Women Share All The Things They Do That Men Never Think About

There’s no denying: women and men are different, no matter how much we try to think otherwise. The fact that we’re built a bit different is proof we don’t function exactly the same way. When we spotted a thread posted by Reddit user _Harderer in AsK Reddit, we just had to see what stories women shared with the public.
“What do women do, that men would never think about?” – some of the answers were quite funny, and others should make everyone reconsider the world around us…

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20. Shaving Your Toes

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“I figured after 15 years together my husband knew this, but he was in the bathroom when I was showering the other day and I leaned down to shave my legs and ran the razor over my big toes, too, for good measure and he just exclaimed ‘you shave your toes?!?’
I like that he had accepted I shave my legs and armpits, but apparently just assumed all the other places he has hair I magically don’t it was somehow without action on my part…” – Reddit user charliesusie
Unfortunately, hair also grows on women’s toes. Women with PCOS tend to grow a lot more hair in the worst places – face, chest… There’s a lot of plucking involved around three times a week!

19. It Takes Time to Use Those Products

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“A lot of things related to grooming. The extent to which many of us deal with body hair, rough skin, hair- and skincare, makeup, nails, etc. Like it’s a meme that women’s bathrooms are a mess of random products, but I don’t think many men actually think about the time and effort put into actually using those products. They just take it for granted that women’s bodies are naturally smooth and soft and pretty.” – Reddit user IStoleTheSweetrolls
Men think women love using a ton of products, but not using them makes a huge difference. Say goodbye to soft skin if you want more space in the bathroom…

18. Chugging a Beer

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“I make sure to never leave a drink unattended at a bar, even if it’s a really uncrowded or laid-back seeming bar. […] I don’t think many men think about this much. Once at a bar with my boyfriend I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back, I realized he had also gone to the bathroom, and left both our drinks on the table. I had to remind him to please not do that when he’s out with me.” – Reddit user not_a_skunk
Next time don’t wonder why that woman just chugged her beer before going to the bathroom! Never leave your drink unattended if you care about your health and safety! Men don’t need to worry about this…

17. Saving Girls at the Club

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“Have each other’s backs, even if we don’t know one another.
I can’t tell you the number of times my friends and I have rescued a poor girl in a bar or club from a creeper who just didn’t understand the word “no”. All women know the “help me” eyes. Once seen, respond accordingly: usually with platonic dancing to pull her away from the creepy dude and into your larger group of people until the dude has walked away.” – Reddit user TacoTuesday4All
In this case, there’s safety in number! It’s so great to know you can count on other women to feel safe!

16. A Universe Inside the Purse

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“I’m prepared for things/have it in my purse.
Spare phone charger? FitBit charger? Ibuprofen? Naproxen? Lactase pills? Sewing kit? Tampons? Pens? Sticky notes? Battery pack? Checkbook? Stamps? Chapstick? Some days it’s just impressive and I’m like a […] Mary Poppins, y’all!” – Reddit user IAmBaconsaur
If you were wondering why we cannot easily find stuff in our purses or why they’re so heavy, then you now know all the secret objects inside them…

15. Coming With a Gift

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“For the most part, thank-you and host/hostess gifts. (I gave a thank-you present to a guy friend, and while I could tell he appreciated it, he looked at me like I had just stepped off a spaceship.) Guys just aren’t socialized or expected to give those kinda gifts.” – Reddit user coffeeblossom
Most of the times, when visiting, women bring small appreciation gifts to the host. Be it cookies, a bottle of soda or wine, women are accustomed to do it, whereas men usually forget about this and don’t expect to receive such gifts as a host.

14. Is He Nice or Too Nice?

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“Having to gauge creepiness vs sweet-old-man-ness when interacting with older gentleman. Very important when with older men of power whether at work or at your place of worship. Unfortunate interactions in both places for me. I default into believing they’re just overly affectionate sweet old men. Not always the case. :(“ – Reddit user sparrowbandit
Women are taught to be nice with people, but most of the times it’s tough to discern between being nice and creepy nice…

13. Finding the Perfect Approach

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“Delicate expression of concerns/ideas in the workplace to fit the office “politics” and avoid being labeled as a […] bossy busybody and definite alienation, followed by a million “sorry’s” despite having done nothing wrong and just having an opinion.” – Reddit user donotpanic420
Labeling people is wrong, and no matter their genre, we should let them express their opinions and not take it all personal. Some people just don’t understand expressing an opinion is not the equivalent of being bossy.

12. Planning Everything Around Your Period

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“Factoring in my period when planning events, e.g. wedding day, camping trips, kayaking adventures, etc.” – Reddit user marrbl
“Mine seems to manage to appear on Christmas, my anniversary, my birthday and any holidays we take no matter how I plan. – Reddit user AJ-in-Canada
Most of the time, periods don’t care about our plans, and as Reddit user AJ-in-Canada replied, mother nature kicks you in the ovaries at the worst times…

11. The Deadly Sneeze

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“Panic when they sneeze during their period.” – Reddit user max_and_friends
“God this is the worst. I don’t hide it well anymore. My husband knows the look on my face.” – Reddit user celica18l
Talking about periods, sneezing and coughing is definitely not something you want to go through while menstruating. Reddit user celica18l is really bad at hiding her reaction after sneezing!

10. Shaving Is a Nightmare

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“Seriously! Planning my outfits around how annoyed I am about having to shave.” – Reddit user SammyDBella
You want to be pretty and wear a dress, but there’s no time shaving. Say goodbye to that dress and just go for a pair of jeans. Meanwhile, guys just throw a t-shirt and some pants on them and they’re ready to go out, complaining we haven’t yet decided what to wear.

9. Washing Your Hair

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“Planning out which days to wash my hair so it aligns with my schedule.” – Reddit user oshlin
This could also work for guys that leave their hair long. If you have a hair prone to get all frizzy, then it’s twice as annoying!

8. Who Does This?

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“Being told how you’re so small and delicate that he could just ‘break you in half’. […] Um, go away. I’m assuming men don’t do that to other men.” – Reddit user OraDr8
We don’t know who Reddit user OraDr8 hangs out, but people bragging they could snap you in half are a bit creepy.

7. Stocking Up on Toilet Paper

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“Right before our wedding my now husband and I were shopping and he went to get toilet paper. He came back with a four pack. I asked him why he only got four. He didn’t quite hear the word ‘only’ and answered “for the future.” Four to him was stocking up.” – Reddit user russian_banya
While most men don’t use toilet paper after they pee, they forget women need to wipe. And not to mention using a ton of paper to wipe during periods. Four rolls of paper is like four to five days of period for women! That’s not stocking up!

6. Nipple Questions

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“I doubt very seriously my husband has or ever will google whether or not his nipples will ever go back to the color they were before two kids.” – Reddit user grlonfire93
We must agree we’ve googled a lot of weird stuff, but men had never googled questions about nipple color…

5. Keeping a Low Profile

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“How to seem aloof enough to not attract unwanted attention, but not too angry looking, to attract a bad person looking for a reason to harass a woman.” – Reddit user IrritatedAlpaca
It’s a tough task to find the right balance between being joyful and serious without seeming like you’re angry…

4. Am I Pregnant?

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“Worry about being pregnant even if you didn’t have sex that month.” – Reddit user BenWyatt101
Feeling sick? Period got delayed? How could you be pregnant if you didn’t have sex in a month? A lot of women are worried about being pregnant.

3. Paranoid Much?

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“Actively worry about cameras planted in our public bathrooms and hotel rooms.” – Reddit user Confetticandi
If you’re paranoid about people watching you, then you must rest assured. There are a lot of crazy people out there actually planting cameras in such places, so you’re not paranoid, you’re just extra careful.

2. They Clean Themselves Ever Day

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“According to my husband – Clean the countertops and dining table when you do the dishes. Blows his mind.” – Reddit user BryClayGrady
She should have told him that the countertops and dining table clean themselves every day. That would have been mindblowing…

1. Safely Home

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“Spend a decent amount of the money on Uber/Lyft in an attempt to get home safely as opposed to taking public transportation.” – Reddit user W0rstbestfriend
It’s wrong to be afraid to use public transportation because of so many creeps wandering the cities. It’s so disturbing women cannot feel safe outside during night while going to the corner shop or just come home using public transportation.

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