Check Out The Top 25 Heirs Who Got Rich Off Family Money

Many Americans were born lucky, especially those who, in spite of their young age, have already amassed millionaire fortunes and have a guaranteed future. Many of them are the descendants of some of the most important families of the country and have thus become the richest heirs and heiresses of America. Some of them are quite famous, so they’ll probably ring a bell, while others will probably surprise you! Can you guess how much money they have? Don’t miss #23, #15 and #7, you won’t believe it!

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#25. Paris Hilton

We all know Paris Hilton because of her acting career, especially after playing herself in The Simple Life, a reality show she starred in with her former BFF Nicole Richie. She also had a brief singing career, but went on to become a powerful businesswoman, creating her personal makeup and clothing brands.

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But even though her brands have ruled the market over the past few years and have earned her millions of dollars, this is not the only reason why she’s so rich. She was rich from day 1 just for being a Hilton, as one day she’ll inherit a $300-million fortune. Let’s not forget that her family owns the 5-star Hilton hotels!

#24. Olivia Wilde

American actress Olivia Wilde is well known in the film industry for her talented acting career. She has been part of movies like The Lazarus Effect, Tron: Legacy, Rush and People Like Us. Wilde pursued a career in acting at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, but how did she afford it? Let’s find out what her secret is!

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Wilde’s net worth ascends to $20 million just for being Andrew Cockburn’s daughter! Who is this man? Nothing more and nothing less than the owner of Washington DC’s Harper’s Magazine. Thanks to that, Wilde has been trained by the best teachers she could ever ask for.

#23. Kate Hudson

American actress Kate Hudson inherited a great deal of money from her family. Sure, she’s a really talented actress, but let’s not forget her $80-million heritage from her mother Goldie Hawn! Hudson’s mother was a Hollywood legend and we can see that Hudson inherited both her money and her talent!

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Despite the fact that Hawn will leave huge sums of money to her daughter, Hudson has made a name of herself in the industry as she has received an Academy Award nomination and has won many other awards. Nowadays, Hudson has her own athletic clothing company called Fabletics.

#22. Dakota Johson

We can’t imagine any other profession for Dakota Johson other than acting. Being born in a family full of Hollywood icons must have inspired her to pursue a career in acting, don’t you think? Johson’s mother is the legendary actress Melanie Griffith and her father is actor Don Johson.

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Dakota’s actual net worth is $14 million, which she has inherited from her father. Also, the young actress made her big step into Hollywood with her role as Anastasia in the Fifty Shades of Grey series and films like The Social Network and 21 Jump Street

#21. Anderson Cooper

Can you guess how much money Anderson Cooper is going to inherit? Don’t even bother, it’s more than you think! He’ll receive $110 million from his legendary mother Gloria Vanderbilt. Today, the family is one of the richest families in all of America.

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Anderson has his mother to thank for, but let’s be fair, he’s also earned his own money! He went on to become a famous journalist and television personality. We all remember him from the TV program Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN. We should also mention that he inherited his mother’s passion for fashion!

#20. Balthazar Getty

We can’t think of a more versatile person than Balthazar Getty. He first became famous as an actor for his roles in shows like Ladder 49, Big Sur and The Judge. However, Getty is also famous because he belongs to one of the most powerful families in the oil industry. Do you want to know how much his net worth is?

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Getty’s net worth is $200 million, mostly thanks to Getty Oil. Despite his fortune, Getty has shown he has a big heart as he has been involved in organizations like The Lunchbox Fund, which provides food to children in Africa.

#19. Amanda Hearst

American model Amanda Hearst is one of the lead figures behind Marie Claire Magazine, where she works as a marketing editor. She also studied at Fordham University, so we can say she’s a college woman who knows how to make and take care of her money.

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The origin of Hearst’s fortune dates back to his great-grandfather of her mother’s side of the family. William Randolph Hearst became one of the richest people in America by funding his own media company, Hearst Communications. But the Hearsts are charitable people, too. In fact, Amanda invests a lot of money on different projects and foundations such as Friends of Finn, which prevents puppy mills from operating.

#18. Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields inherited both the passion for acting and a millionaire fortune from her family. Shields’ actual net worth is $25 million, and it all came from her father, the well-known Frank Shields. Frank has always loved two things, tennis and acting, and incredibly, he managed to pursue a career in both fields.

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Frank Shields earned his money from acting and playing tennis and he left everything to his children. Brooke followed his paths and began acting from a very young age. Her most memorable acting role was in the movie The Blue LagoonShe also went to university at Princenton!

#17. Billie Lourd

Sometimes, the passion for acting runs through people’s veins and it lies in their genes. Such is the case of Billie Lourd, who chose to follow the steps of her mother, the mythical actress Carrie Fisher, and became an actress herself. When Fisher sadly passed away, Lourd inherited $25 million. Like mother, like daughter!

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But this is not all! Lourd was also influenced by her grandmother, the Hollywood icon Debbie Reynolds. Inspired by her family legacy, she decided to improve her acting skills and studied acting in NYU. After that, she landed on major roles in series such as Scream Queens and American Horror Story. Just like her mother, Lourd was part of the Star Wars franchise, where she played Lieutenant Connix.

#16. Jake Gyllenhaal

Another important celebrity family is the Gyllenhaals. The man who catapulted the family name to fame was Stephen Gyllenhaal, a famous and talented director. His wife, screenwriter Naomi Foner, made it into Hollywood too. Together, they had two children, actress Maggie Gyllenhaal and actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

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Nowadays, Jake’s net worth is $65 million. It’s easy to imagine where that money came from. The young actor has also made his space in Hollywood, with movies like Brokeback Mountain and Donnie Darko. He’s even received a couple of Oscar nominations!

#15. Dylan Lauren

There is no doubt that the Lauren family is one of the richest ones in America. Anyone who hears that name knows we’re talking about the world-famous fashion designer Ralph Lauren. But did you know that Ralph’s daughter, Dylan Lauren, is also a prominent figure in the fashion industry?

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Dylan’s net worth is $4 billion! Obviously, he has his father to thank, but let’s not look down on her career in fashion! Oh, and perhaps you’ve tried candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar, one of the largest candy stores nationwide.

#14. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is one of the most famous actresses and richest heiresses in Hollywood. Johanson’s acting career talks for itself, as she has starred in countless great movies like the Avengers franchise, Her, Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Match Point

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What many people don’t know is that Scarlett’s parents are very rich. Johanson’s father is a Danish architect who has worked all around the globe, and her mother is a successful producer. Karsten Olaf Johansson and Melanie Sloan have a $150-million fortune, so imagine how much money she’ll inherit!

#13. Nicky Hilton

When it comes to money, some people are more savers than spenders. This is definitely the case of Nicky Hilton, who is much more careful with money compared to her sister, Paris. Even though Nicky is always overshadowed by her sister, she has a very talented model and a successful businesswoman.

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Nicky married a man who also comes from one of the wealthiest families in the country, the Rothschilds. Can you imagine the fortune their children will inherit? Nowadays, Nicky has a fortune of $20 million and she has been working hard in her clothing brand.

#12. Chevy Chase

Sometimes, fortune meets you by chance or maybe by destiny, and this was the case with Chevy Chase’s family. Chase’s mother was a modest pianist who one day was adopted by a very famous man. Can you guess who he was? Nothing less than Cornelius Vanderbilt, the owner of The Crane Company!

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Since then, Chevy Chase’s life changed radically. His net worth is nearly $50 million, all thanks to the Crane Company. Chase is also known for his iconic roles and also for his performances on Saturday Night Live and in films like Fletch and Caddyshack. 

#11. Ariana Rockefeller

Being born to an important family like the Rockefellers means a guaranteed future. The dynasty was founded in the early 19th century when they started to earn millions with the Standard Oil Company. Now, let’s see Ariana Rockefeller’s story!

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Ariana will inherit $2.8 billion just for being part of the family. However, instead of living off her parents and grandparents, she has decided to build her own career and went to Columbia University to study fashion design Nowadays, she has only her own fashion brand.

#10. Lydia Hearst-Shaw

And we’re back to the Hearst family! Similar to the case of Amanda Hearst, Lydia Hearts-Shaw could’ve easily lived off her family’s fortune, but instead, she decided to build her own future and pursued a career in modeling. She eventually founded her own modeling agency called Radius Entertainment. But let’s not forget she will someday inherit $28 billion from her parents!

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Lydia has been part of the fashion world for many years. She modeled for big and prestigious brands like Fendi, Rebecca Taylor, Nicole Miller, Chanel, DKNY, Prada, Alexander McQueen, and Louis Vuitton. She has definitely made a name for herself in the fashion world.

#9. Edward Norton

We’re all familiar with Edward Norton for his acting roles in movies like Leaves Of Grass, The Bourne Legacy, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Birdman. His successful career made him one of the most talented and well-paid actors in Hollywood. But what about his family?

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Thanks to his family, Edward is one of the richest heirs in America, all thanks to his grandfather, Edward Mower Norton, Jr. His grandfather – the one from his father’s side – founded The Rouse Company, an urban planning company, and his father was a famous prosecutor. Nowadays, Edward’s net worth is $80 million!

#8. Carly Simon

To this day, we still sing the lyrics of You’re So Vain out loud. That song is just too catchy! You must already know that the song was written by Carly Simon, a mythical and talented singer with a very successful career. Simon was also born in a wealthy family, who helped her take her first steps into the music industry.

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Simon’s father, Richard L. Simon, was the co-founder of Simon & Schuster, the famous book company. Simon was also a classical pianist. Evidently, her father’s talent and love for music left a mark on Carly. Nowadays, Carly Simon’s fortune is $65 million.

#7. Patty Hearst

Is there any doubt that the Hearsts are one of the most powerful families in the world? Patty is the third Hearst to make it to this list, and probably the most famous member of this family. She has a net worth of $28 billion and is the most eccentric member of The Hearst empire.

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Patty went on to become a writer, her most memorable and best-selling memoir being Every Secret Thing. She also pursued a career in acting, having starred in a few TV shows and films. In fact, did you know that the Hearsts have their own film about their family history?

#6. Kyra Sedgwick

Some risks have to be taken if you want to earn huge sums of money. That was Robert Sedgwick’s motto when he became a venture capitalist and earned a fortune thanks to his work. His daughter went on to become a famous actress in Hollywood. Of course, we’re talking about Kyra Sedgwick!

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Kyra is married to another actor, Kevin Bacon and together they’ve been for more than 20 years. Kyra’s most memorable films were Fourth Of July, Phenomenon and Hearts And SoulsThanks to her successful career and her father’s fortune, nowadays her net worth is $16 million!

#5. Victoria Mars

Did you know that Victoria Mars is one of the richest celebrities in America? Her net worth is approximately $6.6 billion, and all thanks to her family’s company, Mars Corporation. Victoria went to Yale University to get her undergrad and then to Wharton School for her Master’s degree.

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Do all of you know what the Mars Corporation is? The name probably rings a bell because of the famous chocolate candy bar, as Mars is one of the most important producers of chocolate bars in the whole world. Victoria worked hard to become the businesswoman she is today and is currently a member of the board of directors. Believe it or not, she owns 8% of Mars, Inc!

#4. Tinsley Mortimer

Tinsley Mortimer was born to a family of wealthy entrepreneurs, and this is the main reason why she is so wealthy. The family’s fortune dates back to the 30s, when Tinsley’s grandfather, George Riley Mercer, founded the real estate company Mercer Rug. Tinsley’s father, George Mercer, was also a famous investor and real estate developer who earned millions of dollars from an early age.

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Tinsley’s mother, in turn, was a famous interior designer, so she also played her part in building the family fortune. As to Tinsley, she studied at Columbia University and worked for important fashion brands like Vogue and Christian Dior. Her actual net worth is $28 million.

#3. Teresa Heinz Kerry

I’m sure you’ve all heard the name Heinz at least once in your life. Or perhaps you’ve tried its products! Of course, we’re talking about the ketchup empire, Heinz. The former owner of the fabric was John Heinz, who decided to do one thing before passing away…

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John left everything to his wife Teresa Heinz and she’s the only heiress to the empire. Teresa inherited $750 million from her late husband and has decided to use that money mostly for charity work, especially for environmental and educational programs.

#2. Clare Bronfman

Claire Bronfman is the heiress of a $500-million fortune, which stemmed from the family company, Seagram Liquor. Clare’s father, Edgard Bronfman Sr., founded the company half a century ago, becoming one of the world’s leadest liquor brands.

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But Clare decided to take other paths, as she is most famous for being a skilled equestrian, having won many awards throughout her 10-year career, including the Samsung Nations Cup. What an unusual career choice, right?

#1. Alexander Soros

I can’t even imagine how my life would be like if I had $20 billion in my bank account, and believe it or not, this the amount of money Alexander Soros has. Alexander is the son of George Soros, one of the most famous billionaire businessmen and philanthropists in the world.

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Alexander went to Berkeley and NYU where he obtained a Ph.D. in History. Nowadays, he’s considered one of the most talented young writers from this era. He has worked in publications like The Guardian, Politico and The Forward. Also, Alexander has endorsed environmental causes and stands up for the rights of the Jewish community.

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