30 Celebrities Who Totally Rocked Silver Hair

There was a time when going grey was one of people’s greatest fears, but nowadays, some of our favorite celebrities are getting grey hair on purpose – and rocking it! In recent years, silver hair has become one of the hottest hair trends around, and although it is a pretty bold move, most people look amazing with it. Today, we’ll look at 30 celebs that look absolutely incredible with silver hair. Let’s go!

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#30. Dilone

It is no wonder that the American model, Dilone, has made it to the top 50 models in the world because she has the attitude, the looks, and the style to back it up. Although she started modeling when she was 18, she didn’t get recognition until she was featured in Marc Jacobs‘ fall 2016 show.

Photo: Courtesy of Marie Claire

Ever since then, she has been serving lots of iconic looks, one of them being this gorgeous silver buzz cut. After having long, brown curls for years, Dilone decided to chop them off and get her hair bleached and oh my! She looks flawless, doesn’t she?

#29. Ciara

Musician Ciara is not only known for her cool dance moves and her catchy music, but also because of her good looks. The Texas native began her career in 2004 and has had many successful singles climbing up the charts. However, she had black/brown hair for most of her career, until she decided to go for a big change.

Photo: Courtesy of Marie Claire

We all know that the Met Gala is the perfect opportunity for celebrities to try the craziest, most extra looks they can think of, so it is no surprise that Ciara decided to drastically change her looks in 2016. She showed up to the gala with short, shiny silver hair, and nobody could keep their eyes off of her.

#28. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian loves being the center of attention, and she does not leave the house without a full face of makeup and the latest designer pieces she has acquired. Over the years, her looks have changed a lot, yet she has always maintained her signature long, black hair until she decided to switch to platinum blonde.

Photo: Courtesy of Marie Claire

Initially, people were shocked by the change, as she had been a brunette all her life, but we all quickly fell in love with it. The look turned out incredibly beautiful, but unfortunately, she went back to dark hair a short time later. Apparently, it was too much work to maintain it.

#27. Winnie Harlow

Winnie Harlow inspired thousands of people who have a skin condition known as vitiligo, which causes a lack of melanin in certain parts of the skin. Winnie went from being bullied for her condition, to becoming one of the busiest supermodels in the whole world.

Photo: Courtesy of Marie Claire

The gorgeous young model can’t do no wrong when it comes to her looks, and although she usually rocks long, straight, brown hair, silver hair really suits her. We can safely say she slayed it on this red carpet when she showed up with luscious, shiny silver hair pulled back.

#26. Eve

Yes, we are aware that Eve‘s hair isn’t fully grey, but she still deserves a spot on this list because her grey highlights give her gorgeous hair the perfect amount of shine. Small hints of grey flow through her half-up, half-down hairdo, making her look 20 at her 40 years of age.

Photo: Courtesy of Marie Claire

It’s extremely hard to believe that Eve has been in the rap game since 1998 because she hasn’t aged a day. If anything, she looks younger than before. She has been laying low in recent years and hasn’t released anything since 2014. In 2018, however, she announced she was working on new music.

#25. Nafessa Williams

Nafessa Williams had her breakout role in 2011 as Nicole Gordon in the Meek Mill movie Streets and has since appeared in soap operas like One Life to Live, and drama series such as Code Black and Black Lightning.

Photo: Courtesy of Marie Claire

When Nafessa showed up to the pre-Sag Awards party last year, she shocked everyone with a drastic change of looks: she was rocking short, glossy silver hair, and we are all obsessed with it, especially because it has some blue tones to it. We hope she’s gonna keep it for a while because it’s flawless.

#24. Hilary Duff

Ex-Disney Channel star Hilary Duff made a triumphant comeback a few years ago after being out of the spotlight for a few years. After leaving Disney, she pursued a career both in music and in acting, until she decided to focus on raising her son and spending time with her family.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

But when she came back into the game, she did so with this incredible dark-grey hairstyle that certainly turned heads. The color had hints of green, and the look gradually evolved into green-blue hair after a few months. Although she looks great in her signature blond hair, we are loving this look too.

#23. Iskra Lawerence

British model Iskra Lawrence started out as a competitive swimmer, who later dove into modeling, but it wasn’t easy for her to get recognition. She had been modeling for a whopping 13 years when she got a spot at New York Fashion Week in 2016, and that’s when she became a highly-requested model in the industry.

Photo: Courtesy of Marie Claire

Iskra always kept her natural long, blond hair until she decided to follow the growing trend and go grey, and we can all safely say she made the right choice. Her long, silky waves look effortlessly gorgeous and the color definitely suits her.

#22. Amandla Stenberg

You might know the gorgeous Amandla Stenberg as Rue from The Hunger Games, or from her most recent work in The Hate U Give. The gorgeous singer and actress grew up before our eyes and has gotten more and more beautiful with every passing day

Photo: Courtesy of Marie Claire

She has always embraced her natural hair, but recently, she decided to put a twist to it. Amandla dyed her gorgeous hair silver and with it, she proved that the metallic look goes with any textured style. Probably any color would look good on her, but this one is particularly perfect for her.

#21. Cardi B

Although Cardi B has been around for several years, she didn’t get recognition until the release of her massively successful single Bodak Yellow in 2017. Before that, she was part of the reality show Love & Hip Hop and had quite a following on Instagram. There, she always showed her bold looks and styles, which she keeps on doing to this day.

Photo: Courtesy of Marie Claire

Cardi has basically had her hair on every color visible to the human eye, but silver hair just looks perfect on her. Although she usually goes for black, blond, and red wigs, this straight, long, grey one fits her like a glove. She should definitely bring this look back.

#20. Cara Delevigne

Cara Delevigne quickly became one of the highest-paid models on planet Earth, thanks to her incredibly breathtaking looks, her iconic eyebrows, deep blue eyes, and of course, her blond hair. However, she is not only known for her looks, as she has also starred in several movies and even released a few songs. Is there anything she can’t do?

Photo: Courtesy of Marie Claire

The multi-talented model decided to chop off her long, blond hair and dyed it silver platinum for Paris Fashion Week. Paired with some frosty highlight and black-and-white clothes, she stole the spotlight from everyone else.

#19. Vanessa Hudgens

Our second ex-Disney Channel act on the list, Vanessa Hudgens, made waves on Instagram when she revealed this flawless silver hair look earlier this year. Although she hasn’t been in the spotlight much recently, she is a social media influencer, and she takes some of the best selfies in all of Hollywood.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram

The singer and actress, however, is wearing a wig on the picture – and a gorgeous one at that. Bleaching your hair is a big commitment so it can be a difficult step to take for some people, but this one looks sooo good on her that hopefully, she will decide to dye her hair this color and take our breath away once more.

#18. Kelis

Kellis debuted in the music industry in 1998, and although her first albums did fairly well, she didn’t achieve mainstream success until 2003, when she released her hit single Milkshake. After that, she started traveling around the world and found most of her success in Europe.

Photo: Courtesy of Marie Claire

Even though she has been making music for over 20 years, she looks younger than ever. She decided to make a bold move and dye her hair silver, and also cut it into a sort of mullet. Her gorgeous curly hair surely brings all the boys to her yard.

#17. Pink

Not only has Pink left her mark in the music industry, but also she always had crazy hair colors while doing it. During the first years of her career, she notably had bright pink hair (ironically?) and later dyed it bright red. For some time, she stuck with blond hair, but it seems that she couldn’t resist having natural hair for much longer.

Photo: Courtesy of Marie Claire

Recently, she dyed her hair silver, infused with some blue and violet tones and honestly, it couldn’t look prettier. Every color in the rainbow looks awesome on this woman, but this one just suits her specially, don’t you think?

#16. Rihanna

As one of the most famous pop stars in the world, Rihanna has broken countless records, but that’s not all she’s done in her career. She is also a designer and has her own makeup line, Fenty, which has been extremely successful. That is because Riri has a great sense of style.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Not only does she know tons about beauty and fashion, but also anything she wears looks good on her, and so does pretty much any hair color. Just look at her rocking long, straight, silver hair! Although she didn’t keep this style for long, her fans (and us, of course) instantly fell in love with it.

#15. Ellie Goulding

British singer Ellie Goulding released her debut album, Lights, in her home country in 2010, and the album was extremely popular there. Having gathered a strong fan base in the UK, Ellie collaborated with Zedd in his hit song Clarity in 2012, and this allowed her to enter the American market.

Photo: Courtesy of Marie Claire

Since then, Goulding has been a recognizable face in the pop industry, and we all know her as a beautiful blonde. However, she decided to spice it up a little by dying her roots silver while still keeping some yellow tones in the length of her hair. Maybe she’s not ready yet to go full silver, but she definitely should.

#14. Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne entered the reality show world thanks to her famous father, Ozzy Osbourne, and the whole family quickly became household names after their reality show, The Osbournes, came out on MTV in 2002. Back then, Kelly wore heavy eye makeup and had a goth/punk style.

Photo: Courtesy of Marie Claire

A few years after the show ended, Kelly had her glow up and shocked the world with her new polished, elegant style. With it, came her signature silver-lavender locks, that make her look like a princess. Now, she dedicates most of her time to style and fashion.

#13. Zosia Mamet

Actress and singer Zosia Mamet has had so many changes done to her style that it is hard to recognize her afterward. You probably know her from famous TV shows such as United States of Tara, Parenthood, and Mad Men, and most notably, from her role as Shoshana on HBO’s Girls.

Photo: Courtesy of Marie Claire

She has had totally different looks on every show she’s been, and she’s gone from bright, blond hair, to dark brown, to even orange. But this dark, antique-grey style really caught our eye. Now, she has grown back her blond hair, but we wouldn’t be against having this iconic look back once again.

#12. Jourdan Dunn

British model Jourdan Dunn began her modeling career in 2006 and quickly started getting gigs. She walker her first international runway in 2007, and slowly started gaining recognition. After many years of success, she was named an icon by models.com in 2014, and is considered part of this generation’s supermodel elite.

Photo: Courtesy of Marie Claire

Of course, with a track record like that, it is no surprise that this girl can rock literally any style and look a million times better than any of us mortals. Everyone gasped when Jourdan arrived at the Met Gala with this gorgeous silver gradient bob and metallic, beaded dress. An icon indeed.

#11. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is a lady who needs no introduction. The Oscar-winning actress is a natural blonde, yet she had to dye her hair dark brown for The Hunger Games, which is the film franchise that skyrocketed to fame. However, whenever she wasn’t working on the movies, she was back in her blond ways.

Photo: Courtesy of Marie Claire

In the last couple of years, J-Law has been getting blonder and blonder, and she basically made it silver/white at one point. We gotta say, that color looks incredible on her, and reminds us of a modern-day Marilyn Monroe.

#10. Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie went from being a spoiled, rich girl, to being a fashion icon in the blink of an eye. She started out as Paris Hilton‘s best friend, and the two got into all sorts of drama and had their own reality show, The Simple Life, where they tried to live like “normal people”.

Photo: Courtesy of Marie Claire

But Nicole left those days behind her, and became a fashion designer and started a family. At one point, she went for the whitest white possible for her hair, channeling her inner Cruella De Vil, and we’re obsessed with it. Sadly, she didn’t keep this look for long, as it was probably very high maintenance.

#9. Dascha Polanco

The gorgeous Dascha Polanco is best known for playing Daya in Netflix‘s hit series Orange Is the New Black. On the show, we’re used to seeing Dascha in her prison outfit, no makeup, and messy hair, but in real life, she knows how to put together a look for sure.

Photo: Courtesy of Marie Claire

While on break from filming the show, Polanco traded her brown hair for a long, silver gradient look that turned heads. Unfortunately, she couldn’t keep it long because she had to get back to filming the show. Now that the show is over, maybe she will go for another bold look soon.

#8. Aubrey O’ Day

Aubrey O’ Day rose to fame as part of the girl group Danity Kane, famously put together by P. Diddy himself. The group enjoyed a few years of success until Diddy fired Aubrey from the group in 2008. She then focused on her solo career as an actress, singer and model.

Photo: Courtesy of MTV

Her looks have changed drastically over the years, which has gotten her a lot of attention, and she was even on the cover of Playboy Magazine. A couple of years ago, O’ Day rocked this chic gray gradient at an event, coupled with a sexy plunge dress, and she definitely stole the show.

#7. Rita Ora

Also competing for the best Cruella De Vil impersonator award is singer Rita Ora. Born in Kosovo, she left her home country at a young age and moved to England, where she lived most of her life. She slowly started to build her career, until she released her first single in 2012, How We Do, which reached number 1 in the UK.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

She later became popular in the US and collaborated with many artists like Iggy Azalea. Over the years, she changed her style many times, rocking blond hair most of the time. However, everyone was pleasantly surprised when she dyed her hair silver because she looked absolutely fabulous.

#6. Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is one of the rising stars of her generation. At just 17, she already has a large following and several hit singles such as Bad Guy, Bury a Friend, and When the Party’s Over. In fact, she is the first artist born in the 2000s to have a number 1 album in the United States.

Photo: Courtesy of Pikdo

When she started her career, she had long, blond hair, but quickly changed to black hair and a darker style of clothing as part of her aesthetic. Nowadays, she has gorgeous, grey-lavender hair, which in our opinion, suits her the best.

#5. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has been through so many changes that we just can’t keep up with them. Ironically, it is thanks to Keeping Up with the Kardashians, her family’s reality show, that she rose to fame, but her makeup and beauty line is what really helped build her own career separate from her family.

Photo: Courtesy of E! News

Along the way, she changed her hair color multiple times, got lip injections, among other things, and oh, became a billionaire. At one point, she had this gorgeous silver-green hair that became truly iconic. She still wears silver wigs from time to time, probably because the color suits her so well.

#4. Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis started out as Hollywood’s favorite scream queen, appearing in numerous horror films, the most famous one being John Carpenter‘s Halloween. She later expanded to other genres and solidified herself as one of the most famous actresses in the industry. She is also the only woman on our list with natural silver hair!

Photo: Courtesy of People

Jamie has embraced her grey hair ever since it started growing out this way, and has inspired many other women to do the same. She looks absolutely gorgeous with this color and length, and she is perfectly comfortable with her age and in her own skin. We are all hoping to age as well as her.

#3. Raven Symone

Raven Symone started out as an actress when she was just a little girl in The Cosby Show, but didn’t have her breakout role until she was well into her teenage years. She got her own Disney Channel show, That’s So Raven, which became a roaring success and allowed her to also pursue a music career.

Photo: Courtesy of Teen Vogue

She was out of the spotlight for a few years, until she became part of the famous talk show The View. Ever since she became a part of the show, she has served us numerous gorgeous looks, one of them being this beautiful silver bob, which she kept for a long time. Absolutely lovely!

#2. Lady Gaga

Everyone’s jaws dropped violently to the ground when Lady Gaga showed up to the Grammys in this elegant, clean, yet sexy look, so far removed from her usual style. Her gorgeous dress and makeup were, of course, great, but it was her hair that made people fall in love with her all over again.

Photo: Courtesy of Marie Claire

Gaga rose to fame thanks to her catchy songs and her extravagant looks, such as her legendary meat dress that she wore for the MTV VMAs. However, around 2013, she started to tone down her style, while still maintaining her essence, and this silver look was the first step into her transition.

#1. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande started singing at a very young age and even performed on Broadway before landing a role on Nickelodeon‘s Victorious. After the show ended, she began her music career and quickly became one of the most famous pop stars of her generation.

Photo: Courtesy of Marie Claire

Ariana shocked the world in 2015 when she traded her usual brown hair for this bold, silver hair for the release of her hit song Focus. Of course, she didn’t leave her iconic ponytail behind – and we wouldn’t expect her to- and instead just changed the color. This small change was enough to drive her fans crazy in the best way possible. Unfortunately, she didn’t keep this style for long, but it was surely one of her most iconic looks.

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