Animal Lovers! Check Out The Most Adorable Royal Pets Ever

People always say that pets are humans’ best friends, and guess what? Even the world’s most important royal families and dignitaries have their own dog pals! Can you imagine Queen Elizabeth taking her dog or her royal hamster for a walk? Well, here’s a list of the 20 most famous pets of royal families. Some of them lead more luxurious and comfortable lives than any of us… from Egyptian-cotton beddings to some of the most lavish houses, the lifestyles of these pets will leave you baffled! Don’t miss #18, #11, and #8, they’re royal-adorable!

Photo: Courtesy of Magzter.

#20. Lupo

Lupo, a Working Cocker Spaniel, came into Kate Middleton and Prince George’s lives in 2012. Kate always loved animals, and his brother, James Middleton, gave them the pooch as a late wedding gift. Kate said that this four-legged friend is the perfect company for the family, especially when Prince George has to travel because of his royal duties.

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Everyone says that Lupo is the most loved member of the Kensington Palace and allegedly Kate spoils him a lot and treats him like she does with her children. Photographers often see the princess walking alongside Lupo through their mansion’s beautiful gardens. Keep on reading, this is not the only pet that this family has!

#19. Holly And Willow

It’s widely known that Queen Elizabeth is a big animal fan. She owns both dogs and horses in many of her houses, and that’s why it shouldn’t surprise us to see her on this list. The father of Queen Elizabeth, former King George, gave her her first pet, a Corgi named Susan, when she was just 18 years old.

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Susan was the perfect company for Elizabeth until she passed away at the age of 12. Nowadays, the Queen enjoys the company of Willow and Holly, who are actually Susan’s offspring. It’s hard to imagine such adorable pooches making a mess, but guess what? It appears to be that Willow and Holly once chewed off pieces of the Royal Clockwinder!

#18. Vulcan And Candy

As we said before, Queen Elizabeth is in love with her pets, especially with her furry four-legged dogs. The Queen has two more dogs, which are a Dachshund-Corgi crossbreed. They are called Vulcan and Candy and they’re younger than Willow and Holly.

Photo: Courtesy of Give It Love. 

The Queen loves all her dogs and she has declared in many interviews that her pets are her family. There’s no reason why not to believe her since she’s been in the company of furry friends for over 30 years. It’s impossible to imagine Queen Elizabeth without a doggo by her side.

#17. Baby And Nepal

Let’s talk about another of the world’s important monarchies: the reign of Monaco. Princess Stephanie is well known because of her love for animals, especially dogs. Everything changed when the princess found out that two elephants named Baby and Nepal were going to be killed, and this is when and she stepped up and saved their lives.

Photo: Courtesy of Give It Love. 

Princess Stephanie became an elephant lifesaver after she took Baby and Nepal into her ranch. Princess Albert declared that she takes great care of them, and ever since then she became an advocate for animal rights around the world.

#16. Marvin

Believe it or not, there’s a royal hamster in the world! The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge let Princess Charlotte have her own pet and in 2016, the family welcomed a hamster called Marvin. We can’t imagine how the life of a royal rodent is!

Photo: Courtesy of Give It Love. 

Kate declared that Charlotte is completely happy with her new pet as she enjoys how the whiskers tickle her face all the time. Lupo the dog and Marvin the hamster both live in Kensington Palace with the royal family, and we can’t help but wonder: do these to fellas ever play together? Do they get along well? Who knows!

#15. Jack

Sometimes, even the royal families may face the most ordinary problems, and if you don’t believe me, let’s see the case of Princess Eugenie and her fiance. When the princess met Jack Brooksbank, she immediately fell in love with him, but it turns out that there was already another Jack in her life…

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest. 

It happens to be that Princess’ Norfolk Terrier is also called Jack! Princess Eugenie always jokes about this and claimed that it was a “total accident!”, but can you imagine how annoying it must be? You have no chance but to come up with a nickname for your partner, cause imagine if your dog shows up and licks your face every time you wanna address your boyfriend!

#14. Bluebell And Beth

Prince Charles and Camila de Cornualles never had kids but they share the love for their Jack Russel Terriers. The Duchess of Cornwall rescued two Terriers in a shelter named Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, back in 2002. These two beauties are called Bluebell and Beth.

Photo: Courtesy of Give It Love. 

The Duchess has declared that both of her dogs have different personalities but she loves both dogs equally. She said that Beth is very quiet and peaceful, while Bluebell, on the other hand, is quite a mischievous pooch. However, even though Bluebell often gets into trouble, the duchess had admitted that she makes her laugh a lot. They are like the couple’s kids!

#13. Ziggy

In 2005, Prince Frederik and Princess Mary got married and were given the most adorable gift they could ever receive: a Border Collie called Ziggy. The four-legged royal member was part of the family for almost 12 years, but just 2 years ago the Princess announced that Ziggy had passed away.

Photo: Courtesy of BT.  

Princess Mary declared many times that Ziggy was a key part of their family and that he was a playful and adorable pooch. Each time they uploaded photos during their holidays on the beach, Ziggy would be there right next to the children and the princess. We’re completely sure that the family will miss their furry member forever.

#12. Toytown

Some pets are so huge that they just don’t fit in your bed or can’t even enter the house, but they’re still your loyal friend. Such was the case with Queen Elizabeth’s eldest granddaughter, Zara Tindall, who owned a horse. Tindall’s admiration and love for horses began during her childhood. In fact, she’s one of the few royal members who have been part of the World Equestrian Games and the European Eventing Championships.

Photo: Courtesy of Give It Love. 

She won many medals with the company of her loyal horse called Toytown. She and Toytown shared many tournaments and she claimed numerous times that her horse is one of the most important parts of her life. Sadly, in 2017 Toytwon passed away and Tindall declared she was heartbroken.

#11. Dash

It seems that in the Royal Palace of Great Britain has always been home to at least one pooch. From Queen Victoria’s era to Queen Elizabeth’s, more than 300 royal dogs have lived in the palace! When Queen Victoria celebrated her 17th birthday, her mother gave her a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy called Dash.

Photo: Courtesy of Give It Love. 

Dash was so important to the Queen that when he passed away in 1840, she decided to have him buried in Windsor Castle. Nowadays, Dash’s tombstone reads that he was the queen’s playful, beloved and loyal friend. We’re glad that this loving tradition still continues, we just can’t get enough of royal pets and their cuteness!

#10. Sharp

Queen Victoria is known for being Great Britain’s Head of State but also for her devotion to animals, especially dogs. It’s said that the Queen had more than 90 dogs in her life. Can you imagine hundreds of puppies running around the Royal Palace? Apparently, the Queen was in love with Collies, and with one in particular named Sharp.

Photo: Courtesy of Give It Love. 

Luckily, we have a photo of the Queen and Sharp! It was common for veterinarians to visit the royal animals at least once a week and sometimes one of the queen’s equerries would take photos of the occasion. Many of these photos have gone viral and have been made into postcards, which many people from around the world love to buy. Queen Victoria wrote in her journal that she was photographed with her “faithful Sharp”, and here is the photo that proves it.

#9. Caesar

Another royal member that is famous because of his love and devotion to animals is Edward VII, the Prince Of Wales. It’s known that Edward VII loved terries. In fact, did you know that the German Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck once gave him a Samoyed as a gift? But Edward VII’s best friend was an Irish Terrier called Caesar.

Photo: Courtesy of Give It Love. 

Caesar became very famous around the world and all the royal members and international dignitaries were familiar with him because whenever the Prince had a ceremony to attend to, he would take this furry friend with him. Caesar was very loyal to Edward VII and when the Prince passed away, his furry pal walked behind his coffin during the procession. Could he be more adorable?

#8. Mops

Pugs are adorable and that’s a fact, and even the French Queen Marie Antoinette seems to think so! Very few people know that she had her own pug called Mops. However, when she moved from Austria to France to start her life as a Queen, she had to leave Mops behind.

Photo: Courtesy of Give It Love. 

Luckily, a few months later, she and Mops reunited in Versailles, as the pooch was sent to the palace once she had been crowned. We can’t help but imagine the luxury beds and the amazing gardens that Mops had for his own. Keep on reading about the most incredible stories of royal members and their pets!

#7. Evelaina

Evelaina was an English Mastiff that belonged to Kamehameha III of Hawaii. She was so intelligent that she understood commands in both Hawaiian and English. Evelaina was also very loyal to his human friend and when Kamehameha III died on December 15, 1854, he decided to stay next to his tomb.

Photo: Courtesy of Give It Love. 

For many weeks, Evelaina didn’t leave Kamehameha III’s tomb, as if she were waiting for him to relive. He only took breaks to go eat and then he would go back. 7 years after the king’s death, Evelaina passed away and he was buried under a tree next to the chapel where his former owner was.

#6. Peritas

The close bond between pets and humans dates back to our ancestors. In fact, even the world’s biggest conquers had pets, and such was the case of Alexander The Great, who had a dog named Peritas.

Photo: Courtesy of Give It Love. 

According to mythology, Peritas was as great as Alexander and the pooch had been a gift by a Greek king. Also, legend has it that Peritas defeated a lion and an elephant! The pooch was Alexander’s most loyal companion, both in his life and career, and that’s why Alexander named a city in India after him.

#5. Turi

As we said before, Queen Victoria was a major animal lover. She loved dogs so much that she even founded a new breed, the Pomeranian! It all began when the Queen asked for a smaller version of the Spitz, and this is how the Pomeranian came to life!

Photo: Courtesy of Give It Love. 

The Queen had more than 35 Pomeranians in the palace and she took care of them all. When she was too old to continue with her reign, she decided not to have more dogs in the palace. Her last companion was a Pomeranian called Turi, who was with her until her death.

#4. Mary Queen Of Scot’s Maltese

Mary Queen Of Scot had a difficult life ever since she was little child since her father James V of Scotland died when she was only 6 years old. On top of that, her cousin Queen Elizabeth was afraid she would try to take her throne, so she kept her as a prisoner during most of her life.

Photo: Courtesy of Give It Love. 

Living her life trapped in a room must’ve been tough, but you know what? She had the company of this adorable Maltese Terrier, whose name we don’t know. When Mary was found guilty of plotting against Queen Elizabeth, she was sentenced to death, and while she was heading towards the scaffold, the pooch was hiding underneath her skirt! The little pooch stayed by her side until her last breath. That’s what I call loyalty!

#3. Filou

Dogs have been part of royal palaces since the times of Ancient Greece. And here’s another fun fact: During the years before the French Revolution, in the palace of Versailles, everyone was very fond of dogs. We’ve already seen that Marie Antoniette loved pugs, but what you probably didn’t know is that Louis XIV loved Toy Poodles.

Photo: Courtesy of Give It Love. 

The King’s favorite Poodle was Filou and he appears in many of his portraits. All the members of Versailles wanted to follow the King’s steps and have a poodle of their own, and it is said that were more than 200 Poodles in the whole palace. Of course, the king’s dogs had their own carriage and special royal treatments.

#2. Nelson

Winston Churchill was one of the most famous British Prime Ministers in history. Most people are familiar with the role he played in World War II, but what is mostly unknown is that he loved cats. In fact, he owned many of them.

Photo: Courtesy of Give It Love. 

His best-known cat was a grey male named Nelson. Churchill declared to Quentin Reynolds, an American war correspondent, that he adopted Nelson after he saw the feline being chased by a huge dog. Churchill considered Nelson as the bravest cat he’d ever seen. In his last years, the pet had the company of Jock, a marmalade cat.

#1. Dookie

Ever wondered where Queen Elizabeth’s passion for animals came from? Her father, the great King George VI, had something to do with it. It’s known that the King and her daughters had a wonderful relationship, and perhaps that’s why George VI gave them their first puppy, Dookie, in 1933.

Photo: Courtesy of Give It Love. 

His daughters immediately fell in love with Dookie. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth, dozens of dogs have come and gone through the royal palace, and the Queen has declared she thanks her father for encouraging her into loving animals.

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