24 Items All ’90s Girls Were Low-Key Obsessed With

Attention ’90s girls, this post was written for you. We know you still remember some of the trends that peaked during that time, so we have put together a little slideshow for you to enjoy! What are you waiting for? Put on a choker and let the nostalgia begin!

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#24. Hair Wraps

Let your inner hippie spirit soar free and take a look at the first item on our list. Whether you bought it from a beach vendor or made one yourself, these babies were everyone’s favorite hair accessory.

Photo: Courtesy of cerejadosundae.tumblr.com

Colorfully adorned with charms, or simply with different laces or strings, wrapping your hair was the fashion trend you just had to follow. What better way to express your personality, right?

#23. Overlay Dresses

Known for its brocade overlays and sweetheart necklines, this fashion trend vas a huge success during the ’90s and some of us are still not over it! So if you’re looking for a festive yet sexy outfit, this is your perfect choice!

Photo: Courtesy of tutusandtinyhats.wordpress.com

Back in the 90s, while some girls would pair them with high heels for a night out, some others would simply combine them with a white T-shirt and a pair of black Mary Jane shoes.
Keep sliding to see more fashion trends ahead!

#22. J.A.N.E Cosmetics

Long before discovering MAC, Sephora, Rimmel or Maybelline, every teenage girl was obsessed with J.A.N.E Cosmetics. It was common for them to hit the Target shelves and buy every shade of lipstick.

Photo: Courtesy of BuzzFeed

Although makeup trends have changed over the years, there are many girls and young women who have not forgotten their inner ’90s girl and still wear J.A.N.E Cosmetics. Do you?

#21. Your Own Custom Day Planner

It was quite common for girls during the ’90s to customize their diaries and day planners. Back then, your choice of color and pattern said everything people needed to know about you.

Photo: Courtesy of Etsy

Girls would often carry their day planners with them and include pictures with their friends and loved ones on them. This trend later evolved during the early ’00s into expressing yourself through your phone case and the accessories that came with it.

#20. Celestial Patterns

Whether it was only a simple T-shirt or some big long curtains, you just had to have something with this pattern. No other type of pattern screams ’90s boho girl like this.

Photo: Courtesy of Etsy

Usually deep or light blue, with golden suns, moons and (or) stars, this fabric was on almost every girl’s bedroom or closet. There were even chests with these beautiful drawings all over them. Every teen girl had one. What about you?

#19. Saris

We bet you remember Gwen Stefani sticking a bindi to her forehead, don’t you? Yes, of course, you do! Because that was the beginning of a whole new world of color and textures. And by color and textures, we mean no other thing than… Saris!

Photo: Courtesy of ThinkStock

Every girl who grew up in the ’90s wanted to have a sari, and thanks to Urban Outfitters it was possible for them to have one covering the couch, the bed, and even the walls!

#18. Bead Bracelets

Okay, time to be a little honest here. Even though some of us loved wearing these, there was not a single person who knew what they were supposed to be. To this day, we still haven’t got a clue!

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

What we do know, is that we loved stacking several of these lovely colorful Tibetan prayer beads bracelets at the same time! Some girls would even match the bracelets to their outfits. Clever, right?

#17. Glitter… Lots Of Glitter

Thank goodness this trend is coming back! Long before some of you could ever remember, it was quite a hit to cover your entire body with glitter. Well, let’s correct that, it wasn’t just glitter on the body, it was glitter on every girl’s hair as well!

Photo: Courtesy of http://www.gurl.com/2014/04/10/best-90s-makeup-beauty-products/

Like we said above, the glitter trend has been making quite a comeback with festival looks and TV shows like Euphoria, where glitter and makeup are just as important as they were during the ’90s.

#16. Long-A-Line Skirts

While some girls enjoyed wearing short skirts or overlay dresses with a plain white T-shirt, some others would choose these well-known skirts. Let us introduce you to Long-A-Line skirts. This is as ’90s as it can get!

Photo: Courtesy of iheartthenineties.tumblr.com

They were so comfortable that you could compare them to your favorite pair of baggy jeans, and there wasn’t a single girl who didn’t have at least one of these skirts in their closets. It doesn’t look like something a teen would use today, am I right?

#15. Embellished Jeans

Nowadays, there isn’t a single girl that doesn’t have a pair of embellished jeans. In fact, it is quite common for any random pair of jeans to have eye-catching details. But what about in the ’90s?

Photo: Courtesy of fuckyeahugly90sclothes.tumblr.com

Back in the ’90s, these jeans were quite a new trend, so girls were constantly looking for new ways to customize their own jeans. Whether it had some beads, an exotic trim or some embroidery, having a pair of these jeans was one of the only ways to look and feel fancy.

#14. Hologram Clothes And Accessories

This is another ’90s trend that seems to be finally making a comeback: everything hologram! From halter tops to midi or maxi dresses, and even some accessories, every girl who grew up in the ’90s is happy that these babies are back!

Photo: Courtesy of andinojewellery.co.uk
If you like this trend and everything related to it, we’re sure you’re really happy that it’s making a comeback right?
Hey! We’re close to the end of our list, there are still so many trends to remember. Slide to see!

#13. Glow-In-The-Dark Stars

Let’s put clothes and accessories on hold for a moment so we can talk about this particular glowing ’90s trend: plastic stars you could stick to your ceiling (or any other surface) and look at them forever (or at least until the light they stored lasted).

Photo: Courtesy of sodahead.com

Every person who claims to be a ’90s kid can only be considered one if they had some (or a lot) of these stars in their bedroom. It was a pleasure to lay in bed at night and look at this fake glowing sky, wasn’t it?

#12. Sparkly Stickers

Back in the ’90s, you could get these stickers from almost any vending machine and, let’s be honest, they were the bomb! It was almost impossible not to like them!

Photo: Courtesy of etsy.com

No matter where you wanted to stick them, they were the perfect way to accessorize your locker, your book covers, and even your folders! It would be quite a cool way to customize your cell phone, wouldn’t it?

#11. Wooden Clogs

Perhaps they weren’t the most comfortable thing to wear, however, wooden clogs were really popular and came in several colors, so it was no surprise that every girl had a pair (or even more) of them!

Photo: Courtesy of etsy.com

Matching your shoes to your entire outfit and accessories was something you just had to do, so the many colors that were available really did come in handy.
Slide to see more of our favorite trends!

#10. Novelty Rings

Novelty rings were really popular, and that’s a fact. What is also a fact is that these little babies are also making a comeback. There seems to be some ’90s nostalgia in the air, as some girls have taken a liking to those years’ trends.

Photo: Courtesy of wheretoget.it/look/246876

A smiling face, an alien or an eyeball were some of the most popular ones. Oh, and let’s not forget the Ying-Yang! If you were in high school, you just had to wear one of these if you wanted to look cool.
Slide to see more accessories from the ’90s!

#9. Blacklight Accessories

Even if you weren’t an active part of the rave scene, you could still have access to any of these glowing accessories. After all… Who wouldn’t want to glow in the dark?

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Earrings, bracelets, patches, everything glowed in the dark, even the posters on your walls! If you wanted your room to look cool, then this was the way to go.
Makeup lovers, slide to see what comes next!

#8. Bonne Bell Lip Shades

Lipstick is always one of our favorite things to talk about. Especially if they come with moisturizing color, SPF 15 and even flavor, right? No wonder girls always went crazy over them!

Photo: Courtesy of fromameliaswindow.blogspot.com

While some girls would often go for mocha colors to match their plump lipsticks, some others would choose bolder colors such as bright orange or metallic purple.

#7. Personalizing Everything You Owned

It was a popular trend for girls (and boys too!) in the ’90s to personalize every single thing they owned. From sticking pictures to notebooks to decorating their lockers and diaries, customization was everything.

Photo: Courtesy of swaggchicgal.tumblr.com

One of everyone’s favorite thing to do was sewing patches to their backpacks, boys and girls alike. Classic designs included the MTV logo and cartoons or pop bands from that time.

#6. Knee-High Boots

Before the thigh-high boots and every-other-type-of-high boots existed, there were the knee-high boots. Girls who were fans of these type of boots would often wear them with shift dresses.

Photo: Courtesy of iheartthenineties.tumblr.com

While they became quite popular during the ’90s, these boots are actually a little throwback to the ’60s go-go that made quite an impact a few decades later. Let’s face it, they look great!

#5. Glints

Dying your hair was every girl’s dream, but it was rare to get your parents’ approval… until glints showed up! The results were so subtle that it was almost impossible for your parents to know if you had done it or not.

Photo: Courtesy of ayamakeup.co/glints-hair-color/

Glints were a perfect choice if you wanted to enhance your hair color a bit, without having to change your color completely. Let’s hope this ’90s trend never ends!

#4. Hair Mascara

If dying your hair permanently was not your thing, L’OREAL had your back. There was this thing called Hair Mascara and, in case you don’t remember, it was every girl’s favorite hair product.

Photo: Courtesy of eastendcosmetics.co.uk

It was easy to apply and came in several colors, such as green, gold and silver, and allowed you to create different looks without having to damage your hair. Pretty cool, right?

#3. Orbitz

These babies look like cool colorful lava lamps, don’t you think? But do not let their appearance fool you, because none of these would have helped you read at night.

Photo: Courtesy of he90sinreview.tumblr.com

Orbitz sodas used to have quite an eye-catching bottle. But that’s not why they were so successful. What made this brand so popular back in the ’90s is that people would often buy them because everyone loved drinking funky floating bubbles.

#2. Hemp Products

Okay, this one might have not been everyone’s favorite skincare line products, but we still had to add them to our list. You can’t just ignore the fact that these babies were quite popular back in the ’90s.

Photo: Courtesy of mybeautybunny.com

There was this particular line of products that had a quite unique scent. Apparently, some people enjoyed smelling like pot, so The Body Shop made that thing possible. Kinda interesting, right?

#1. Dreamy Boho Mosquito Net Canopies

This has definitely got to be every ’90s boho girl dream bed. By simply adding a nice long piece of transparent fabric, you could change your whole room and give it lovely boho vibes.

Photo: Courtesy of millypuppie.tumblr.com

If you were looking to get livelier vibes, and a colorful surrounding was your thing, you could just simply dye the fabric of your choosing and there it was! Perfect hippie ethereal vibes.

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