Take A Look At The 23 Most Mysterious Discoveries Ever Made

The world is full of mysteries yet to be discovered. Every week, we learn about some new strange object or even species that scientists have discovered. If you’re all about the strange and unknown, then this list is definitely for you. Learn about some of the most amazing discoveries ever made, they will truly surprise you! #12 and #6 will leave you baffled!

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#23. Underground Obelisk

Obelisks can be found in plenty of countries, periods and cultures. This particular one was made under the orders of Pharoh Hatshepsut, and it is one of the largest you’ll ever see in Egypt. Look at the picture below: can you believe its sheer size?

Photo: Courtesy of Thiswillblowmymind

While some obelisks are made as monuments, presents, temples or as decorative structures, the motives behind this particular one are quite unknown. In spite of that, it really is a place worth visiting. Next time you visit Cairo, take a day trip to visit this striking object!

#22. Rongorongo

Rongorongo has quite a funny name as well as a curious history. Discovered on Easter Island, these glyphs seem to reveal one thing for certain: they show that some kind of writing and language was present back in the 12th century.

Photo: Courtesy of Thiswillblowmymind

The symbols are yet to be cracked though, but the work is tough, as little is known about this language. In spite of that, the object is fascinating in itself, because it remains in impeccable conditions.

#21. The Stone Spheres

Do you think these stone spheres are natural or man-made? About 300 of these spheres were recently found in Costa Rica. However, they supposedly belong to 600 AD. Some of these stones are over 2 meters wide and weigh up to 15 tons!

Photo: Courtesy of Thiswillblowmymind

There is much discussion about the meaning of these stones. Some believe they led to the houses of chiefs of the Diquis culture, while others imply they’ve got to do with myths and local legends. One way or the other, they’re truly fascinating!

#20. The Baigong Pipes

Upon first glancing at the Baigong Pipes, a common first reaction is… confusion. What exactly is this awe-inspiring structure? The Baigong pipes can be found in China, and soon they’ll be turning 150,000 years old.

Photo: Courtesy of Thiswillblowmymind

Firstly it is important to convey the enormous size of this structure. It reaches into the mountains and stretches into the nearby lake. If you ever get the chance, don’t miss a visit to this otherworldly site.

#19. The Gobekli Tepe

Archaeologists are still working around this site. The Gobekli Tepe can be found in Turkey and was constructed around 8BC. Although we can’t assume it belonged to any particular religion, scientists are sure it was a place of worship.

Photo: Courtesy of Thiswillblowmymind

Most of the site still remains hidden however, presenting a challenge to the archaeologists working on this project. The difficulty lies in the fact that since this structure is so old, scientists have to proceed with extra care to maintain this fragile place intact.

#18. Baghdad Batteries

Baghdad is a place where key discoveries and inventions have been made. The ancient Mesopotamian civilizations that inhabited what is now Iraq have made crucial achievements in the field of mathematics, agriculture, and many other scientific fields.

Photo: Courtesy of Thiswillblowmymind

The strange vases that can be seen in the photo actually depict one of the first batteries in the world. Since remains of erosion were found inside, as well as a copper-like interior, scientists are positive they’ve found the ancestors of batteries.

#17. Pyura Chilensis

This strange and surreal rock could scare any curious soul. What might seem to be a colorful rock at first glance is actually a living, breathing creature. What a surprise! Can you guess how it’s called or where it lives?

Photo: Courtesy of Thiswillblowmymind

The Pyura Chilensis can be found on the coast of Peru and Chile (thus the name). It’s a strange animal that eats by sucking in seawater and expelling microorganisms. Once you get over the shock, the vibrant red color is beautiful to observe.

#16. The Gate Of The Sun

The Gate of The Sun is quite an extraordinary title. The carved stone you can glimpse in the photo was sculpted at least 1500 years ago. The Tiwanaku – a tribe native to Bolivia – made this gate and historians believed it probably led to a temple of some kind.

Photo: Courtesy of Thiswillblowmymind

Several images can be detected on the gate itself. Figures such as humans, winged animals, and mythological creatures reveal themselves when the sun is high. These ruins are only 70 km away from Bolivia’s capital, La Paz, so… what are you waiting for?

#15. The Skeletons Of “Immoral” Nuns

The discovery of 92 skeletons in Oxfordshire, England, somewhere around 2015 shocked many. According to archaeologists, they were from 600 to 900 years old. The story behind at least 30 of the buried women is even more interesting, and will surely surprise you.

Photo: Courtesy of Thiswillblowmymind

Back in the day, nuns who were accused of immoral behavior had to suffer the consequences. Accused of shameful sexual acts or other deviances, they were buried face down as a way of punishing them.

#14. Sacsayhuaman

Locals laugh at the fact that tourists pronounce this place “sexy woman”. The citadel can be found in Cusco, Peru, and is open to tourists. The site is mesmerizing, and the sheer size of the rocks will surely impress you.

Photo: Courtesy of Thiswillblowmymind

The fact that this was constructed so many centuries ago makes it even more impressive. The Incas carved this site without any mortars, and in spite of the natural disasters that have occurred, it remains standing in perfect shape.

#13. The Stone Age Tunnels

Tunnels such as the ones that can be seen in the photograph below can be found from Scotland to Turkey, all across Europe. In spite of the fact that they remain in relatively good shape, these tunnels have a rocky history.

Photo: Courtesy of Thiswillblowmymind

Dating back to pre-Christian times, these underground passages had several functions. A common use might have been for safeguarding and travel during wartime. However, we have much to learn about these fascinating tunnels.

#12. The “UFO” Discs

We all have our inner geeks that love UFO stories. At least a dozen other-worldly discs have been found in Russia. Conspirational theorists had a field day with this discovery, let’s see what they have to say.

Photo: Courtesy of Thiswillblowmymind

Some have stated these discs contain tungsten, a component used in military technology, thus framing the Russian military. Others, however, admit the presence of strange activity. To conclude, the truth remains a mystery.

#11. The Antikythera Mechanism

This strange artifact known as the Antikythera Mechanism was invented around 100BC. The round shape was meant to predict astronomical and astrological phenomena. The complex mechanisms it contains are quite unique.

Photo: Courtesy of Thiswillblowmymind

So unique, in fact, that historians, as well as archaeologists, agree that they haven’t seen an invention resembling this anywhere in the world. Known as history’s first analogical computer, it was allegedly used by ancient Greeks to chart the movement of the sun and planets as well as to signal the next Olympic Games.

#10. The Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines are amazing shapes and forms located in Peru, somewhere near the city of Ica. There are helicopter tours you can actually book to visit and glimpse these mesmerizing shapes, although walking tours are also advisable.

Photo: Courtesy of Thiswillblowmymind

These famous geoglyphs date back to 800 BCE. The thing that most puzzles visitors is the fact that these can only be seen at enormous height, from the air. How exactly where they made? Not even historians have the answer!

#9. The Mohenjo-Daro

Mohenjo-Daro is an ancient city that made the headlines in the 1920s. In fact, it might just be one of the oldest in the world. Around 2500 BC, this structure represented one of the biggest urban settlements around the globe, and its ruins can still be visited in what is now Pakistan.

Photo: Courtesy of Thiswillblowmymind

This ancient structure has been studied by plenty since it’s re-discovery. Scientists have even found remains of a drainage system, and one of the buildings even had an underground furnace, most likely for heated bathing. That implies that whoever planned this city was incredibly ahead of their time.

#8. A Saqqara Bird

The Saqqara Bird was discovered in 1898. However, this strange shape is as old as time, as archaeologists believe it was made around 200 BC. Found inside a tomb, this shape is now inside the Museum of Cairo.

Photo: Courtesy of Thiswillblowmymind

Some archaeologists optimistically agree that this model was one of the first ideas or objects man created regarding aviation. However, most historians have argued this is actually the shape of a Falcon, which has a special connotation in Egyptian culture.

#7. The 1000-Year-Old Mounds

The photograph looks like something belonging to a Lord of the Rings movie, don’t you think? This 1000-year-old mound was discovered in Canada and reveals the presence of Viking Settlers way before the arrival of Christopher Columbus.

Photo: Courtesy of Thiswillblowmymind

Even though these mounds were discovered in 1960, little is known about them. Some theories claim they belonged to indigenous people, but recent evidence shows they belonged to Vikings, who arrived at the American continent somewhere around the 10th century.

#6. The Yonaguni Monument

The Yonaguni Monument can be found submerged underwater off the coast of Japan. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most striking discoveries ever made underwater. In spite of the fact that the steps are incredibly regular, the debate is still strong about whether they are natural or manmade.

Photo: Courtesy of Thiswillblowmymind

The discovery of this monument happened quite by surprise. Some divers were on the lookout for hammerhead sharks, but instead, they came across this ancestral structure. Little research has actually gone into finding out what it really is.

#5. The London Hammer

This discovery was made in 1936, pretty much by accident. The son of a couple broke open a curious-looking rock, and inside, this weird-looking object appeared. Upon realizing this was probably an ancient hammer, the couple handed it over to historians.

Photo: Courtesy of Thiswillblowmymind

The findings show this object is around 400 million years old. Archaeologists still debate the true nature of this object though. The artifact is currently exhibited in Texas’ Creation Evidence Museum, owned and run by creationist Carl Baugh.

#4. 240 Tons Of Forgotten Pure Silver

In 2012, the Odyssey Marine Exploration of Florida came about a surprising discovery. These blocks of gold were recovered from the depths of the ocean, and they are worth quite the sum.

Photo: Courtesy of Thiswillblowmymind

Their history begins with the Second World War. Several British boats and submarines were sunk by the Nazi torpedo strikes, and with them, soldiers, civilians, as well as these 240 tonnes of pure silver. Who’s the lucky man who discovered this?

#3. The Voynich Manuscript

Very little is actually known about the Voynich Manuscript. This scroll was the talk of every news outlet back in 2014 when two people brought this to the public eye. Although some of the pages are missing, 240 still remain, and it is believed that it comes from Italy.

Photo: Courtesy of Thiswillblowmymind

In spite of the fact that many historians have studied this manuscript, nobody knows more than the fact that this strange book dates back at least to the 15th century. The conditions of the manuscript seem quite good taking into account its age.

#2. Easter Island

These familiar faces are one of the most curious discoveries ever made. The Easter Island, located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, is home to at least 887 headstones and they maintain in oddly good conditions.

Photo: Courtesy of Thiswillblowmymind

These fabulous heads were made by the Rapa Nui culture, and they have charmed the world. You can find an example of these in the Natural History Museum of New York, so don’t miss a chance to take a picture with the huge head.

#1. A Mount Owen Moa Claw

This monstrous claw was found in Mount Owen in New Zealand. Its size is impressive, and the shape of the huge fingers begs the question: what animal did this belong to? If you were thinking it belonged to a dinosaur… you’re wrong!

Photo: Courtesy of Thiswillblowmymind

Scientists claim this belonged to a curious animal named the “Moa”. To the great surprise of many, the Moa is a type of bird – a giant-sized one, as you can see! However, don’t freak out, cause this animal hasn’t been around for over 3000 years.

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