Man Buys £1 Vase From Charity Shop, Learns It’s Both Ancient and Very Expensive

You never know what you can find in a charity shop, and many people’s cheap purchases have turned into incredible or bizarre stories. This time, an unnamed man from Hertfordshire, UK, bought an old vase for just £1 that turned out to be so much more expensive that was appraised at an auction house!
What makes this story so exciting is that he nearly sold the vase for a lot less than he’d be able to get for it.

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20. An Interesting Find

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For just a quid, a man bought a nice looking vase from a charity shop in Hertfordshire. He walked in, browsing the items inside, and a small yellow vase drew his attention. Little did he know it would be beginning of quite an adventure!

19. A Lucky Buyer

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The lucky buyer decided this vase would bring him a profit if he sold it on eBay. After all, it looked quite unique, and the Chinese letters on it along with the beautiful paintings were definitely making this vase worth more than just a quid.

18. Flooded With Offers

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After posting the Chinese for sale on eBay, the man was flooded with thousands of offers, which made him think how much would this vase be worth. He decided to take the vase to get appraised, and that’s how the man learned the truth about this little treasure.

17. Experts Were Stunned

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It took the man nearly an hour to drive to the Sworders Fine Art Auctioneers in Essex, where Asian art expert Yexue Li looked at it. Yexue was speechless, she said in an interview with Daily Mail:
“It is very exciting, and we’ve had a lot of interest already.” Why is this vase so special?

16. Secrets Hidden in Plain Sight

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What the lucky buyer didn’t know was that this Chinese vase wasn’t just a simple item. The paint was very special, explains the Asian art expert:
“The enamel on the vase is special because it uses yangcai (foreign) enamels on a yellow ground.” And then, they explain why the color and inscriptions made the vase so expensive.

15. Be Undivided

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The vase contains a phrase that translates to “praise incense,” and it also contains the words “Weijing weiyi,” which means “be precise, be undivided.”
What was the origin of this vase? Thankfully, the man would soon find out!

14. A Decoration Fit for an Emperor

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According to experts, the small yellow vase is a wall decoration that was specially made for none other than the Qianlong Emperor who reigned in China from 1735 to 1796!
“He was shocked and very excited when we explained its importance,” said Yexue Li. Then, they told him how much it was worth…

13. A Very Special Vase

Photo: Courtesy of Sworder

What makes this vase so special is that the Emperor himself has commissioned the vase because it comes with his own inscription – the ones painted with red.
“It would have been of a high value when it was made,” added Yexue Li.

12. 18th Century Treasure

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Who knew one could stumble upon a lost Chinese piece of treasure from the 18th century in a charity shop from the UK? The vase is only eight-inch tall, but it is very expensive! Can you guess for how much it was appraised?

11. Tens of Thousands of Pounds!

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The high value of the nearly 300 years old vase could only increase in time. If experts said it was valuable when it was made, can you even believe for how much it could be sold now? The decorative vase hasn’t been yet sold, but it has a starting price for the auction that will start in November.

10. Investing in Chinese Art

Photo: Courtesy of The Sun

Before we tell you the starting price for this vase at the auction in November, we must talk about another similar Chinese vase that was sold last year for $19 Million! Could this one be as expensive as the one that made a lucky woman a millionaire? Here’s why we think it could be worth not just thousands of pounds, but more!

9. The Vase in the Attic

Photo: Courtesy of Imgur

Last year, a woman discovered a cardboard shoebox in the dusty attic. It was part of her family inheritance – she’ll soon realize how rich she’d become after taking that “shoebox” for appraisal. She opened the box and saw a vase that looked valuable.

8. Bringing the Dusty Shoebox to Sotheby’s

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The woman took that shoebox on the Metro and headed to Sotheby’s. She placed it on the desk of a Chinese art expert who didn’t know what to expect when he opened it…

7. A Major Work of Art!

Photo: Courtesy of Ancient Origins

In an interview with reporters, Olivier Valmier, who is the Asian arts expert at the auction house, said:
“This is a major work of art, it is as if we had just discovered a Caravaggio.”

6. It’s in Perfect Condition

Photo: Courtesy of Imgur

Valmier said the vase was in perfect condition and it “is the only known example in the world bearing such detail.” How old is this vase?

5. The Vase Nobody Liked Is Worth a Fortune!

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“We didn’t like the vase too much, and my grandparents didn’t like it either,” said the woman who contacted Sotheby’s this March. As soon as she found out how much it was worth, she decided to put it up for auction. But here’s where the things get more interesting for both vases!

4. A Shocking Sale

Photo: Courtesy of Ancient Origins

What made the woman speechless was that her Chinese porcelain vase was placed at a price of $590,000 – $825,000. However, art investors fought over it, and the lucky buyer originating from Asia bought it for an eye-watering sum of $19 million!

3. The Imperial Vase

Photo: Courtesy of Daily Mail

Now back to our vase, although it is currently valued at £80,000, it could go up at auction for much more, like the one found in the attic, which got bought for 20 times the reserve price.
What could this mean for the £1 vase?

2. It Could Be Worth More than 1.6 Million Pounds!

Photo: Courtesy of News CGTN

If another buyer is willing to fight others to get the yellow vase, and he’s prepared to pay 20 times the starting price of £80,000, it could reach a selling price of 1.6 million pounds! That’s just a theory for now, but we’ll soon find out at the beginning of November.

1. The Lucky Buyer

Photo: Courtesy of Sworder

We can all agree that this man was lucky to buy the vase for just £1, and even if he gets only £80,000, it’s still a huge profit! To think of the charity shop worker who instead of buying the vase for themselves, they bagged it up and got that £1 for it…

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