all-black pals is just awesome.

Photo: Courtesy of Post Fun

In 2018, a giant all-white stingray was spotted off the coast of Victoria, Australia, and the local fishermen named her Crystal. She was much bigger than the one shown in the picture above. Almost 13 feet long, in fact!

#11. Albino Hummingbirds

Albino hummingbirds are too cute to be true, and that’s a fact. Apart from their white feathers, they also feature bright pink eyes, feet, and bill. Pink eyes, how crazy is that?

Photo: Courtesy of Post Fun

While some are really albino, some others are actually leucistic hummingbirds. Albinism in birds is the result of a genetic mutation that rarely happens, so you’ve gotta be really lucky to come across one of these little fellas.

#10. Albino Cardinal

Cardinals are one of the most beautiful birds you’ll ever see and they’re most famous for their bright red feathers. But what ever happened to this little birdy? With all that red, white, and green in the picture, this albino cardinal almost looks like a true Christmas miracle!

Photo: Courtesy of Post Fun

While albino mammals usually feature red eyes, this is not the case of birds, and here’s why. In the case of mammals or reptiles, this rare condition affects the eyes’ rod cells, but birds’ eyes are mainly made up of cone cells. Therefore, you won’t be seeing any red-eyed albino birds in this world.

#9. Albino Chipmunk

OK, can you think of anything cuter than this albino chipmunk? We’ve already seen that you can buy an albino iguana for $2.500, but why aren’t these cuties also on the market?

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

According to Missouri Conservationist, white chipmunks are born this way because they carry a recessive gene that alters the pigment of their hair. Although they’re super rare, they’re not impossible to find.

#8. Albino Cobra

All animals on this list are shocking, but this one is just too much. Albino cobras? Are you kidding me? Even though I find snakes to be terrifying, this pale albino cobra is actually pretty damn cool.

Photo: Courtesy of

All-white snakes are quite rare and they usually come with those pinkish flaps on both sides of their face. In 2017, an albino Slat Grey snake was found in Australia and currently lives in the Territory Wildlife Park in Northern Territory.

#7. Albino Monkey

Don’t tell me this monkey doesn’t look like a wise old man! Kind of like Rafiki from The Lion King, only white and grumpy! It’s actually a female monkey, but he looks more like a man to me.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Albino monkeys are very rare, but during the past few years, different species of all-white primates have been spotted in different parts of the African continent. For instance, in 2014, an albino velvet monkey was discovered in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

#6. Albino Lemur

The quality of this image may not be the best, but look how adorable that baby lemur is! Amazingly, this ordinary lemur gave birth to an albino lemur baby. What are the chances?

Photo: Courtesy of Post Fun

When a mammal is born with albinism, not only are their skin and fur all-white, but they usually carry hearing disorders. If this little guy were to suffer from hearing loss, it would be quite paradoxical considering how big his ears are.

#5. Albino Camel

Isn’t this albino camel one of the most adorable things ever? Also, how was he born so white with such a dark-browned mother? Even though the camel in the picture is actually albino, some camels can be naturally all-white despite not having albinism.

Photo: Courtesy of Post Fun

Sure, these white furry fellas are just too cute, but the only bad thing about them is that it’s way easier to tell when they’re dirty. As to regular camels, they’re usually either dark or light brown, so if they’re all covered in sand or mud, you probably won’t even notice!

#4. Albino Skunk

Skunks have a bad reputation for being the smelliest creatures out there, but if you take a look at this all-white creature you’ll appreciate just how adorable skunks are. They’re so furry I’d like to use it as a pillow!

Photo: Courtesy of Flickr

Also, is it just me, or does an albino skunk without its black stripes look just like some sort of weasel? I wonder if the white ones are just as smelly as ordinary skunks! I doubt they store the stink in their black stripes, but how cool would that be?

#3. Humpback Whale

Say hello to Migaloo, the first albino humpback whale ever to be spotted in history. It was discovered in 1991 off the coast of Australia. It’s needless to say that albino whales are extremely rare, but fortunately, Migaloo has had two albino calves of his own.

Photo: Courtesy of Earth Touch News Network

Migaloo’s offsprings, MJ and Migaloo Jr., have been spotted quite a few times off the eastern coast of Australia. Seeing a whale is astonishing enough, but imagine having the chance of witnessing an entire family of albino whales splashing away right in front of you!

#2. A Giraffe

Is it just me, or does this giraffe look naked? While giraffes are usually yellow with orange, reddish or black dots, 2 albino giraffes have been discovered in Kenya in 2017.

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic

Conservationists soon discovered that the two all-white creatures were mother and daughter. Technically speaking, they don’t have albinism, but leucism, a genetic abnormality that causes loss of color in the skin.

#1. Moose

This albino moose was discovered in Sweden and he became famous worldwide after a politician captured some footage of the amazing creature dawdling along the road. But not only is his fur white, but his antlers too!

Photo: Courtesy of National Geographic

Just like in many cases in this list, this animal isn’t really albino, but was born all-white as a result of a recessive gene that can cause pigmentation abnormalities. Still, how cool is he?

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