You Won’t Believe What These Celebs Spent Their Fortune On

“What would I buy myself if I were a millionaire?” I bet you’ve thought about the answer at least once. Would you purchase your own island in the Caribbean? A private jet, maybe? These classic choices have been made by some of the celebs that appear on this list, but don’t miss #10 and #5 for the craziest things these millionaires decided to spend their fortune on!

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#20. Jay Z

Jay Z has had a busy 2019, that’s for sure. Earlier this year, he achieved a stunning accolade: Jigga became the first billionaire rapper. On top of that, he signed a contract with the NFL and his full catalog was uploaded to Spotify to celebrate his 50th birthday.

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It’s well known that Beyoncé is just as successful as Mr. Carter, so, yeah, it’s not much of a surprise that the couple can tend to make some head-scratching choices regarding their fortune. Once, for instance, they spent 80 grand on a Barbie doll for their first child!

#19. Paris Hilton

Blue Ivy Carter is the youngest of their three daughters, and we all know how the first kid can usually be the most spoiled one, but 80 thousand dollars for a dollhouse is a bit extreme if you ask me, even for a billionaire couple!

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Paris Hilton is usually seen as the prototypical celebrity who has become famous for pretty straightforward reasons: incredible wealth and a luxurious lifestyle. Rumor has it that the model makes about 10 million per year, between paid appearances in events and her businesses.

#18. Daniel Radcliffe

Out of Hilton’s many ridiculous purchases, this one is definitely amongst the funniest: she bought her dog a whole house with expensive furniture and it cost $330,000! Well, in her defense, she probably earned the same amount within a week or so.

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Daniel Radcliffe is known throughout the whole world as the famous actor behind Harry Potter. One would figure that shooting 8 hugely successful and demanding movies (remember that the seventh one was divided into two parts) could be a stressful endeavor for anyone.

#17. Miley Cyrus

Maybe that’s why the mortal enemy of him who must not be named desperately tried to get his hands on the most comfortable mattress he could find. Let’s hope the mattress helped Daniel achieve some top-notch naps because it cost him $17,000!

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Having released bangers like “Party in the U.S.A”., “Malibu”, and “Wrecking Ball”, one would guess that controversial pop singer Miley Cyrus has enough zeros on her bank account to buy crazy stuff for her pets, just like Paris Hilton does.

#16. Chris Brown

And that’s exactly the case, fellas. Miley bought her dog a $125,000 mini sports car. Yes… you read that right. Don’t ask me why, though! It obviously makes no sense at all, but I guess some celebrities are willing to spend more than a couple of thousands for a cute pic of their pet in a tiny car.

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Chris Brown has definitely received tons of critiques for his violent behavior towards women. Love him or hate him, the talented singer and dancer is still going at it in 2019. This year, he released his ninth studio album, called Indigo, which featured “No Guidance”, a massive collaboration with Drake.

#15. Nicolas Cage

Chris Brown has two children and apparently he shares a weakness for mini-cars with Miley, for he spent almost 3 grand on customizing a tiny version of his own car for his daughter. If you’ve laughed at these first astonishing purchases by rich celebrities, you should know we’re just getting started…

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Not only has Nicolas Cage provided us with some of the best memes, but he has also given us more than a few laughs with his bizarre economic decisions. The silliest of them all is probably that one time when the actor bought a 10-foot pyramid-shaped tomb.

#14. Johnny Depp

That’s right, the star of Leaving Las Vegas and Moonstruck hasn’t stated the reason or the price, but I bet a giant tomb isn’t a cheap thing! Though that figure remains an intriguing mystery, we do know that Cage invested almost $300,000 on a dinosaur skull.

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Rumour has it that he got the skull on a huge auction and that Leo DiCaprio was about to win the bidding war until Cage impulsively raised his offer in order to win! Johnny Depp is yet another Hollywood icon that has amassed a vast fortune throughout his acclaimed career.

#13. Kylie Jenner And Tyga

Almost every film lover cherishes Depp’s classics like Sweeney Todd, but the projects of the Pirates of The Caribbean franchise are obviously his biggest box-office hits. In fact, Depp accumulated so much money that he once gave himself an amazing treat.

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He bought himself an island! Indeed, Depp has his own little paradise in the Bahamas for whenever he’s feeling blue, and it only cost him 3.6 million. Though Kylie Jenner and Tyga didn’t go as far as the actor, they were also ready to drop some racks in order to enjoy some peaceful vacations…

#12. Ashton Kutcher

While they were still dating, the rapper and the model rented a jaw-dropping mansion in Mexico. The idyllic house would be a dream come true for anyone who wishes to throw a legendary party: it had 12 rooms and a gorgeous view of the ocean.

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The price was $16,000 for a month of rent, so you better start saving! Though we’re not entirely sure about how much he had to put up for this, chances are Ashton Kutcher spent a bit more than Kylie and Tyga when he decided to pre-order a ticket to space in 2012!

#11. Elton John

With so many producers and directors exploiting the biopic model after Bohemian Rapsody seemingly broke every existing record all across the world, it’s hard to be updated on the ones which are worth our time.

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Rocketman, which narrates the wild events of Elton John’s life, is definitely the one you should check out. The movie was acclaimed by both fans and critics, and it was a huge box-office success. Not that the singer of iconic hits like Your Song and Candle in the Wind was in dire straits economically before the biopic, though…

#10. Barbra Streisand

Elton had had already gathered several million with his chart-topping albums, that’s why he can, for example, spend almost 300k on flowers. To be fair, that’s what he spent at the florist throughout one year and a half, it’s not like he purchased a million roses in a single day.

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What a romantic way to use your fortune, right? At least it’s more tasteful than buying a skull for the sake of outbidding Leonardo DiCaprio, that’s for sure! None of the celebs of this list have had Barbra Streisand’s brilliant idea, that we can assure.

#9. Céline Dion

Like any other rich hoarder, Barbra Streisand realized that she had too many purposeless objects. Did she get rid of them? Of course not, that would simply be too boring… the actress and singer decided to turn her basement into a shopping mall, so she could display her stuff (with tiny streets and all).

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We all know how stressful it can be to play a Las Vegas residency. The heat, the dry climate… I mean, the millions they pay you are most certainly nice, but is the damage to your skin worth it? Yeah, we might be joking, but it looks like Céline Dion actually did think about this issue!

#8. Katy Perry

Yep, that’s right. When the Canadian icon accepted a 3-year stay at Las Vegas, there was only one concern on her mind: she needed to protect her radiant skin. It seems she was absolutely determined to do solve the problem since she spent a whopping 2 million on a humidifier!

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The romance between Katy Perry and Rusell Brand may be long gone, but while the love was still there, the couple was known for giving each other impressive gifts. Ok, impressive, ludicrous, whatever you wanna call it.

#7. Madonna

Here’s an example: the singer of “California Gurls” once gave Rusell a ticket for the Virgin Galactic flight to space, and it cost her 200 grand! I wonder if she regrets the investment, right? Perhaps you’ll find more logic on how Madonna chooses to spend her millions.

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The Queen of pop has proven every hater wrong and maintained relevance to this day. In fact, she dropped a well-received album (Madame X) this year, and her tours continue to break records. Thanks to such a great career, she can invest a lot of money in one of her passions: horses.

#6. Rihanna

But owning a couple of horses is obviously not enough for a star of such caliber, Madonna owns a horse farm, which she bought for about 5 million dollars! Many music fans often wonder why Rihanna hasn’t released any music since 2016.

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Indeed, the bad girl had one of the best albums of that year with ANTI, and she left the public thirsty for more. However, she has been extremely busy conquering the cosmetics world with her gigantic brand Fenty Beauty, and its success has helped her afford some luxurious tastes.

#5. Lady Gaga

For instance, Rihanna loves to rent yachts and enjoy the amazing view of the French Riviera (who wouldn’t enjoy that, though…), and she can splurge about 300 thousand dollars per week on this type of vacation.

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Lady Gaga’s weakness has nothing to do with taking pleasure trips in yachts. In fact, she tends to invest thousands of bucks on a pretty bizarre cause: she likes to protect herself from the threat of ghosts.

#4. Justin Bieber

Yes, you read that right. That’s precisely the reason Gaga spent almost 50 grand on a portable electromagnetic field reader, almost a decade ago. The actress and singer took her new acquisition to every concert, so as to detect any suspicious energy at the venues.

Photo: Courtesy of Hollywood Reporter

You might be familiar with this story, but it never gets old. 6 years ago Justin Bieber traveled to Germany for the European leg of his worldwide tour. Before going to the airport for his flight, he had a brilliant idea: why not take his pet monkey?

#3. Beyoncé

Unfortunately, the officials at the German airport asked him for the monkey’s paperwork documenting vaccines and more. Since he didn’t have what they asked him, Justin had to pay up 10 thousand dollars in fines. So here’s a valuable lesson: think twice next time you want to take your monkey to Germany!

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We’ve already talked about how Jay Z has enough money to acquire just about anything he wants. Well, just like her husband, Beyoncé is also on a victorious streak that keeps increasing her wealth. Not only did she release the best album of 2017 (Lemonade) but she also sang on numerous tracks of The Lion King soundtrack this year.

#2. Taylor Swift

That’s why it’s no surprise that the couple boasts their expensive taste when on vacation. Every time they go to France, they stay in Hotel Le Meurice’s most luxurious penthouse suite, Queen Bey loves it because it has a stunning view of the Tuileries Gardens.

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However, Beyoncé’s preferences are rather austere in comparison to Taylor Swift’s, apparently. The singer, who this year released one of her most notable albums, Lover, has a soft spot for private jets. Yes, jets, with an s. Taylor owns not one but two jets, which, combined, cost 90 million dollars.

#1. Bono

Bono, the leader of veteran Irish rockers U2, is also known for being a committed activist. As a songwriter, he has the capacity of writing both hits and politically-charged tunes, like Sunday Bloody Sunday. However, being talented and participating in noble causes doesn’t bar someone from spending money on stupid things!

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Once, Bono left his precious hat on an airplane. He couldn’t leave it behind for anything in the world, so he had to pay about 1,000 dollars to recover it before his band’s show in Italy. 700 bucks for the hat’s plane ticket, and an additional $300 for a super-fast ride from the airport to the stadium where they would play. That’s what a guy is willing to do to keep his swag!

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