30 Awesome Inventions That Will Change Your Life

Thanks to the technological advancements we have nowadays, we are constantly witnessing the world change. Every single day, new inventions pop up in the market to make our lives easier and better. In fact, 1.4 million patents for inventions were granted in 2017 alone. But out of the millions of inventions that are created every year, we have picked the 30 coolest ones that you should try out if you have the chance – let’s go!

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#30. OrCam MyMe

This strange gadget also comes with a strange name. OrCam MyMe is a teeny tiny device taken straight out of George Orwell’s 1984, as it is a little camera that has a built-in facial recognition software. Basically, you attach it to your collar or pocket, and the device helps you recognize whoever you’re talking to.

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This is especially useful for big meetings or events where you’re meeting people constantly, so you can keep track of all the new contacts you’ve made through the evening. It also allows you to sort people into groups like work, friends, or family, and it keeps track of how long your interactions were.

#29. Smart Buckle

In this day and age, we have smartwatches, and people are very divided on the subject – they either love them, or they think they’re useless. But for those who are still on the fence about them, there’s the Smart Buckle. This gadget allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds by letting you keep your old analog watch while bringing you all the smartwatch functions built in the strap.

Photo: Courtesy of Wareable

The smartwatch strap tracks your daily activity, step count, and sleep data, just like any smartwatch, and transfers the data into an app installed on your phone. The best part about it for many of its users is that it looks just like a normal watch strap.

#28. Snore Circle

Snoring can be a real problem for some people, especially for those who have to try to sleep while hearing you snore. While there are many available methods out there to stop snoring, one of the newest devices to help you stop is Snore Circle. The gadget is designed to use a combination of audio and bone conduction that detects when you’re snoring.

Photo: Courtesy of Inceptive Mind

Then, it sends micro signals to the brain once it detects you’re snoring, and these signals direct the brain to reduce and eliminate the snoring. The app that comes with it also monitors the quality and amount of your sleep.

#27. NANO1

We’ve all been there: you looked up at the night sky and saw that it looked absolutely beautiful, so you tried to take a picture of it, and the results were an absolute disaster. Well, fear not, because NANO1 is here to help. This gadget is perfect for potential stargazers who not only want to admire the gorgeous starry night but also want to take pictures of it.

Photo: Courtesy of Beebom

This device is, in fact, the smallest astronomy camera in the world, capturing 25 times more light than the human eye, and it can also condense an hour of recording into a 3-minute video of the night sky. It connects to your smartphone over WiFi or Bluetooth and also comes with an augmented reality map of constellations.

#26. SiB

The Simple Internet Connected Button, also known as SiB, is a tiny little gadget that will make your life simple. This cube has a programmable button that connects to a host of other smart devices and sensors to do a whole lot of stuff, such as controlling your smart doorbell, checking the temperature, or texting a loved one.

Photo: Courtesy of Beebom

Just by connecting the device to the Wi-Fi network, you can make it do basically anything through your smartphone. It occupies virtually no space, and you’ll basically not even notice it’s there. There’s also no limit to the number of tasks you can assign it to do. What a time to be alive!

#25. ATOMIC Pi

Tiny computers have been lifesavers for many people who want to enjoy all the functions of a computer without all the unnecessary space regular computers take up. One of the most popular minicomputers on the market is the Raspberry Pi, but many people avoid it for having very low power. Well, fear not, because if you’re one of those people, then the ATOMIC Pi is for you.

Photo: Courtesy of Beebom

The ATOMIC Pi is a 10cm x 13cm logic board with an Intel Atom CPU clocked at 1.92 GHz and features full-sized HDMI, audio, Ethernet, and a heat sink. Plus, it is inbuilt with dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth; all for just $35! It comes with Linux, but you can also boot it up with Windows.

#24. Solar Roadways

Well, the name is pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? Solar Roadways are exactly that: solar panels incorporated into roads, driveways, sidewalks, and basically any surface you can walk on. The solar wafers are sheltered under thick layers of shatter-proof Gorilla Glass and are used to provide electricity from basically any surface.

Photo: Courtesy of Futurism

The panels come in hexagonal shape, which makes replacement very easy, and additionally, they can be electronically programmed to show specific markings on the road. Another plus is that they generate so much heat that they melt snow, therefore making them safe in winter.

#23. iMicro

Nowadays, you can use your phone for basically everything, and iMicro proves it. If you’ve always wanted to make an actual lab out of your phone, just get the iMicro lens, which is a teeny tiny zoom lens for your phone that will allow you to turn it into a microscope.

Photo: Courtesy of Beebom

Just hook it to your smartphone’s lens and explore the inner scientist in you by looking at the world at 100x magnification. And the best part is that you can take pictures of all the cool stuff you find. You can examine virtually anything with it, and if you want to, you can even increase the zoom multiple times more.

#22. Enomad Uno

As one of the top sources of renewable energy, hydel power is a blessing to this world we are living in. If you want to help save the environment, you can actually make personal use of hydel power at home thanks to Enomad Uno, your own portable hydel power generator.

Photo: Courtesy of Beebom

This device comes with a tiny propeller which converts the kinetic energy of the water moving inside it into micro-electricity. But, what can you use this energy for? Well, it comes with a small LED light and a USB port so you can charge your smartphone and other electronic devices.

#21. Dolfi

Dolfi looks like a bar of soap, but it is actually 500 times better than one. It is a very small device used to wash clothes without the need for any washing machine, or even effort. Just put your clothes in a bucket of water and let Dolfi do all the hard work for you.

Photo: Courtesy of Beebom

This tiny device works with ultrasonic waves that travel through water and create microscopic high-pressure bubbles that basically push stains and dirt out of the fabric. Dirt is literally knocked out of your clothes in minutes, so you don’t have to keep wasting time on actually doing your laundry anymore.

#20. Bimoz

Now that we are all more aware of the effects we have on the environment, more and more people are turning toward bikes instead of cars, and as a result, there has been a huge increase in the use of e-bikes. These bikes come with assistive drivetrains, which basically helps you go faster and farther without getting exhausted.

Photo: Courtesy of Beebom

However, if you want an e-bike, you don’t really need to throw out your old bike and get a whole new one. With Bimoz, you can turn your regular bike into an e-bike, as it comes with a 250W battery pack that will help you get more power out of your bike. It’s super easy to install, and it only adds 2kg to the weight of your bike.

#19. Eyelights

You’ve probably seen this in many movies, but nowadays, holographic screen displays are a reality. Now that people are so dependable on technology, there have been countless accidents on the road caused by people getting distracted while trying to play music, answer messages, check maps, etc.

Photo: Courtesy of Beebom

If you are susceptible to getting distracted like that, fear no more, because Eyelights is here to solve your problem. You can keep your eyes on the road while you interact with your infotainment system to see information like maps, vital stats related to your car, and more, all shown in a hologram over your windshield.

#18. Padrone Ring

Look at the picture; now, that looks like a really cool accessory, right? Well, that ring is actually a device, and not just any device: it’s a mouse. While mouse technology has improved greatly over the years, bringing us Bluetooth mice and other devices, the Padrone Ring is here to revolutionize the market.

Photo: Courtesy of Beebom

This little nimble finger ring can connect to any device over low-energy Bluetooth and transform your finger into a mouse. It detects all your movements like clicking and scrolling, and it is also waterproof, so you can keep it on wherever you go. Don’t worry about fitting, because it comes in 12 different sizes.

#17. Hoversurf

Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about self-driving cars and all sorts of super modern transportation methods, but have you heard of Hoversurf? This machine looks like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie, and for good reason because it is literally a hovering motorcycle.

Photo: Courtesy of Beebom

Well, actually, the correct term would be a quadcopter superbike, which hovers at 60 miles per hour above ground and can take off and land at any concrete surface. Weighing 250 pounds, it is surprisingly light and agile, and it is already being used by the Dubai police force (cause well, they’re like super-rich).

#16. HiMirror Mini

Ten years ago, we were just getting used to smartphones, and nowadays, basically anything can be smart – and mirrors are, of course, no exception. HiMirror is one of the pioneers of smart mirrors, and the HiMirror Mini is their latest product to hit the market. But, what does a smart mirror actually do?

Photo: Courtesy of Beebom

Smart mirrors basically allow you to see yourself with much more clarity than a normal mirror, and it can also perform 8 different types of analyses on your face, such as looking for fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles, roughness, etc. It also offers you advice on how to improve your imperfections, and it can also order beauty products for you.


What’s better than a bag? That’s right, a smart bag. Yes, you read that right, we’re talking about smart bags right now. LUMZAG is a smart bag that is specially designed to provide complete security for your valuable belongings and unhindered connectivity. It also comes with an inbuilt 10,000mAh power bank to charge your devices while they’re stored inside.

Photo: Courtesy of Beebom

It also comes with a wireless charger for flagship devices, a rear-view camera to see what’s behind you in real-time using the app, and GPS to locate the bag wherever it is. Of course, it has an anti-theft feature that lets you know whenever someone tries to open your bag without permission, and many more features as well.

#14. US:E

One of the best inventions that humans ever came up with is door locks. But, as door locks evolved, so did thieves, and people came up with smarter and smarter ways to break into them. If you want to make sure your locks are 100% burglar-proof, then US:E is the device for you.

Photo: Courtesy of Beebom

This gadget is a smart lock that offers six different methods to unlock t: fingerprints, a key fob, remote use of a smartphone, and even facial recognition. It comes with infrared facial recognition technology powered by an AI, just like your favorite James Bond movies. You can also pick more than one method for extra protection.

#13. CleanseBot

All of us humans have one thing in common: we’re lazy. We absolutely love having a clean house, but actually cleaning it is a drag. Over the years, we’ve improved our cleaning technology with devices like the Roomba and dishwashers, but this next one is seriously going to change your life.

Photo: Hooked on Tech

The CleanseBot is the first cleaning robot that actually kills bacteria. This tiny little thing disinfects surfaces from unwanted pathogens that can seriously risk your health, and it gets in all the places that are hard to clean, like carpets, sofas, beds, and more. Oh, and it also sanitizes the air around it. Amazing, right?!

#12. Cubinote

Some things just don’t go out of style, and one of those things is certainly sticky notes. Sometimes, you just can’t remember something unless it’s written in one of those bright-colored pieces of paper, right? Well, Cubinote has managed to improve these already cool items that we use every day.

Photo: Courtesy of Beebom

This small device is a mini-printer that can print anything you want on a sticky note, so you can personalize and detail them as much as you want. It connects via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and it’s super easy to use. It certainly helps brighten up your workspace and make these everyday tasks much more enjoyable.

#11. Naga 3D Headphones

Nowadays, it’s really hard to survive without a pair of good headphones, and this has made the headphone market explode in recent years. Active noise cancellation headphones have become extremely popular, because who doesn’t want to cancel out the noise of the horrible reality we live in?

Photo: Courtesy of Beebom

But the Naga 3D Headphones take this technology to the next level, as they offer extremely high-quality spatial audio while saving you the trouble of charging them often. Not only does their battery last for 20 hours, but they’re charged with solar energy in just one hour of sun exposure.

#10. KEY-EX

KEY-EX is a smart keyboard specially designed to allow everyone to use computers regardless of their capabilities. This inclusive keyboard is made for specially-abled people who have trouble using regular keyboards. Each key is surrounded by a cluster of letters for easy use, and they’re very soft to touch while being able to withstand rough usage.

Photo: Courtesy of Beebom

KEY-X does not require any special software or installation and can just be connected through USB, and it can also be coupled with a variety of accessories for those who need a little extra help, such as a smart eye detector or a single-click switch.

#9. PWR 27

Now that we all use electronic devices, many problems people had in the past have now been eradicated. We can do so many things thanks to technology that we’ve lost count, but with all these advancements came a series of new problems that we are struggling to deal with nowadays, such as batteries.

Photo: Courtesy of Beebom

All our devices need to be charged, and that’s not always an easy thing to achieve, especially if you’re traveling. But don’t worry, because PWR 27 is here to help. This device is a super small and super powerful power bank with a massive capacity of 27,000mAh to keep all your devices charged, and it is also virtually indestructible. Oh, and it recharges with solar power.

#8. Unagi

Nope, we’re not talking about the sushi or quoting one of the best episodes of Friends; we’re talking about the ultimate electric scooter. Unagi is a compact electric scooter that can be basically taken anywhere comfortably, as it is very lightweight and can be easily folded.

Photo: Courtesy of Beebom

Its tires are puncture-proof and it comes with an LED display to check its battery status and buttons to control everything from the break, the horn, and of course, the LED light. This ergonomic, eco-friendly device is perfect for modern-day urban transport and will take you anywhere you wanna go.

#7. Rone Mini Heater

Ned Stark said it: winter is coming. So, how are you gearing up for winter? The truth is, not everybody’s house has a heating system, and most portable heaters are heavy and consume a lot of energy. The Rone Mini Heater is extremely small but equally powerful and can be easily placed on your table or desk without taking up too much space.

Photo: Courtesy of Beebom

You can move it around easily thanks to its small size and lightweight, and it comes with several speed options. On top of that, it has a pebble-shaped enhancement you can use to warm up your hands. But we believe the best part of Rone is that it virtually makes no sound.

#6. Geopress Purifier

If you’re an adventure seeker, you know that you gotta be very well prepared before going into the wild. If you’re going on a camping trip or hiking, you must bring water, and if you run out, then it could get tricky to get some clean water to drink. That’s when Geopress comes in to save the day.

Photo: Courtesy of Gear Junkie

This handheld water filter uses zeolites for ion exchange in combination with an activated carbon filter to remove bacteria, viruses, protozoan, heavy metals, and all nasty impurities you sure don’t want to put in your system. You can drink water on the spot and also store 240z to drink on the go.

#5. Hover 2

Drones have really changed the world we live in today. Looking at the world from above and capturing incredible pictures is in the palm of our hands and with much more flexibility than a camcorder or a handheld digital camera. However, the Hover 2 offers the same as most drones, but goes a step further.

Photo: Courtesy of Beebom

Its AI detects obstacles and dodges them in real time, while capturing 4k videos from the best possible angles. It’s super lightweight and foldable, and it offers stability and videos in cinematic quality. If you want to capture the best images possible, this is definitely the best drone in the market.


Do you want to get fresh air but also love staying at home? Then NATEDE is the best gadget for you. It is an air purifier that mixes sustainable technology and indoor plants to clear the air from matter, microbes, dust, etc. while using very little energy. It lets air flow through an indoor plant potted into it and a reusable photocatalytic filter to clean indoor air.

Photo: Courtesy of  Design Milk

Its slick design blends in with the environment, as it looks like a very fancy plant pot. The app that comes with it lets you know everything from the air quality to the condition of the soil. Its advanced water circulation system also makes sure that your plants get all the water they need.


Like some of the other inventions we’ve seen on this list, there are many transportation alternatives out there, not only to take care of the environment but also to help us get to where we need to go faster and cheaper. This awesome invention, the PANZERBOARD, is an e-skateboard that is also super fun to use.

Photo: Courtesy of News Credit

This all-terrain electric skateboard doesn’t shy away from any surface and comes with two acceleration modes that adjust to the terrain you’re on to get the right traction you need. The maximum speed you can reach is 31 miles per hour and it can go more than 18 miles per single charge.

#2. Levia

Take a look at the picture. Do you think something’s missing? It’s not an edit, the lightbulb is actually levitating! Levia is an awesome lamp with a floating lightbulb that works through electromagnetic induction. The aesthetic pleasure that this lamp can give to your house is indescribable.

Photo: Courtesy of Beebom

This charming device was designed carefully to avoid people from knocking the bulb off, so don’t worry about that happening. Its base is made of genuine Italian Marquina or Carrara marbles that are hand-polished. Hands down, this is one of the coolest lamps ever. This awesome invention is not magic, just science.

#1. Nybble

Robotics has improved greatly over the last few decades, and some robots look so close to humans that they’re actually terrifying. But that’s not Nybble‘s case. Nybble is an adorable, small cat-shaped robot that behaves just like any other cat, but without needing to be fed or cleaned up.

Photo: Courtesy of Hackster.io

Nybble sits, walks, stands on its hind limbs, and can even learn tricks if you teach it. It is designed to teach kids about robotics while at the same time they can have some fun playing with it. With Nybble, you can learn the basics of assembling, programming, and even hacking robots. But the best part is just how awesome it looks.

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