Here Are 30 Major-League Instagrammers You Should Be Following

If you still believe that Instagram is just a social network, you need to refresh your feed. Instagram has become a thriving channel for influencer marketing and the app has reached 1 billion active users in 2019. Keep reading to find some of the major-league Instagram influencers that you should definitely be following

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#30. Luca Whitaker – @ITSLUCAWHITAKER

This 17-year-old Youtube Star has over 219k followers on Instagram. She became known for her YouTube Channel where she posts fashion and lifestyle videos on a weekly basis. Over 270,000 YouTube users watch her beauty routine tips and fashion haul videos.

Photo: Courtesy of @itslucawhitaker

Luca Whitaker also has a second channel on YouTube called Luca’s Life in which she posts more laidback vlogs about her normal life and travels. This channel counts with 276,000 subscribers! Even her dad appeared in one of her videos in the episode titled Dad Does My Makeup Voiceover!

#29. Olivia Rink – @OLIVIARINK

Olivia Rink is a 27-year-old American blogger who has over 260k Instagram followers. Back in 2014, she began writing about personal stories and experiences together with seasonal style and fashion recommendations, and her fame began to rocket ever since.

Photo: Courtesy of @oliviarink

You see, the blogger is very petite, she’s only 4 feet 11 inches, so it was difficult for her to find clothes. Such a challenge was the driving factor behind posting about petite-friendly brands. Rink’s inspiration is being a positive role model for girls and young women everywhere.

#28. Elise Sterck – @ROUNDTHEWORLDGIRL

This lifestyle and adventure travel photographer is followed by 283k Instagram users. Originally from Jackson, Wyoming, Elise Sterck is skilled in a number of backcountry sports and this is the reason why she can reach remote, untouched locations unthinkable to others.

Photo: Courtesy of @roundtheworldgirl

Sterck is able to capture unique moments from the wild to portray the connection between humans and the natural world. Alongside with her Instagram account, she has a self-titled website where you can find a portfolio of her remarkable and even daring images. Check this other adventurous Instagrammer in #18!

#27. Cohl – @COHLSWORLD

The 7-time national cheerleading champion has amassed 378k followers on Instagram. It was summer 2016 when Cohl started on Instagram with a short tumbling video. He has an incredible talent and his affinity and grace for cheerleading are especially notable because of his gender.

Photo: Courtesy of @cohlsworld

Most of the videos Cohl shares revolve around his outstanding, well-done, even artistic, makeup styles and gymnastics skills. What’s more, his YouTube channel has also gained some popularity having more than 60,000 subscribers. Do you like crazy art makeup? Check #25!


Sina is a mom blogger with over 435k followers on Instagram. This Canadian woman is also the mastermind behind Happy Grey Lucky, her personal blog. She is known for sharing her fondness for monochromatic, Scandinavian design. This momma of two loves simplicity and minimalism.

Photo: Courtesy of @happygreylucky

Sina also has a YouTube account, but Instagram is the place where she shines the most. Her posts include cute, family-focused tutorials, tips, and stories. Believe it or not, she has confessed to having an unhealthy obsession with, coffee, IKEA, and all things that are grey.

#25. Gabrielle Alexis – @GABXXRIELLE

With 597k Instagram followers, this makeup artist chooses her own skin as her canvas to create one-of-a-kind looks. Some may find it challenging to do their makeup on themselves, but Gabrielle replicates the drawing on her arms as if she were doing so on her eyelids.

Photo: Courtesy of @gabxxrielle

Alexis has been drawing realistic eye makeup looks right on her arm over and ever since she was 13. It was her three-dimensional makeup art that caused her to gain plenty of attention on Instagram. The way she puts her makeup on is both gifted and visionary.

#24. Sammy Robinson – @SAMMYROBINSON

This Australian beauty guru has over 621k followers on Instagram. On her self-titled YouTube channel, she shares makeup and hair tutorials. She started on YouTube back in 2015 and now she has accumulated more than 700,000 subscribers.

Photo: Courtesy of @sammyrobinson

It was her Gigi Hadid VMA’s Makeup Look tutorial which made her popular for it received nearly one million views. Robinson also shares her travel stories on her channel, among many other things. She believes that her authenticity is the key to her popularity, and so do we!

#23. Kevon Fredericks – @KEVONSTAGE

This actor and entertainer has amassed 805k Instagram followers. Kevon Fredericks, aka KevOnStage, is known for being a popular content creator, collaborator, comedian, director, and filmmaker. He has a critical role in The Playmakers, an entertainment company where he works together with his brother and best friend.

Photo: Courtesy of @kevonstage

Apart from posting comedy acts and humorous posts, he has written several shows such as Awesomeness TV and Major Deal. Kevon’s YouTube channel has 537,000 subscribers tuning in each week and it’s as popular as his Instagram account.

#22. Ghetto Spider – @GHETTO.SPIDER

With 1 million Instagram followers, he is the unknown social media dancing star. Who’s the mysterious man behind that ghetto spider’s mask? Who knows! What we do know is that we’ve all lolled at his videos where he dances in public while dressed head-to-toe like Spiderman.

Photo: Courtesy of @ghetto.spider

These random moments are posted on his Instagram and YouTube accounts. His dance to the Aha’s song Take On Me generated over 1 million views, pleasing his 200,000 subscribers on the YouTube platform. We all hope he can show his face to his fans in the near future!

#21. Matt King – @MATTRKING

This former Vine viral comedian has 1.2 million Instagram followers. Matt King’s social media journey dates back to 2013, then he branched out into Instagram and Twitter, where he has more than 350,000 followers. His Vine post Love On Top was the first one to become viral.

Photo: Courtesy of @mattrking

King’s vine had over 54 million loops, over 980,000 likes, and more than 730,000 revines. His YouTube channel was launched later, and which currently has 187,000 subscribers and over 742,000 views. Recently, this comedian has focused his attention on his Instagram posts.

#20. Carrington Durham – @CARRINGTONDURHAM

With 1.2 million followers on Instagram, this American star became famous after appearing on a 2012 talk-show, Teens Wanna Know. Durham went on with her acting career as Sara in 90210 and she also played an important role in the short film named  10 Seconds.

Photo: Courtesy of @carringtondurham

Durham is currently playing the lead role in Angels from Hell, a CBS’s mini-series. Her YouTube channel with 400,000 subscribers centers around makeup, fashion, and comedy videos, whereas her Instagram mainly portrays photogenic selfies in different striking locations.

#19. Ling K Tang – @LING.KT

This makeup and fashion blogger has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Ling.kt’s simple but helpful tutorials caused her to take a huge leap in her Instagram account. It could be said that her appearance in the social media scene is quite recent, for her YouTube channel only dates back to 2016.

Photo: Courtesy of @ling.kt

Her 282,000 YouTube subscribers tune in her several product reviews and walkthroughs. Her popularity on Instagram was boosted when some fellow Instagrammers gave her a shoutout after going viral. This interesting phenomenon proved how online connections have a huge impact on the rise of new influencers.

#18. Talitha Girnus – @MR.POKEE

He’s the baby-faced hedgehog with 1.6 million Instagram followers. Thanks to his 26-year-old owner Talitha, the 3-year-old African Pygmy hedgehog named Mr. Pokee turned into an Instagram travel powerhouse. He’s a non-conventional pet because he’s both cute and cultured… and a hedgehog!

Photo: Courtesy of @mr.pokee

Mr. Pokee has traveled across Europe, visiting from the Eiffel Tower to endless beaches, castles and hidden gems. His social media bio, “The World’s Cutest Adventurer,” describes him perfectly. The adorable Mr. Pokee also has a YouTube channel with almost 3,000 subscribers, where you can watch some of his interesting videos.

#17. Demi Bagby – @DEMIBAGBY

With 1.8 million Instagram followers, this athlete is the source of inspiration for her followers in the pursuit of their own fitness goals. Believe it or not, Demi was once worried she would never walk again after a cheerleading accident. It was her determination that helped her thrive on this daunting setback.

Photo: Courtesy of @demibagby

Such an accident inspired Demi to pursue a career in fitness, so she became a CrossFit athlete who ranked 23rd worldwide in her age category. Now, she posts videos on her YouTube channel to encourage her almost 100,000 subscribers to continue going after their own fitness goals.

#16. Luka Sabbat – @LUKASABBAT

Luka Sabbat is a model with growing fame on Instagram, where he has over 2 million followers. In 2015, he was discovered by an agent and he started his modeling career. He’s worked with high-end brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, and Vogue ever since. He also took part in Kanye West’s presentation during New York Fashion Week.

Photo: Courtesy of @lukasabbat

Sabbat is currently working as a designer and art director and has his own collection of merchandise called Hot Mess. What’s more, he made his acting debut on the spinoff of the hit TV series Black-ish called Grown-ishThis may be the reason why he is gaining more popularity over Instagram.

#15. Summer McKeen – @SUMMERMCKEEN

The big sunset girl has 2.1 million followers on Instagram. Summer McKeen is a makeup fashion vlogger who rose to prominence after posting her first YouTube video in April of 2010. Later, she partnered with the YouTube collab channel called Style Haul.

Photo: Courtesy of @summermckeen

McKeen later went on to appear in the online series  Afterschooled. On her main YouTube channel, more than 2.3 million subscribers tune in to watch her fun, trendy and feminine vlogs. Know what the craziest part is? This American internet star is only 20 years old!

#14. Kelsey Calemine – @FATHERKELS

With 2.5 million followers on Instagram, this social media personality has model-like features which made her capture the attention of millions. Kelsey Calemine posts photos featuring her current favorite fashion and hairstyles, and fans love it.

Photo: Courtesy of @fatherkels

What helped to further boost her popularity was her shocking resemblance to both actress Lucy Hale and Kylie Jenner. The actress even posted on her Instagram to find out whether or not Kelsey was real. Well, discovering a person who looks like ​two​ celebrities combined is very uncommon!

#13. Jack Morris – @DOYOUTRAVEL

This British travel influencer shares his adventures with 4.7 million Instagram users. At the age of 22, Jack Morris dropped his full-time job to become a social media star. This adventurer began living on the road back in 2012. He delights his followers with snaps from across the globe.

Photo: Courtesy of @doyoutravel

Morris has visited countries all over the globe, such as Cambodia, India, and France. Stunning images of a wide variety of sceneries have captured not only Instagram users, but also over 84,000 subscribers on YouTube. Check this other traveler influencer in #8!

#12. Caspar Lee – @CASPAR_LEE

With 3.9 million Instagram followers, Caspar is one of the most well-liked UK YouTubers. This British-South African vlogger, entrepreneur, and actor has become a social media success while coping with a condition called Tourette’s syndrome.

Photo: Courtesy of @caspar_lee

Lee has over 7.4 million followers on his YouTube channel and he’s proven to be a web-savvy businessman. He also counts with a series of videos where he comically interviews celebrities such as One Direction’s Liam Payne, actor Zac Efron, Channing Tatum, among others.

#11. Rickey Thompson – @RICKEYTHOMPSON

Rickey is another Vine veteran who is followed by 4.8 million Instagram users. This YouTube star from North Carolina made a name for himself starring a role in a web series called Foursome. Thompson shares his rants about internet-boyfriend-stealers as well as his improvised, feel-good dance routines.

Photo: Courtesy of @rickeythompson

His YouTube channel has over one million subscribers and nearly 15 million total video views. Thompson’s videos are quite popular and extremely funny, but bear in mind they’re usually rated NSFW. You can also follow him on Twitter if you wanna read his candid remarks. He has also appeared in Aminé’s music video Reel It In

#10. Lily Maymac – @LILYMAYMAC

Lily Maymac is an Australian model and Internet personality who has over 4 million Instagram followers. She was born in Sweden and is half Filipino, which explains her unique appearance. Alongside with her modeling career, Maymac works as a Law Clerk on the side.

Photo: Courtesy of @lilymaymac

It was thanks to her makeup tutorials on YouTube that she became famous in the Internet world. Her videos racked up over one million views. Maymac even has her own line of lipstick that can be bought on her official website. Lily has collaborated with brands like Bondi Sands, Oscar Wylee, General Pants Co, and the app game Jelly Flash.

#9. Andrea Russet – @ANDREARUSSETT

With 4.4 million followers on Instagram, this die-hard Justin Bieber fan became famous with her online vlog named GETTOxFABxFOREVER. Back then she was only a teenager who wanted to win a contest to meet her idol, but even though she couldn’t make it, Russet’s video went viral.

Photo: Courtesy of

Her YouTube comedy – vlog channel currently has over 2.9 million subscribers and 240 million video views. Russet has also worked as a nighttime radio DJ, created her own clothing line and she even appeared in several movies and tv shows.

#8. Julie Sariñana – @SINCERELYJULES

This California Girl has over 5.3 million followers on Instagram. Originally from Mexico, she began sharing her Latino influence in her blog titled Sincerely Jules in 2009. Now, Julie has become a designer and she has her own online shop where she sells hand-designed t-shirts. You can also find her accessories line at Target.

Photo: Courtesy of @sincerelyjules

Julie graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California. What’s more, magazines such as Glamour, Elle, and Teen Vogue have featured Julie’s fashion tips and travel stories. She describes herself as a globe trotter, and she’s visited several countries where she explored new places and met fans.

#7. Negin Mirsalehi – @NEGIN_MIRSALEHI

With 5.6 million followers on Instagram, the Dutch blogger Negin Mirsalehi first caught the attention of Instagrammers around 2013. Later, she created her own style blog in which she promoted hair products and she even showed different hairstyles through her personal blog titled

Photo: Courtesy of @negin_mirsalehi

This explains why she moved on to launch Gisou Hair by becoming its founder. Negin has also gained recognition in Esquire in the ‘Women We Love of Instagram’ section. Mirsalehi’s YouTube channel has about 304,000 subscribers. What’s more, she made it to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

#6. Lilly Singh – @LILLY

Lilly Singh currently has 9.1 million Instagram followers. This Canadian Youtube personality is best known for her username ‘IISuperwomanII.’ In October 2010, Lily launched her own channel and her skills made her rise to stardom as a vlogger, comedian, and actress.

Photo: Courtesy of @lilly

Besides making others laugh, this Internet star has proved that she can make revenues too. Lilly was the third highest-paid YouTuber in 2016 and was first on the 2017 Forbes Top Influencers List in the entertainment category. Her YouTube channel has over 14.9 million subscribers and her videos surpass the 3-billion view mark.

#5. Nikkie De Jager – @NIKKIETUTORIALS

This native Dutch makeup artist has 12.6 million followers on Instagram. Nikkie shares her stunning talent and makeup technique on her widely known Instagram account and YouTube vlog. Watching her videos are not only educational but also hilarious, as Nikkie is very witty herself.

Photo: Courtesy of @nikkietutorials 

This pro-makeup guru’s videos yield her over one million dollars each year, according to SocialBlade. She has also gained 11.8 million subscribers to her channel and an additional 1.5 million followers on Twitter. It’s good to know which channel we can turn to learn how to contour and blend, blend, blend!

#4. James Charles – @JAMESCHARLES

This American internet star has 15.9 million followers on Instagram. James Charles Dickinson is a makeup artist, model, and influencer who recently rose to fame. Back in 2015, he made his first appearance on YouTube with a makeup-focused channel. We know deep inside that those makeup videos are meant for us, the mortals, and we can’t help but watch them over and over again!

Photo: Courtesy of @jamescharles

It was a year later when James became the first male representative of CoverGirl. He was even awarded for best beauty channel with a Steamy Award.  He took over the main social networks, having 3.28 million followers on Twitter and 15 million subscribers and 1.2 billion views on his YouTube channel.

#3. Liza Koshy – @LIZAKOSHY

Elizabeth “Liza” Shaila Koshy is followed by 17.9 million Instagram users. She began using Vine and in no time she rose to YouTube stardom. Liza has conquered YouTube and gained subscribers on the site so fast that she got 6 million in 2016 and another 6 million in 2017.

Photo: Courtesy of Variety

Liza stands out for her candid, explosive, inventive and witty humor. You can watch her doing the most random things and still lolling. Nowadays, she has 16.7 million followers on YouTube and has also made an even stronger impression on Instagram.

#2. Zach King – @ZACHKING

This very creative social media star has 21.4 million followers and he’s another one who has his roots on Vine. King is widely known for his ingenious videos editing magic tricks. He even won HP’s commercial contest in 2010, which explains the flawlessness creations he makes.

Photo: Courtesy of @zachking

So, Zach King has a long history of performing something he likes to call “digital sleight of hand.” We may know his technique’s name but it’s very unlikely we’d be able to come up with such amazing videos. His two channels in Youtube include ZachKing with 2.8 million and FinalCutKing with 1.25 million subscribers.

#1. Amanda Cerny – @AMANDACERNY

Amanda Cerny currently has 26.3 million followers on her Instagram account. This American model and actress gained popularity thanks to her Vines and comedy sketches on Youtube. She has managed to prove that she’s not just a pretty face.

Photo: Courtesy of @amandacerny

Recently, she was featured in Cardi B’s music video I Like It together with J Balvin and Bad Bunny. There, you can appreciate her dancing skills too. Cerny is not only famous on Instagram but has also amassed 2.8 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

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