Did You Know These On-Screen Pregnancies Were Actually Real?

Most times actors have to work hard to prepare themselves to play a role. More often than not, it may involve some changes in their appearance such as a makeover, losing or putting on weight, or even building some muscle. However, these stars were lucky enough to be pregnant at the same time their character was supposed to be. You don’t wanna miss the most memorable TV and film pregnancies, and make sure you don’t miss #18, #15, and #5!!

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#24. Molly Ringwald – Secret Life Of The American Teenager

This TV show is basically about unplanned babies and the plot is about a teenager who gets pregnant, but guess what? It’s her TV mom who also gets pregnant, both in real life and in the show. Ringwald plays the sympathetic but overwhelmed Anne Juergens, who has to deal with her husband, mother and her teenage pregnant daughter all at the same time.

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In 2009, Molly Ringwald and her husband Panio Gianopoulos announced they were expecting twins. Producers thought that it was a perfect fit for the show so they incorporated it into the storyline. As the actress once said, “My character’s dealing with pregnancy and sort of going through the same thing that I just went through with my daughter in the season prior.”

#23. Holly Marie Combs – Charmed

This pregnancy caught the producers by surprise and they had to figure out how to handle Combs’ pregnancy. Their first attempt was trying to hide it as if Piper, her character, wasn’t pregnant, but it did not do the trick. Therefore, the show’s creator came up with a bizarre, Charmed-like idea.

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Believe it or not, Piper becomes pregnant with her son, Chris, who apparently travels back from the future to protect his older brother, Wyatt, from the evil demons that are plaguing him. It was a little far-fetched, but these twisted and bizarre plots seem to work in these types of shows. Go to #3 to read about another crazy storyline!

#22. Melissa Rauch – The Big Bang Theory

From their awkward first meeting all the way to their marriage, Big Bang Theory fans have witnessed the relationship between Howard Wolowitz and Bernadette Rostenkowski go through its ups and downs. So, it was not a big deal when they announced that they were expecting their first child in season 9 of the show.

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Whereas Rostenkowski had a smooth pregnancy in the show, the actress who portrays her had a more tragic fate since she suffered a miscarriage. The actress chose to share this story when she announced her second pregnancy, which fortunately went well.

#21. Megan Boon – The Blacklist

Boon plays Elizabeth Keen on the action drama The Blacklist as an FBI Agent, but she didn’t have to hide her pregnancy on the show. Even when she was six months pregnant, she was still on television and it was because her character was also expecting a child. The producers finally decided to hire a stunt double to make the transition easier.

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This was one of the cases in which the storyline was changed in order to adjust to reality. They had to “kill off” Boon’s character for a couple of chapters while she was on maternity leave. In April 2016, Boone and Fiancé Dan Estabrook welcomed their beautiful daughter, Caroline Boone Estabrook.

#20. Jennifer Garner – Alias

The bump that agent Sydney Bristow sported on screen was completely real. In 2005, Garner found out she was expecting her first child with Ben Affleck, but this didn’t become a problem for the show. Producers decided to write it into the storyline.

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In the show, after the international spy and fellow agent Michael Vaughn had their baby, she obviously couldn’t keep up with her everyday work routine during the first few months, which is why they had to incorporate a new character to the show. This is why a younger agent began working under Sydney’s tutelage.

#19. Alice Lowe – Prevenge

This British movie marked not only the actress’ directorial debut but also her baby’s debut on the big screen. This comedy slasher film is about a pregnant widow who believes that her unborn baby is causing her to seek revenge for her husband’s death.

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The pregnancy-based thriller was told from a woman’s perspective, so it was a win-win situation for the actress for she herself was expecting a child. It was Lowe’s baby girl, Della, with only 10 days old who portrayed Ruth’s newborn child in the film. The baby in #16 also proved to have some enviable acting skills!

#18. Alyson Hannigan – How I Met Your Mother

The famous comedy show decided not to incorporate Hannigan’s first pregnancy, so her baby bump was hidden. But her second pregnancy seemed to be more convenient for the show’s storyline and the scriptwriters decided that Lily and Marshall would have a child of their own, Marvin.

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During her first pregnancy, she had to wear oversized clothing and hold large items in front of herself. Still, in her second pregnancy, Hannigan couldn’t get away from some preggo padding because Lily was further along with her pregnancy than she was in real life. Even so, dealing with her second pregnancy on-screen was way simpler this time.

#17. Keisha Castle-Hughes – The Nativity Story

The birth of Jesus has been recreated loads of times, both on stage and screen. But it was the unprecedented Keisha Castle-Hughes’ portrayal of Mary that drew a lot of attention from the press. But why? Well, the actress herself was expecting during the shooting.

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This actress from New Zealand was 16 years old when the movie was being filmed and she welcomed her daughter Felicity-Amore Hull in 2007. The Nativity Story became the first film to have its world premiere in Vatican City in 2006, and the whole cast attended the event.

#16. Naomi Watts – Mother And Child

This drama film revolves around pregnancy, so it was naturally fitted for the actress Naomi Watts, who happened to be pregnant during its filming. Watts portrayed the role of a lawyer who never knew her biological mother. Onset, not only was the star able to relate to her character, but her unborn did so as well.

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There’s one scene in which Watts’ character goes to a doctor’s appointment and right on cue, his unborn child begins to kick and move. Of course, one would think that kicking was part of the script… but it was 100% real! Tight on the spot, this fellow revealed his very own acting potential even before being born!

#15. Lucille Ball – I Love Lucy

I bet you’ve heard about I Love Lucy before. It’s a classic and one of the first breakthroughs in TV history. And here’s a fun fact: Ball’s pregnancy became one of the first real-time pregnancies depicted on television! In a total of seven episodes, you could see the actress showing her baby bump.

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It’s hard to believe that during that time, the word “pregnant” was considered too indecent, so it was never used during the show. It was in the episode titled Lucy Is Enceinte where Lucy, sporting a five-month pregnancy, tries to find the right way to tell Ricky she was expecting a child. Her son Desi Arnaz Jr. was born on January 1953.

#14. Cate Blanchett – The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

This Australian actress signed up to a role in Wes Anderson’s comedy-drama The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. To her surprise, when they started shooting the film in Italy she found out she was expecting her second child. Luckily, this didn’t pose a problem for the producers.

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The character she had to portray was a pregnant reporter called Jane Winslett-Richardson, who had to chronicle what happened during the voyage. Even though the movie wasn’t a box office success, it gained a major cult following. In 2004, Blanchett welcomed a baby boy and she named him Roman Robert Upton.

#13. Catherine Zeta-Jones – Traffic

This crime drama film is about illegal drug trading depicted from different perspectives, including users, enforcers, politicians, and traffickers. Catherine Zeta-Jones plays Helena Ayala, the wife of drug lord Carlos Ayala, and her character initially wasn’t supposed to be pregnant.

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When Zeta-Jones found out that she was expecting a child, she managed to convince the director to incorporate it into the storyline. The star considered that it’d cause her character to be more vulnerable and, perhaps, even more willing to commit crimes in order to protect her family.

#12. Julia Roberts – Ocean’s Twelve

The 2004 action film Ocean’s Twelve was a financial success, and it stars Julia Roberts playing Tess, the wife of gangster Danny Ocean. Luckily, the Pretty Woman star didn’t even have to pretend to be with child, because she was actually pregnant during the shoot!

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In fact, she was expecting not one, but two babies! In 2004, she gave birth to the twins, a daughter and a son, named Hazel and Finn. It was in 2007 when Roberts and her husband, cameraman Daniel Moder, welcomed their third son named Henry.

#11. Emily Deschanel – Bones

This actress fell pregnant not once, but twice during the comedy-drama TV show Bones. When she learned she was expecting a child, the show writers incorporated the baby bump into the plot. There was only one episode in which she had to wear a fake bump, right after her son Henry was born in real life.

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She even told The Hollywood Reporter that “I’ll experience something in an episode, and I’m shocked because it’s exactly what I’m going through.” Later, in 2015, she had her second baby boy in real life, so once again, the scriptwriters made the fictional characters Booth and Bones welcome another baby. Slide to #8 to see which other actress went through two onscreen pregnancies!

#10. Maya Rudolph – Grown Ups

Maya Rudolph is not only a talented actress but also a hard-working mother, as she and her partner Paul Thomas Anderson have a total of four children. When she landed a role in the comedy film Grown Ups, Rudolph plays the role of Chris Rock’s pregnant wife, and guess what? She really was pregnant in real-life too!

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She sported her baby bump in the film which was first slammed by critics but ended up being one of Adam Sandler’s highest-grossing features. Luckily for her, they managed to shoot the film in just a couple of months, because the production began in June 2009 and her son was born in November.

#9. Caterina Scorsone – Private Practice

In the American medical drama TV series Private Practice, the character portrayed by Scorsone, Amelia, goes through a lot of drama. Whereas in real life the actress’s pregnancy was undoubtedly a great source of joy, it wasn’t joyful at all for Amelia. On the show, the father of the child dies before she gives birth.

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On top of that, Amelia learns that her unborn child has no brain but still she bravely decides to carry the baby to term, so that she could donate his organs to other sick children. Let’s be honest, the scriptwriters could’ve dialed down the drama, right? Luckily this tragedy happened only during the show and Scorsone welcomed a healthy daughter in 2012.

#8. Ginnifer Goodwin – Once Upon A Time

This American fairytale drama TV series is quite special given that Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas were a couple both onscreen and in real life. When the actress learned that she had her first baby on the way, the show’s producers took it as an opportunity to make Snow White, her character, a mom.

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Then, the Once Upon a Time couple found out she was expecting a child again. So once again, the writers decided for Snow and Charming to have a second baby, adding some new twists to the original storyline. Their children were born in May 2014 and June 2016 and they didn’t have any more after that.

#7. Hayden Panettiere – Nashville

It was season three of Nashville and Hayden Panettiere learned that she was expecting. This good news made a perfect opportunity for writers to complicate the storyline for her character Juliette Barnes. It caused her some major baby daddy drama since she wasn’t quite sure who the father was!

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Don’t you worry, because it all turned out well because the baby Barnes was expecting was indeed her husband’s, Avery Barkley. In real life, at the same time her fictional character became a mom, Panettiere and her then-fiancé Wladimir Klitschko welcomed their baby girl called Kaya Evdokia.

#6. Rachel Bilson – Hart Of Dixie

In the comedy-drama TV show Hart of Dixie, the relationship between Bilson’s character Zoe and her boyfriend Wade wasn’t steady. So, when Bilson’s character revealed that she was expecting a baby, the pregnancy was the means of cementing the fictional couple.

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Just like her character, Bilson was pregnant in real life too, as in 2014 she had a daughter together with Hayden Christensen. Unfortunately, Hart of Dixie was canceled afterward, which meant that the character’s baby never got to appear on screen after her birth.

#5. Jenna Fischer – The Office

The love interest between Pam and Jim was one of The Office‘s most intriguing plotlines, and they soon became one of the most loved couples in modern TV history. In Season 8, the fictional couple decided to have their second baby, and guess what?

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Yes, Fischer didn’t have to wear a prosthetic on set because she herself was expecting her first child to her husband Lee Kirk. Her blossoming baby bump was sported on the comedy coinciding with Fischer’s real-life pregnancy.

#4. Bethany Joy Lenz – One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill actress Bethany Joy Lenz was genuinely pregnant with her first child when her fictional character Haley underwent her second pregnancy. That season was rough enough for Haley given that she had to deal with depression due to her mother’s death, so the good news brought some joy.

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In 2011, Joy Lenz finally gave birth to a daughter, Maria Rose Galeotti. However, a bumpy road was waiting ahead for the actress, because just a few months after her pregnancy, One Tree Hill was canceled.

#3. Candice King – The Vampire Diaries

In this hit TV show, there are all sorts of supernatural beings and the show provides the perfect setting to incorporate very intriguing scenarios. Caroline Forbes, a mean-girl-turned-vampire, was portrayed by Candice King, who learned that she was pregnant with her first child with musician husband Joe Fray during the filming of season 7. The show’s producers had to come up with another wild theory to incorporate King’s pregnancy into the show.

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In case you didn’t know, vampires can’t get pregnant. So, the unborn twins carried by another character are magically implanted into Caroline given that their real mother had been killed. Yeah, I know, this is as crazy and twisted as it can get. But don’t worry, in real life, King gave birth to just a regular human daughter! For yet another bizarre storyline, you don’t wanna miss #1!

#2. Sarah Drew – Grey’s Anatomy

In 2014, the Grey’s Anatomy star found out she was pregnant with her second child with her husband Peter Lanfer. It seemed logical for the show’s writers for Drew’s character, April Kepner, to become pregnant to her first child with her husband Dr. Jackson Avery, played Jesse Williams.

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In the show, things get tragic when Jackson and April find out that their unborn child is not expected to live beyond a few days due to a brittle bone disorder. Amusingly, 10 hours after giving fake birth on the show, she went into labor for real. The actress said it brought up many emotions when she watched the episode afterward. For another unfortunate fictional pregnancy, slide to #9!

#1. Lisa Kudrow – Friends

It was obvious that one of the most popular television shows ever would have an on-screen pregnancy. We all remember Phoebe’s surrogate pregnancy during the fourth season of the all-time favorite Friends. However, the storyline was actually developed after actress Lisa Kudrow became pregnant herself.

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The show’s writers decided to incorporate it into the plot by having the kind-hearted Pheebs carry her brother’s triplets. Since the actress in real life was expecting just one baby, she had to wear extra padding to make it look more real. Kudrow welcomed a son whom she called Julian.

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