Pregnant Pitbull Wouldn’t Give Birth, Until A Miracle Happened

Mariesa and Chris had always wanted to adopt a pet, until one day they gathered courage and went to a dog shelter they had seen on the Internet. They really didn’t know which dog to choose, but when they came across this pregnant pit bull, it was love at first sight. They knew taking a pregnant dog would be a risky decision as she was already past her due date, but they took her home anyway. But later that night, something beyond the ordinary happened.

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#22. Melissa And Chris

Mariesa Caliguire and Chris Hughes had always dedicated their lives to helping animals, especially those abandoned or in need. They lived in a small house on the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio, and they were famous in the neighborhood for the passion they shared for animals.

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They loved animals so much that they had ten beautiful dogs, all of whom had been rescued from shelters. But there was no such thing as too many dogs for these two lovebirds, so one day they decided to head towards a dog shelter and take in one more pooch.

#21. A Strange Coincidence

When the couple arrived at the Pibbles & More Animal Rescue, they weren’t sure which pooch to choose. However, they were surprised when they realized that nearly all the dogs were pit bulls! Why could that be?

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Mariesa was shocked, since that very same morning, she had suggested his boyfriend to adopt a pit bull, precisely. Not only was it her favorite breed, but besides, they already owned several dogs of that breed, which meant they knew exactly how to raise them.

#20. A Misunderstood Breed

Mariesa and Chris wondered why there were so many pit bulls caged in the shelter. The truth is that pit bulls have a bad reputation, as they are usually deemed as an aggressive breed. The fact that they are so muscular and sturdy, plus their large head, makes people believe that they are a potential threat.

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In fact, a few states in the US have made it illegal to own one of these dogs, and this is another reason why so many of them end up caged in shelters. But the truth is that there isn’t any legitimate scientific argument behind the presumption that pit bulls are violent, and they can turn bad just like any other dog breed.

#19. Choosing Their Pet

Mariesa and Chris knew that the pit bulls’ bad reputation was very unfair and had no logical scientific justification. In fact, they had never had any conflict with any of their pet pit bulls, not even a bite!

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Therefore, the couple decided they would give one of these dogs the home they were looking for. They had a hard time choosing only one, but they knew they had only room for one and had to stick to their agreement. They were only moments away from finding the dog that would soon change their lives forever…

#18. Love At First Sight

Looking at so many dogs’ pleading faces just broke their hearts, and picking one seemed like an impossible task. However, after wandering through the shelter for nearly half an hour, they came across an adorable pooch which they fell instantly love with.

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When they got nearer, they realized the dog was very, very pregnant. Her belly was very swollen and it seemed like she would be a mother in a matter of days. But they found this pooch irresistible, not only because of her adorable face but because she wouldn’t stop licking their hands.

#17. She’s The One

Chris and Mariesa didn’t know what to do. The dog was practically begging them to take her home, but what they do with the pregnancy? How would they manage to find those dogs a home of their own? One thing was for sure, and it was that they couldn’t afford to keep the whole litter.

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The couple was so touched by the pregnant pooch that instead of being rational, they decided to follow their guts and give her a chance. They opened the cage and reached out to claim her, and the first thing she did was lick their faces. They knew they were making the right choice, but never would they have expected what was coming.

#16. A Tragic Past

As they headed towards the shelter’s reception room to sign all the papers, the volunteers told them about the pit bull’s tragic story. Apparently, the dog named Storie had belonged to a breeder. However, when her former owner realized he had no money to afford to look after the dog and her future puppies, he dropped her in the street in front of the shelter.

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Mariesa couldn’t help but cry at the thought of Storie being abandoned in the street, just when she was about to give birth to a litter of pups. They knew they had to take this dog home and give her the love and comfort she deserved. But this was not all, there was more to her shocking past!

#15. What Was Wrong?

The vet at the shelter told the couple that for some strange reason, the dog was already past her due date but would not give birth. This was especially unusual considering it wasn’t the first time that Storie gave birth.

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What is more, the pregnant pooch looked really depressed, and no one understood why. Mariesa and her boyfriend knew that if they took her in, they would have to put up with a lot. But were they willing to make such a sacrifice?

#14. The Final Word

The couple thought it through one last time, and just while they were going over the pros and cons, Storie put her head right against Mariesa’s knee, almost as if she were pleading her to take her home. That was pretty much all it took for the couple to make their final decision.

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But were they making the right choice? After all, they couldn’t ignore the fact that adopting Storie meant taking responsibility for her six future puppies. Would they find a home to all these pups? As time would tell, they weren’t fully aware of the scale of the issue they were about to face.

#13. It Did Not Look Good

Just when they were about to head back home with Storie, Chris asked the volunteers at the shelter if they could help them find a home to their dog’s future pups. They agreed and this left the couple eased since this meant there was one problem less for them to cope with.

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But one problem was left unsolved and this was Storie’s mood. As the couple headed back home with Storie in the backseat, they did some online research, hoping to find possible answers as to why she was holding off on having the pups. You know what they say, you should never fully rely on what you find on google… but the truth was that what they read was terrifying.

#12. She Went Through Stress

While they were looking for possible answers on the Internet, the couple landed on an article that seemed to explain what their new dog was going through. According to this expert, animals usually go through a great deal of stress when they’re sent to a rescue center. But this was not all!

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On top of that, the risk suffering from stress is way higher if the dog is pregnant. Of course, the couple never doubted that Storie had been treated well in the shelter, but maybe the dog had felt confused when she was first taken there. Besides, the dogs at the shelter spent most of their days caged, so maybe she never understood what was going on during the time she was there.

#11. Her Life Was At Stake

Mariesa and Chris did some more research, and they learned that holding off from having the pups could pose a great threat to Storie. If she didn’t have them soon, not only could she lose every single one of her pups but her health could also be at stake.

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The couple read a couple more articles, and all of them confirmed the fact that pregnant dogs who put up with stress and trauma tend to worry for their pups and refuse to give birth. They realized they needed to take their dog to a vet, and fast.

#10. The Ultrasound

The couple rushed towards the vet where they always went to, right near the city enter. The vet was surprised at how large her belly was and went on to carry out the necessary checkups. When the vet started the ultrasound, she was bewildered at what she saw on the screen.

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The vet told the anxious couple that there was something unexpected inside Storie’s womb. Everyone had always thought that she was expecting six babies, but the outlines on the screen proved otherwise. What was going on?

#9. A Shocking Surprise

The vet counted one more time, and confirmed the couple that Storie was not pregnant with six babies, but with 12! She realized it was going to be a complicated pregnancy, so the couple had to be told exactly how to proceed.

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But the vet tried to keep the couple calm and look at the glass half full: the ultrasounds showed that the puppies were alive and healthy. She told them to take Storie to their home as soon as possible, and that if she didn’t have the babies within the next 48 hours, they had to bring her back for further checkups.

#8. She Came Up With An Idea

The couple didn’t quite know how they felt. Their excitement at the thought of adding a new member to their family was shadowed by their worry at the possibility of Storie losing all her puppies. What would happen during the next 48 hours? What if Storie still refused to give birth to her dozen pups?

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The vet had given them a few safety tips written down on a piece of paper, and they were reading them over as they drove home. They were wondering what they could do to help their dog and ease her stress when Mariesa came up with a shrewd idea.

#7. A Warm Welcome

The couple knew that Storie was going through a tough moment, so they figured the least they could do was create the most welcoming and comforting environment possible for her to feel at home. Mariesa made space for her in the bedroom adjacent to their’s, and then set up pillows, blankets, and all the cushions they had.

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As Mariesa made all the arrangements, she asked Chris if he could drive to a vet shop and buy Storie some toys. They really went to great lengths for her to feel like home and feel safer, but little did they know what was about to happen.

#6. A Miracle Happened

The following day, as soon as the couple woke up, they went to Storie’s room to check up on her, hoping she would be feeling more comfortable. But what they saw left them awestruck.

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Believe it or not, when they went inside the room, Storie was nursing 12 adorable puppies! Against all odds, she had given birth to the litter of pups during nighttime. Now, the couple understood why the dog had waited for such a long time.

#5. A True Miracle

It happens to be that when dogs live in a shelter – especially if they’re caged – it’s usually stressful both for the mother and the puppies. Apparently, Storie had realized that her former provisional home wasn’t the best environment to give birth and for her babies to grow up in.

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In other words, it seems that the pooch had been waiting for someone to adopt her as if she knew that a new home was on its way. It took less than 12 hours for the pooch to grow fond of her new house and to bring her adorable pups to the world, and that was a true miracle

#4. Their First Steps

One week later, the dogs’ eyes began to open for the first time, and Mariesa and Chris could not hold their excitement. These dozen little creatures were just too cute to be true! What is more, Storie’s mood changed sharply, as now she seemed joyful.

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After the second week passed, the little doggos began to walk around the room, and seeing them trip over each other was just heart-breaking. But the couple never lost sight that there was one problem that still had to be addressed: who would raise these puppies? They needed to find their own human families, and fast!

#3. Adoption Requests

They put them for adoption and spread the word around their neighborhood. What is more, the rescue center kept their word and posted a flyer on their Instagram and Facebook pages. In a matter of days, they began receiving several adoption requests. Duh, why wouldn’t they? They were the cutest pups ever!

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Once the puppies were two and a half months old, all of them had found a family and were soon taken to their new homes. But what about Storie? How did she take the separation? And how had she come to like her new home?

#2. A Devoted Mother

Mariesa and Chris couldn’t have felt prouder, as Storie had proven to be a wonderful mother. In spite of all she had been through, she gave love and attention to each and every one of her babies 24 – 7.

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Thanks to Storie, these 12 pups are now being raised in their own homes where they’ll be loved forever. Once the last puppy had been given away, Storie began her normal dog life: they took her for a walk twice a day, bought her dozens of toys and bones for her to play around with, and they took her to the park for the first time in her life!

#1. Happy Ending

We’re all glad that Storie’s story had a happy ending, and we are fully aware that not all dogs have the same fortunate fate. Shelters are always full of abandoned animals who are in desperate need of love and many of them never find a home.

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Even if you can’t take the responsibility that raising a pet demands, you can contribute with your grain of salt by spreading the word, by sharing the many dog shelters’ posts on social media. You can also help by donating or sharing data about your city’s different shelter homes. We’re all part of the problem!

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