Agatha Christie’s Bizarre Disappearance Finally Has An Explanation Because Of This

Agatha Christie was a mystery writer who was one of the world’s top-selling authors. Born in England, her work was worldwide recognized. However, her disappearance story is like a plot from one of her own novels. She loved mysteries so much that she became one herself. But what really happened..?

19. Helping

Christie was 36 when she managed to do what she loved to do- write, and get known for that. Her creative mind and unique personality made her being loved by people so much that she is considered to be the best selling writer of all time. But she was more than an author.

In the First World war, she trained and worked as a nurse helping to treat wounded soldiers. She also became educated in the field of pharmacy. Her affection and fondness for people were obvious and she has even said that this was one of the most rewarding jobs she ever undertook. But what was her life like?

18. Family

Agatha Christie had been married to an aviator, Archibald Christie, in 1914. Their daughter Roseline was born in 1919. The couple lived together for a few years and everything seemed perfect. But that was not the case…

17. Divorce

Although Archibald Christian was married to a successful woman and had a wonderful daughter with Christie, in 1926 he disclosed his relationship with another woman. Of course, the couple got a divorce and continued their lives separately. What happened next is really shocking…

16. Disappearance

Despite her fame, as a writer, Agatha Christie is also remembered for her strange and mysterious disappearance. On December 3, 1926, Christie left her home during the night. The next morning Agatha’s car was discovered near the top of a chalk cliff. But she was not in her car…

15. Found?

After three days of searching for the novelist, the police called it off. They said Christie’s brother-in-law had received a letter from her, claiming she was going to a Yorkshire spa. Case closed, right? Not quite.

14. Still missing

For 11 days police could not find Agatha Christie. Detectives even discussed the case of suicide. Why would such a successful and loved woman disappear with no reason? There must have been a serious reason…

13. Found

It was just like a plot from one of her own books. Agatha was discovered at a hotel in Harrogate 11 days after going missing. She was found, safe and well, living her best life in that hotel! But why did she vanish?

12. Moment Of Truth

When Agatha Christie was found everyone felt relieved and wanted to know what happened. However, she never revealed the reason why she left her home and disappeared for those 11 days. Her behavior after her disappearance was very suspicious and people tried to find out what really happened. But everyone had their own theory.

11. Theories

The idea of Agatha leaving her house in the middle of the night to go for a spa didn’t convince the police, so they started investigating the case. Some believed that she just went there to get some relax time while others thought she was planning to commit suicide. But then the police got some new interesting information!

10. Letters

Apparently Agatha Christie didn’t just send one letter to her brother. In fact, she has sent three letters in total, one to her brother-in-law, one to her secretary and one to her husband. That last one was the one that made it difficult for the police. Agatha’s husband refused to show the letter to the police. But why?

9. Further Investigations

Agatha could not recall what had happened to her and the letters were not that helpful either. Hundreds of people helped with the investigation as well as many police dogs. The case was so confusing to the detectives that they even started looking to christie’s writings for clues.

8. Mystery

No one could imagine that it would be so difficult to clear the case of Agatha. Her husband claimed that she’d suffered a total memory loss, maybe as a result of the crash which left the car hanging on a cliff edge. However, most people were convinced that she had no intention to return home!

7. No Answer

Christie never really commented on those mysterious days that she was missing. The true reasons she left her home still remains a mystery to this day. After that incident, Christie continued her life as normal and she even got to marry another man who was an archaeologist named Sir Max Mallowan.

6. Last Moments

Somewhere around the 1970s, Christie started to have some health problems. Her life eventually ended on 12 January 1976  from natural causes at her home in Oxfordshire. Her writing career spanned more than half a century, during which she wrote 80 novels and short story collections, as well as 14 plays.

5. Queen Of Crime

Agatha Christie’s successful career and worldwide recognition made her being called the ‘Queen of crime’. Her talent at writing was obvious, but her humble personality really helped her with her career as well. Despite her fame, she never talked about her private life and preferred to live a quiet life.

4. Unique Woman

Her life of education, traveling, archeological diggings and volunteering as a nurse all shaped her as a person but as a writer too. People who knew her well used to say that she is as interesting as her characters!

3. Rent Her House!

Agatha Christie’s holiday home in Greenway, Devon is open to visitors who can even rent the house. Greenway Apartment can take about eight people and has much of the remaining décor as it was when Christie and her family lived their back in the 1950s.

2. Inspiration

Agatha’s sayings and quotes still inspire millions of people. She once said: “I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow; but through it all, I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing.” !

1. Special

Agatha Christie was definitely an extraordinary talent and a good person as well.Not only have her books sold over 2 billion copies in the English language and translation, but she is also still remembered for her special personality. What a legend!

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