Can You Believe These 27 Celebrities Are Grandparents?

We all love our grandparents and we all think they are the best, don’t we? We all love to boast about them, either about how well they cook, how fashion they are, or how young they look. But, to your surprise, some people keep their grandparenthood a secret, and this is the case of many of our most beloved celebrities! Join to see 27 celebrities that you didn’t know were grandparents! Don’t miss #23, #17, and #9!

Photo: Courtesy of Cosmopolitan.

#27. Damon Wayans

Maybe you know him from several comedy movies and series. He is an actor, writer, entertainer, producer, and director. However, he is also one of the members of the American ShowBiz Wayans Family. His eldest son is also a well-known actor and comedian, Damon Kyle Wayans Jr. Even though he looks like a 30-year-old, he’s already a grandfather!

Photo: Courtesy of Carolines on Broadway

Damon Jr. is known for roles such as The Coach in the American sitcom New Girl and he also interpreted the voice of Wasabi in Disney’s Big Hero 6. Damon Jr. has two daughters, from whom I predict we can expect big things! After all, fame clearly runs in their veins!

#26. Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks, whose love for music is undeniable, was suddenly surprised by the fact that he loved his granddaughters even more than he loved music. His second daughter, August Anne, gave birth to his first granddaughter Karalynn in 2013.

Photo: Courtesy of Wikipedia.

To everyone’s surprise, the baby turned out to be “the glue that held the whole family together“. Brooks is now a loving, caring and proud grandpa who makes time for playing music. He is a talented musician who has the time of his life with his family. He definitely merges his two passions perfectly well!

#25. Alice Cooper

The Godfather of Shock Rock is also the grandfather of two baby twins, named Riot and Falcon. With those names, I think they have a clear future in the music industry, and Cooper is already fantasizing about his grand twins’ band name. He suggested that “Falcon Riot” sounds very promising.

Photo: Courtesy of Abbynews.

Despite his appearance on stage, Cooper is a very loving grandpa and he is very fond of those little babies. He takes care of them, plays with them, and even sings a lullaby at night from time to time.

#24. Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond has an incredible résumé: She is a country singer, actress, talk show host, and a philanthropist. But, as a matter of fact, we can add to that (already) impressive list that she is the mother of eight and the grandmother of three.

Photo: Courtesy of UTD Today.

All the awards she received throughout her career mean nothing to her in comparison with her grandchildren, with whom she discovered a new world of untold stories and adventures. Stories that cannot be found in Hollywood scripts or sets. Maybe she does not profit from that, but being with them is a treasure without measure, larger than her paycheck.

#23. Sting

The English musician known for being the lead singer of The Police recognizes he is a better grandfather than he was a parent. He tries to have the time of his life with his four grandchildren. In spite of being a wealthy family, Sting always highlighted the idea that his kids had to succeed in their own merits and work hard for that purpose.

Photo: Courtesy of The Star.

He is so inflexible at that point that he uses this same reasoning with his grandchildren. According to the musician, they won’t be receiving any part of his fortune, but (apparently) that’s okay with them since they have a high working ethic as they weren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouths“. 

#22. Dog The Bounty Hunter

Duane Chapman, also known as “Dog, the Bounty Hunter” caught his most valuable fortune in January 2019 when his grandson Dakota became a father. Yes, you’ve read just right: He is a great-grandfather and a very proud one!

Photo: Courtesy of Press Pros.

Both his wife Beth and him are very happy that Chapman’s generation continues to expand. She posted on her Instagram account that “the Chapman family tree just keeps growing“. They are thrilled about it.

#21. Ice Cube

Rapper O’Shea Jackson Sr., also known as “Ice Cube” is the father of the also rapper O’Shea Jackson Jr., also known on stage as “OMG”. O’Shea Jr. and his former girlfriend gave birth to a daughter, Jordan Reigh Jackson, who is the Ice Cube’s first granddaughter.

Photo: Courtesy of Best Life.

At night, he told his granddaughter why he was called ‘Ice cube‘ as one of his bedtime stories. “My eldest brother, he threatened to slam me into a freezer and pull me out when I was an ice cube. I just started using that name, and it just caught on“, he told her.

#20. Anna Wintour

The editor-in-chief of the fashion magazine Vogue became a grandmother on March 28, 2017. That’s when Charlie Shaffer, (Wintour’s first child) and his wife, Elizabeth, gave birth to their first daughter, Caroline.

Photo: Courtesy of Bored Panda.

In her first known photo, Caroline is wearing a beautiful mega ribbon. Clearly, fashion runs in her veins too. This British ‘Miranda Priestly’ seems to know how to balance her grandma routine and her busy schedule to meet all the ends and still look fabulous! And if you like “Devil Wears Prada as much as we do, continue to our top five, you can’t miss it!

#19. Cedric The Entertainer

Cedric, or ‘GrandCeddy‘, as he referred to himself on his Instagram profile, has recently become a grandfather for the first time. The comedian and actor showed publicly a photo of his granddaughter Kylo Faith Kyles and he described her as a doll.

Photo: Courtesy of Amo Mama.

He is very proud and knows perfectly well that a new happier life is dawning for him and his family. Can you imagine an even bigger smile put on his face? “My Grandcookie says ‘Popci I wanna go with you…’ but I had another meeting and she gave me that face… ‘What I say???’ [sic]”.

#18. Nicolas Cage

There are a lot of things about Nicolas Cage that you didn’t know. For example, Nicolas is the nephew of director Francis Ford Coppola. On July 1, 2014, the Coppola family became even bigger, since the second thing you didn’t know about Cage is that he is also a grandfather!

Photo: Courtesy of Boredom Therapy.

Lucien’s birth (Lucien Augustus Coppola Cage) filled with joy both the Cage and the Coppola families. They are loving and enjoying every moment with sweet baby Lucien.

#17. Fantasia Barrino

Possibly one of the youngest grandmothers of this list, Fantasia Barrino welcomed her first grandson at the age of 32. She describes herself as a “#Glammom”. Her stepson, Treyshaun Taylor, and his wife gave birth to “Khoen”.

Photo: Courtesy of People.

And now, Glammom Fantasia and her “King Khoen” are happy to have one another to shine like the stars they are. We can’t wait until that boy starts singing!

#16. Billy Crystal

Writer, producer, actor, and comedian Billy Crystal is known for his comedy and animation films, especially Monsters Inc. Billy has two grown-up daughters: Jennifer, who is a TV writer, and Lindsey, a director. In 2003, Jennifer gave birth to Billy’s first granddaughter, Ella.

Photo: Courtesy of People.

Ever since that day, Billy Crystal’s daughters have gifted him with three more grandchildren, who are now starting to realize who his grandfather is. When they saw Monsters Inc. for the first time and realized he was Mike Wazowski, they had him speak like Mike for six months straight!

#15. Sally Field

In case you were wondering… NO! Her grandchildren do not belong to the Spider-verse. We all know Sally is an excellent actress who has interpreted different roles to perfection, though she usually plays maternal figures in her films.

Photo: Courtesy of Bored Panda.

She was the loving and caring mother of Forest Gump, the gentle Aunt May, and a courageous mother in Eye for an Eye, but… How is Field as a grandmother in real life? Well… as you can imagine, she excels in that role too. She has a grandson and two granddaughters who enjoy having sleepovers at Sally’s house.

#14. Harrison Ford

The actor is known for his famous roles as Han Solo and Indiana Jones, and these two roles have earned him millions of fans worldwide. Nowadays, he is committed to his most important fans among all, his three grandkids.

Photo: Courtesy of People Magazine.

He first became a grandfather in 1993 when his son Willard and his wife gave birth to Eliel. After that, his eldest son, Benjamin, gave him two grandchildren. Harrison is very careful in keeping his private life private. Therefore, little is known about his relationship with them. But we are sure that he does a good job in that too.

#13. Ozzy Osbourne

The Prince of Darkness and lead singer of Black Sabbath has gone ‘Behind the Wall of Sleep’ after his son Jack and his wife gave birth to the idol’s eighth grandchild.

Photo: Courtesy of Rolling Stones Magazine.

The Osbournes is a numerous family and they do not spare in talent and fun. The youngest of them all were seen on Instagram dancing and singing at the rhythm of ‘crazy train’. What does the future have in store for them? Surely, the music recording business would be interested to hear more about those little Osbournes.

#12. Martha Stewart

We are all acquainted with the work of Martha Stewart after watching several of her TV shows, especially the one she shares with our favorite rapper Snoop Dog called Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party and we also know she was a convicted felon. You would be surprised, but, nonetheless, scroll to slide #9!

Photo: Courtesy of Bored Panda.

But we should also know that she is one of the best grandmas in the world. When her only daughter Alexis Stewart gave birth to Jude and then to Truman, the TV hostess could not have been happier! She even got to the point of holding an intergalactic birthday party for her two grandchildren!

#11. Tom Hanks

Maybe one of the most lovable actors in Hollywood, Tom Hanks became a grandfather in 2011 when his son, actor Colin Hanks and his wife gave birth to their first daughter, Olivia. And, as you can imagine, Grandpa Tom is as adorable and loving at this new role as he is in all others.

Photo: Courtesy of Distractify.

Soon afterward, the couple gave birth to their second child, also a girl, Charlotte, to complete the happiness at the Hanks’ house. But happiness was far from coming to an end, as Chester Hanks surprised his father with a third granddaughter, Michaiah. Tom says that when the three girls are around, fun is guaranteed. He considers himself a “cool grandfather”. And I bet he is!

#10. Catherine Zeta-Jones

Without a doubt, Catherine Zeta-Jones is one of the most beautiful step grandmothers in all Hollywood. Her husband, the highly acclaimed Michael Douglas, recently became a grandpa thanks to his eldest son, Cameron Douglas and his couple, Viviane Thibes. The little Lua Izzy, the only grandkid of the Douglas-Zeta-Jones family, really enjoys being with them.

Photo: Courtesy of Boredom Therapy.

Michael and Catherine are very united and very thankful that their family understands what their careers entail. For example, rarely are they present at school shows, holidays, or other family events. That’s why, when they are together, they try to make the most of it. And that’s exactly what Little Lua is learning about her ‘buba‘.

#9. Snoop Dogg

It seems a little hard to imagine Snoop Dogg as a grandfather, but you’d be surprised to know he’s the best granddad out there. His first grandson was born in 2015 to Snoop’s eldest son Cordé Broadus and Jessica Kyzer. Cordé also gave him a granddaughter, and of course, the famous artist has a soft spot in his heart for the little girl.

Photo: Courtesy of Cosmopolitan.

On September 15th, 2019 the rapper welcomed his third grandson, Kai Love, who unfortunately died 10 days after his birth. It was devastating for all the family. Snoop Dogg only commented to the press that losing a child must probably be terrible, but losing a grandchild so young was even worse. Kai’s mourning father said that his spirit and energy will live on and that those 10 days would always be special for them all.

#8. Rosie O’Donnell

Born as Roseann O’Donnel in 1962, she is a popular American comedy actress and hostess that became famous thanks to the TV show Star Search in the year 1984. Rosie has five children, but her older daughter, Chelsea, gave birth to her first granddaughter, Skylar Rose, in 2018.

Photo: Courtesy of Best Life.

As a proud grandmother, the day she was born, she shared several photos of her granddaughter in every social network, especially on Twitter. Ever since that day, O’Donnel uses the same hashtag on Instagram every time she uploads a photo of her granddaughter, #nananews.

#7. Brett Favre

Famous NFL quarterback turned into a grandfather for the first time in the year 2010 when his daughter Brittany gave birth to little Parker Brett. From that moment on, he was blessed with two more grandchildren. He loves sharing every moment he can with his grandchildren and he always uploads pictures on Instagram for the whole world to see.

Photo: Courtesy of Bored Panda.

In an interview in The Rich Eisen Show, when he was asked if he would like for his grandchildren to play football, he asserted that he will not force it on them, as it is a very dangerous sport and head injuries are common. After all, he is a very protective grandfather.

#6. Flavor Flav

Famous rapper Flavor Flav is mostly known for being the MC for one of the most famous hip-hop bands in the United States, ‘Public Enemy‘. As Flav has seven children of his own, it would be normal to think that he has plenty of grandchildren. However, according to E! Online, he only has two grandkids.

Photo: Courtesy of Yahoo News.

When he was asked by Yahoo News about his grandchildren, he said “I’m proud of it. A lot of guys didn’t live to see this, but I did,” and admitted that every time his grandchildren call him Granddaddy, his heart melts.

#5. Charlie Sheen

Famous actor Charlie Sheen, known for his role in the TV comedy show Two And a Half Men, is one of the most controversial actors in television and has had his fair deal of scandals. But even though he may be a bit problematic, he is a family man, and it shows.

Photo: Courtesy of People.

When his oldest daughter Cassandra Estevez gave birth in 2013 to his first granddaughter, Luna, Charlie could not have been happier. As he told TMZ, “it was a most wondrous day”. If you are a social media person, you could follow Charlie Sheen on Instagram to see every photo with Lun!

#4. Lauryn Hill

American rapper and actress Lauryn Hill, born in East Orange in 1975, is the former singer of the band The Fugees and has been awarded 8 Grammy Awards throughout her successful music career. She also dated Rohan Marley (Bob Marley’s son) for more than ten years.

Photo: Courtesy of Boredom Therapy.

In February 2017, Zion Marley’s wife gave birth to a baby boy by the name of Zephaniah, and thus Lauryn Hill became a grandmother at the young age of 41 years old, bringing joy to her whole family. They hope that the grandkid will follow the steps of his great grandfather Bob!

#3. Kid Rock

The youngest grandfather of our ranking is none but the talented Kid Rock, who became a grandfather at the age of 43. His son, Robert James Ritchie Jr. was in his early twenties when he and his girlfriend gave birth to the little Skye.

Photo: Courtesy of Rolling Stones Magazine.

Just a few months ago, the proud granddad and his granddaughter were spotted on Disneyworld enjoying their holidays. Of course, the couple of famous mice were present too. The four of them posed for a beautiful photo that will last forever in their memories. Kid Rock confessed he feels lucky to have the opportunity to see the little kid growing up.

#2. Meryl Streep

At the age of 68, Meryl Streep, one of the most awarded actresses in Hollywood history, became a grandmother for the first time after her second child, Mamie Gummer, gave birth to a baby boy on February 28th, 2019.

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images.

In these few months, Streep proved to be a very good grandmother. Hopefully, in real life, the actress is not as intimidating as she is in her role as grandma Mary Louise Wright in Big Little Lies, season 2. Of course, her passion in all her roles is undeniable, and her role as a real grandma won’t be any different. Maybe she won’t get any award for that… or maybe she’s already won it!

#1. Jim Carrey

Last but not least, the comedian-actor Jim Carrey became a grandfather in 2012, at the age of 47, when his daughter Jane Carrey gave birth to the actor’s first grandson, Jackson Riley Santana. Unlike his many roles, where Jim plays goofy and unbalanced characters, he takes his grandparenthood very seriously and he enjoys being with little Jackson.

Photo: Courtesy of Imgur.

Above all, he loves to tell him bedtime stories. From time to time, he tells stories about his own adventures as an actor or that of the characters he played, in order to keep the little boy interested. Well, Jackson has many hours of amusement ahead, as many of us had watching Jim’s hilarious films.

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