Top 20 Hero Dogs Who Risked Their Lives To Save People

Without a doubt, pets are the most amazing companions for kids and adults alike. They’re the best company when we have a little child to take care of, as we know that the child will grow up surrounded by love and learning how to care about others. In that regard, dogs are the most amazing pets that one could have, as they will always be on our side when we need them the most. If you do not believe me, please check these amazing stories of dogs saving their families! Our favourites are #18#14 and #9! Please do not forget our top 5!

Photo: Courtesy of Brian Smale

#20. Katrina

One of the worst tragedies that have ever struck the United States in its whole history was Hurricane Katrina, one of the most destructive natural disasters that left behind several casualties. But for every sad story, there is one with a happy ending.

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During the Katrina storm, one man was drowning in very high floodwaters, and that was when Katrina, a black labrador dog jumped to the water and saved him. But after Katrina saved the man, she needed help, and the Red Cross came to aid her. That same year, Katrina received a Genesis Award by the citizens of the city.

#19. Xena

Xena was a shelter dog that was found starving to death, weighing only four pounds due to the abuse and disinterest of her previous owners. A few weeks after arriving at the shelter, she recovered her weight and was later adopted by a lovely family to serve as the company of an autistic child.

Photo: Courtesy of Giveitlove

Johnnie Hickey is an 8-year-old kid that suffers from severe autism and was in desperate need of help, and help is exactly what this family found in Xena. She became her best friend and therapist dog, and together they came a long way. According to Johnnie’s mother, he is a totally different kid. He went from being a non-verbal kid to a never-stops-talking kid!

#18. Shana

Shana is a German Shepherd mix that was saved by Norman and Eve Fertig after she was abandoned by her previous owners when she was only two weeks old. Little did the Fertigs know that they were going to be saved by Shana 7 years later.

Photo: Courtesy of Giveitlove

In 2006, a snowstorm trapped Shana’s owners in upstate New York, after a tree fell on top of their car and buried them in snow. Shana made a hole in the snow, pulled her owners out of the car, and heated them until the fire department arrived at the scene.

#17. Maya

Maya is a very small American pitbull that was also abandoned by her owners but was later adopted by Angela Marcelino, a single mother. In 2008, after Angela was coming from her birthday party, she was attacked and surprised by a male rapist.

Photo: Courtesy of Giveitlove

Angela was starting to get desperate until she saw Maya’s fur behind the man’s back, and ordered the pooch to attack him. Maya, without a second to lose, jumped and bit the man, making him run away and leave her owner alone. Thanks to that feat, Maya was awarded the Honorable Dog of the Year Award in 2008.

#16. Honey

Another dog that was awarded the Honorable Dog of the Year award was a lovely English Cocker Spaniel by the name of Honey. While on a car trip with Michael, her owner, they had a terrible car accident and ended flipped upside down. Knowing that Honey was his only hope, Michael released her leash.

Photo: Courtesy of Giveitlove

As soon as Honey got out of the SUV, she ran approximately half a mile to the closest town and attracted the attention of another man. She took him to the accident site and together they saved Michael, who would have died if it wasn’t for Honey.

#15. Napoleon

The story of Napoleon is different from the previous stories, as he did not save his owners, but instead, he saved the lives of six recently born kittens that were about to drown in a Michigan lake. Napoleon is an English bulldog, and like the rest of his species, he is a very bad swimmer.

Photo: Courtesy of Giveitlove

But that did not stop him from jumping into the lake and swimming to the sack that was in the water. After he got out of the lake, his owner saw what was inside the sack and she was shocked. Napoleon saved six baby kittens and together they nursed them back to full health. Sadly, two of the kittens died.

#14. Rocky

Rocky is a police dog from Lakewood, Colorado who saved his whole team after they caught a 20-year-old thief. When the police found the suspect, he started shooting at the whole squad and Rocky came running and tackled the burglar, keeping him to the ground with his paws.

Photo: Courtesy of Giveitlove

Sadly, the thief continued shooting and one bullet lodged itself in Rocky’s front paw, but in the end, the burglar was arrested and put in jail. Rocky appeared in every news headling and continued serving in the police force for six more years.

#13. Eve

Many humans are afraid of Rottweilers as they are considered to be the most vicious and violent dog breeds, but Eve showed the world that that is not entirely true. Her owner, Kathie, is a paralyzed paraplegic woman who requires the presence of Eve for her daily tasks.

Photo: Courtesy of Giveitlove

One day, when Kathie was driving a personalized truck, she lost control of the vehicle and it struck a tree. When Kathie regained consciousness, the truck was filling with gases and smoke and as she could not move. Miraculously, Eve came and dragged her out of the truck. A few seconds later, the truck exploded.

#12. Neo

On the contrary to Rottweilers, Siberian Huskies are considered to be one of the most lovely and loyal dog breeds out there. Neo was given to his owner, Marcie Snead, who suffers from diabetes, fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. While on a trip one day, Marcie had a hypoglycemic shock and fell.

Photo: Courtesy of Giveitlove

They were in the middle of nowhere, but as Neo was so worried about his owner that he ran to the nearest building a few miles away and called the attention of several people and led them back to where Marcie had fallen. When they found her, they called an ambulance and fortunately, she recovered!

#11. Kankuntu

While relaxing on vacations in the family’s 41-foot yacht, Kankuntu became the hero of the story. One night the yacht was hijacked by a group of sea thieves that were armed with guns and threatened to kill the whole family if they did not give them the boat.

Photo: Courtesy of Giveitlove

Luckily for the family, the dog came rushing from below deck and started attacking the thieves, until one of them shot the dog in-between the shoulder blades. Fortunately, the dog was not in any danger and he even saved his family, as the thieves had to run away.

#10. Junior

Ever heard the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover?”. Well, Junior is the living example, as he saved his whole family from a deadly fire that was about to destroy the house. That same day, Junior’s owner, Madelous had invited six friends over, when an intense fire broke out in the middle of the night.

Photo: Courtesy of Giveitlove

As neither Madelous or any of his six friends woke up, Junior took the matter into his small paws and started running and barking as loudly as possible to wake everybody up. Thankfully, every person in the house was able to leave and they called the fire department.

#9. Miley

Arkansas born puppy, Miley, was the hero of this story, after saving her owner, Stacie Pitts, and the rest of her family from carbon monoxide. Deep into the night, when the family was profoundly asleep, Miley started barking and running all around the house in order to wake her owner.

Photo: Courtesy of Giveitlove

Stacie woke up several times at night, calmed Miley down and went back to sleep. But every time she went back to bed, Miley started to bark again. At last, Stacie realized that something was wrong and woke up the rest of the family. Every one of them had severe headaches. After a visit to the hospital, they realized that Miley had saved them from carbon monoxide poisoning.

#8. Toby

Golden Retrievers are one of the most faithful and playful dog breeds in the world, and if you want to be fully loved, you should have one. Debbie Parkhurst, Toby’s owner, was reading a book while eating an apple when something disastrous happened. A large piece of the fruit stored in her throat.

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Unable to do anything, desperately trying to get air into her lungs, she was able to call Toby. Her two-year-old dog came running and with his paws performed a kind of Heimlich maneuver that saved his owner’s life as the apple got out of Debbie’s throat.

#7. Angel

Canada is one of the safest countries in the world, but Austin Forman is not so sure about that. One afternoon when he was playing with his dog, Angel, in the backyard of his house, he was surprised by a large cougar that jumped over the fence.

Photo: Courtesy of Brian Smale

In order to protect his kid, Angel put himself in front of Austin trying to buy some time for the kid to go inside the house. When Austin came out with his parents, the cougar had left and Angel had a few bites. But the love of his family nursed him back to full health in no time!

#6. Zoey

This is one of the most incredible heroes in this list. This five-pound Chihuahua, Zoey, saved his small one-year-old human from being bitten by a poisonous rattlesnake in his grandparents’ house.

Photo: Courtesy of Giveitlove

When Booker West was splashing his little hands in the birdbath in the backyard of his grandparents’ house in Colorado, a three-foot-long snake slithered next to him, although he did not even notice. When the snake jumped to attack the boy, Zoey jumped in front of him and sustained the bite.

#5. Peety

This story is somewhat different from the rest of the list, as Peety, the dog, saved the life of his owner in a completely special way. Before meeting Peety, Eric O’Grey weighed approximately 320 pounds and was a diabetic and hypertense middle-aged man.

Photo: Courtesy of Experience Life

In one of his doctor’s appointment, Eric was advised to get a pet, and so he did. Eric adopted Peety, an obese middle-aged dog, and together they improved their quality of life. One year after adopting him, Eric had lost 140 pounds and Peety 25 pounds.

#4. Flash

In the city of Brampton, Darlington in England, an elderly woman was reported missing by his family and the police started searching for her for fourteen hours. As they were unable to find her, a-10 month-old Patterdale terrier by the name of Flash joined the search team.

Photo: Courtesy of Giveitlove

In less than one hour, Flash had found the old lady with his powerful sense of smell. The old woman had fallen inside a big bush and was unable to get out, and even though she was unharmed, she was distressed and confused. Police officers and community members thanked Flash for lending them a paw!

#3. Layla

Budhi Blair is a North American veteran who, after returning from his tour in Vietnam, suffered from severe PTSD episodes and, as a consequence, he started assaulting police officers and even his wife. For his conduct, he was put in jail and served a few months.

Photo: Courtesy of Giveitlove

When Budhi was in jail, he met Layla, an abandoned pit bull that had been in a car accident and was crippled. He felt reflected in Layla, as Budhi felt that she was left aside, abused and discarded. In jail, he started a dog training program to be able to spend time with Layla and recover together.

#2. Nellie

Nellie is a four-year-old black dog that was adopted to help her owner, Gill, who is a 48-year-old hearing impaired single mom. Thanks to the heroic feat that she did, Nellie was awarded the Heroic Hearing Dog of the Year award.

Photo: Courtesy of Giveitlove 

One night on a family vacation, Gill, her two children, and Nellie were spending a quiet night in their vacation house when a man broke in. As Nellie helps Gill with everything sound-related, she woke her owner up and pointed to the man, while protecting the children. Finally, the man left them alone!

#1. Nyla

We all know that dogs have incredibly more acute senses in comparison to us humans, and they know when danger is coming way before than we realize it. Nyla is another example of a dog that saved her human from a terrible fire that could have killed her.

Photo: Courtesy of Giveitlove

When Sheila, her owner, was surrounded by fire and smoke and could not see anything around her, Nyla stood by her and guided her to the closest exit. Whenever Sheila lost sight of her dog, Nyla barked at her owner to put her on the right path. Sheila lost every material thing, but to her, nothing was more important than the fact that her little Nyla saved her.

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