Would You Say These Are The Funniest Film Characters Of All Time?

When Friday night comes up, there is one plan that will never fail you. Yup… watching your favorite movies with your friends, alone or with your partner is actually one of the most enjoyable things you can do. However, we all know the drag of wasting hours before we finally pick THE one. And how annoying is it, if that one turns out to be boring! Well, guess what? Problem solved! Here is a list of those characters we love the most and make us laugh non-stop. The following list of films simply can’t be absent on your Friday night, and they are a guaranteed hit. #3 is hysterically funny, and definitely a must-watch. #8 and #2 are also our favorites!

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#20. Dr. Evil In Austin Powers

Austin Powers first came into our lives in the ’90s, and since then, we’ve definitely been hooked. This classic is unlike any spy movie you’ve ever watched before: a hilarious villain who is greedy to the core, a cliche spy and incredible one-liners. We can’t stress enough the fact that these characters are pure gold.

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Dr. Evil isn’t any kind of villain, he actually spends years in a school learning all about the arts of scamming and other unthinkable things. Don’t doubt for a second, this is a movie you need to watch at least once in your lifetime. For another movie you can’t miss, go to the next slide.

#19. Elle Woods In Legally Blonde

Elle Woods taught us so many valuable things about life, fashion, and flirting, we can’t thank her enough. This movie is all about deconstructing stereotypes (and reinforcing some others). This is the kind of movie that simply can’t miss from your Girls night collection.

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In this movie, Resse Witherspoon portrays a young, naive, good-intentioned privileged girl who doesn’t seem preoccupied with her studies or anything else but shopping. Suddenly something goes awry with her relationship and she decides to give her life a makeover… ending up at Harvard Law School. Need I say more?

#18. Oda Mae Brown In Ghost

Whoopi Goldberg has her fair share of characters who bring out a smile in us. However Oda Mae Brown was an easy pick for us, and the Oscar she won for Best Supporting Actress seems to back this opinion. Even though she plays a secondary role in this film, she truly steals the spotlight.

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The plot follows a man who loses his life, but returns as a ghost. Things get weird when he decides to follow his attacker and discover what actually happened. In this movie, Oda Mae Brown is an excentric psychic who can communicate with the ghost. Don’t miss the next slide for another bizarre plot.

#17. Derek Zoolander In Zoolander

This list wouldn’t be complete without our loved Derek Zoolander. Ben Stiller goes all out, with his ridiculous, fashionable, hilarious, and let’s just say it, strange as hell character. This is a movie to watch at least once in your lifetime. It is so strange, nothing I use to describe it will be enough.

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This movie plays with plenty of stereotypes and makes a joke out of everything. There is nothing in this movie that can be taken seriously. The truth of the matter is, this comedy will truly live out its purpose when you watch it. It will make you fall out of your chair in laughter… seriously, it’s that funny and bizarre.

#16. Dr. Rumack In Airplane

Put on your seat belt and sit tight, because the next 87 minutes will be a bumpy ride. Airplane! was ranked among the top 5 best comedy films in 2007 and there is a reason why. The plot starts with a twist when an excentric ex-fighter pilot tries to win his girlfriend back during a flight. I sure wouldn’t want to be in her place.

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We adore every character in this film, and while all the characters have spot-on one-liners, this doctor has a special place in our heart. His greatest flaw seems to be the fact that he tends to misinterpret everything that is said to him, resulting in some hilarious scenes.

#15. Deadpool In Deadpool

Just when you were getting tired of the classic superhero storyline, Deadpool comes to save the day… or to throw us off our tracks. Ryan Reynolds surprises the audience once again with this rib-tickling role. Don’t let the superhero theme mislead you though, this movie is very much R-rated.

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A friendly warning before you see this movie is that you will be faced with incredibly funny one-liners and surprisingly dark humor. If that’s not your thing, then the next slide might be a good alternative. However, we recommend and enjoyed watching this character.

#14. Regina George In Mean Girls

Mean Girls is the best comedy to watch with your friends on a movie night. The movie is a fantastic spinoff on the classic teen plot that features the underdogs. Follow the adventures of these teens, as they will surely make you cry, feel empathy and above all laugh all the way.

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Regina George is the funniest character in this movie. Her questionable priorities and her intense personality make us love and hate her at the same time. Even though she is portrayed as the ultimate ‘Mean Girl’, we can’t help but kind of root for her at certain moments.

#13. Chong Wang In Shanghai Noon

The Jackie Chan movies have been part of an entire generation’s childhood. Each character, each movie, and every plot is absolutely excellent. For those who remain in the dark (for now) and are unaware of the storyline, beware. Once you watch this man in action there is no turning back.

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What makes Jackie Chan brilliant, is the fact that his comedy is done mainly through his body and his actions rather than his lines. Through his masterful skills in martial arts, he creates hilarious situations and conveys the strongest of emotions.

#12. Emily Charlton In The Devil Wears Prada

A hateful job… everyone can relate to that, and what better way to deal with it than with humor? This movie fulfills every one of our fantasies about a job that gives us everything we ever wanted like the latest Marc Jacobs purse, or trips to Paris… but at what cost?

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Upon watching this film, we instantly fell in love with Emily Charlton. Her scenes are truly the funniest and most exasperating to watch. Plus, there is no denying we also got a little kick out of her struggles in the workplace. If her character isn’t enough to convince you, then tune in to enjoy Meryl Streep as the evil boss.

#11. Donkey In Shrek

Shrek is that kind of movie that you need to watch when you’re feeling down. This animated film is everything that’s good in the comedy universe of movies, and it never ceases to bring a smile to my face. The storyline depicts friendship between unusual characters and soon enough you’ll root for the underdogs in this movie.

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Donkey’s voice is actually Eddie Murphy, and boy, that man is a pure genius when it comes to comedy. His lovable character has us bent over laughing at every scene. His voice is great at transmitting all kinds of emotions. To conclude, we truly thank him for bringing this character to life.

#10. Smokey In Friday

We only need to glance at the clothes in this picture to know this movie is so 90’s we’ll love it. Chris Tucker is a man who can seriously manage his vocal range: his tones can reach so high, they’ll leave you cackling non-stop. This incredible actor has performed all kinds of roles since his youth.

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However, aside from his role in The Fifth Element, our love will forever lie with Smokey. His jokes are far from forced, and his humor is sharp. In fact, for many people, Friday represented a breath of fresh air in the comedy world. For another 90’s classic you’ll love, go to slide #4.

#9. Hannon Mullins In The Heat

We’ve seen Melissa McCarthy in all our favorite movies including Bridesmaids, and the ultimate series, Gilmore Girls. Her characters are full of flaws but we can’t help but feel identified with her. In The Heat, this actress is at the top of her game. Her sense of humor will throw you off every single scene.

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After watching this movie the first time, you’ll be wanting more of Shannon Mullins in your life. In this movie, her character depicts a rebellious detective who seems to break more rules than enforce them. Don’t miss this great comedy, and the chance to fall off your seat in laughter.

#8. Daniel Hillard In Mrs. Doubtfire

What can we say, but the fact that comedy is in eternal debt towards Robin Williams? His movies, his characters, his spontaneous accents, and personalities will forever be treasured. It was difficult to pick only one of his top-notch characters but here it is. We were never the same after watching this movie.

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For those of you who still haven’t seen this movie, do yourself a favor, and put this on your to-do list. In the movie Robin Williams dresses up as a housekeeper in order to be closer to his children and win his wife back… Do you really need to know anything else? Trust us, with this movie… you really can’t go wrong.

#7. Lloyd Christmas In Dumb And Dumber

Jim Carrey is loved and hated by many. It is difficult to meet someone who is impartial to this actor and while he may have some questionable roles overall, we definitely recommend the comedy classic Dumb And Dumber. This movie truly delivers, so give it a chance and you won’t be disappointed.

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So sit back, grab a bowl of popcorn and don’t even try to hold your laughter in. At the end of the movie, you can decide who you consider being the dumb and who the dumber. Our bets are all in for Lloyd Christmas. For another controversial and well-known comedian, slide to check out the next character.

#6. Ron Burgundy In Anchorman

There just had to be a Will Ferrell movie on this list. Anchorman is pretty much a classic and I’ll tell you why. His character is full of hyper-masculine stereotypes which result in some comical actions as well as hilarious one-liners. It only takes a glance at the promotional poster, to understand what I’m saying.

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Everything seems to be going alright for him when suddenly a new crew member stands up and decides nobody should stand or even tolerate his ways. The second part of the movie is a series of revengeful actions as well as a growing rivalry that will stop at nothing. Don’t miss this quirky version of Will Ferrell.

#5. Adenoid Hynkel In The Great Dictator

Charlie Chaplin simply can’t miss in any list regarding comedies. His brilliance is particularly noticeable because of the fact that still decades after his movies hit the theatres, the crowds can’t help but laugh non-stop. What can we say? His sense of humor is timeless, and that’s what makes him the greatest of all.

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In this particular movie, his character depicts a crazed dictator. Needless to say, he was making a parody of Hitler and his messages on hate. In spite of it being a tough topic to turn into comedy, Chaplin manages it effortlessly and hilariously. He also acts as a Jewish barber, confusing the audience even more.

#4. Cher Horowitz In Clueless

This 90’s classic is an all-time favorite. Cher Horowitz is the kind of it girl we all want to see in a high school film. She is funny, fashionable, sweet and of course filthy rich. Everything in life is easy for this teen except for one thing: boys. We’ve all been there, Cher. Don’t stress it.

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Weird and hilarious stuff begins to happen when her half-brother comes into town for a visit. They have a frenemy relationship which soon turns… romantic? Yup, things get weird. Good thing for us is that along this bumpy ride, we get to laugh away at some great while a bit cliche lines.

#3. Gracie Hart In Miss Congeniality

Miss Congeniality is everything that is right in this world. The plot depicts a tough FBI agent, Sanda Bullock. At the beginning of the movie, she is portrayed as being completely uninterested in her looks, fashion or anything of the kind. The twist comes, however, when she is forced to go undercover… at a beauty pageant contest.

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We fell in love with Gracie Hart from the first moment we saw her donut and coffee-stained joggings. Her cynicism towards the Miss America contest and its gorgeous contests is just too good not to laugh out loud. From her facial expressions, her awkward movements to her hilarious lines, this character makes one of our favorites of all time.

#2. Annie Walker In Bridesmaids

Christen Wiig is that kind of actor that you need to watch on a girls night. She understands everything that’s going on with women and exploits it in a hilarious way. Her jokes reflect some hardcore underlying truths, and we love her for it. This movie depicts friendship between women in an unapologetic, sassy uncensored way, and we just love it.

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If you’re even thinking about not watching this movie let me tell you, aside from this actress, the cast is unbelievable. Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, and Melissa McCarthy are just some of the famous names you’ll recognize in the movie. Plus, the chemistry they show on screen is off the charts.

#1. Gloria Cleary In Wedding Crashers

If Isla Fisher is in the movie, you know something good must be on the horizon. Pretty much every character in this film will have you bend over laughing. The plot follows the adventures of two great friends who pretty much crash weddings, have a blast, seduce women and have a great time at it.

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While Vince Vaughan delivers some pretty sharp one-liners, this gorgeous actress truly stole the screen. I even found myself longing for more scenes with her. What makes her so funny is the fact that behind her naive and innocent facade, she is actually quite obsessive and a full-on clinger. Don’t miss her in action.

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