Horrifyingly Adorable Halloween Costumes For Pets

Cuteness overload alert! Halloween is getting close, and if you’re a cat or a dog owner, then you’re probably wondering how you can dress them up for this special event. They are part of the family, so everybody is getting a costume. Some pets even enjoy wearing costumes if they’re comfortable enough.
If your dog or cat is willing to put up with your Halloween-y mood, then here are some incredibly amazing ideas for this Halloween. You’ll see many of the following costumes are very easy to pull off, and they all are safe and comfortable for your pets – which is what matters the most!

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20. Oscar the Grouch

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There are natural food coloring products you can use to die your pet’s hair, but if you want something that comes off quickly, there are also food coloring gels for temporary color. You can also try some faux fur to add instead of coloring the hair. Nonetheless, these Oscar the Grouch costumes are on point!\

19. Plumm, The Wicked Witch

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If your dog wants to be a witch for Halloween, then you cannot deny them the pleasure! Plumm here is trying to be the ugliest witch ever, but we think he’s beyond adorable.

18. Is That a Horse Seal?

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A horse mask on any kind of animal species is fun to see, but on a seal, things get a lot funnier! The caretakers couldn’t stop laughing!

17. The Most Adorable Count Ever

Photo courtesy of animalchannel.co

Count Hedgehog is here to feast on your blood! He’s so adorable in this costume we cannot stop saying ‘awwww’!

16. Tottsie is a Wrecking Ball

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There’s nothing like a good throwback when you dress your pooch up like a wrecking ball and add a Barbie on top to reenact Miley Cyrus’ controversial video…

15. Cop and Robber Couple

Photo courtesy of animalchannel.co

If you have two pooches, you may very well dress them up as a pair. This cop and robber pair is extremely adorable. We love their shades!

14. The Bros

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

It’s so cute to see a pair of huskies all dressed up like the famous video game brothers. Luigi doesn’t look too happy about it. He probably wanted to be Mario…

13. The… Dragon Dragon

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

If you own a bearded dragon, you might as well cut out some wings to really transform him into a dragon! The cute part is he’s cuddling a small pumpkin!

12. Cat’s Breaking Bad

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

This is the cutest Walter from Breaking Bad we’ve ever seen! Well, except the cat looks a bit pissed… He might not like the new beard.

11. The Real Nyan Cat

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

You don’t need much effort to pull this costume if you have a lazy cat that sleeps all day. You just decorate a piece of blanket, add the rainbow, and TA-DAA! You have a Pop-Tart Nyan Cat of your own! Add the song in the background, and you will rule Halloween… if you celebrate it at home.

10. The Gentle-Crab

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

We don’t know who owns a crab as a pet, but this gentle-crab looks so fancy with his top hat and tiny stick. All he needs is a small monocle!

9. Undercover Cats

Photo courtesy of flickr.com

It is so fun to see cats dressed in onesies, but these two are so not happy about being a cow and a bumblebee!

8. The Cute Cereberus

Photo courtesy of lifesprinkles.com

If your pup is adorable, why not make him look fearsome by transforming him into a Cerberus for Halloween. We hope he won’t get scared by the extra heads, though…

7. Delivery Pooch

Photo courtesy of boingboing.net

Having a dog in your family is a gift of its own, but dressing your pup into this costume is so fun. It really looks like there are two dogs carrying a present!

6. The Terrifying New Dog Species

Photo courtesy of animalchannel.co

The most poisonous dog around is the scorpidog, a new dog species that will infect you with love and cuteness.

5. Lion King

Photo courtesy of animalchannel.co

Add a furry hat around your cat’s head and see him transformed into the king of the jungle! Well, he’s more likely to be the king of the block during Halloween, but it’s an achievement nonetheless.

4. An Extra Dose of Pumpkin Spice

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

Pumpkins, lattes, and doggos are a great mix when it comes to carrying around your fluffy pooch. This lady created a huge Starbucks cup and turned her doggo into a pumpkin spice late! He’s super foamy!

3. The Race Cat

Photo courtesy of animalchannel.co

Admit it, when your cat has the zoomies, and she’s running around the house for no apparent reason, you wish you had a small rider saddled up on her back just for the fun of it…

2. The Bee-aver?

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

This Halloween costume for a beaver is a funny pun. He’s a worker bee-aver, the cutest we have ever seen!

1. Ready for a Dive

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

This pup is ready to explore the underwater world and finally meet the sea puppy – the seal. Hopefully, he won’t come across the horse seal and get too scared!

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