Top 23 Celebrity Pets You Should Be Following On Instagram & Twitter

Nowadays, most celebrities are all about social media and they just love to make their lives public. And more often than not, their pets become the part of their lives that they most like to share. In fact, some celebrity pets even have their own personalized Instagram or Twitter accounts. Here’s a list of the 23 most famous celebrity pets that are the talk of the town. Are you following them on social media? Well, what are you waiting for?

Photo: Courtesy of Get Leashed Magazine

#23. Neville Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is a famous American fashion designer. He reached fame as the creative director of the iconic design house Louis Vuitton, but now runs his own fashion label, Marc Jacobs. But do you know what else he’s famous for? His beautiful pet, Neville!

Photo: Courtesy of vogue

Meet Neville Jacobs, Marc’s pet pit bull terrier. Of course, he has his own Instagram account, nevillejacobs, which includes many pictures of him playing with other dogs. What is more, you may even see pictures of Neville on billboards advertising his owner’s clothing.

#22. Norman And Bambi Jenner

Kylie Jenner is an American model and businesswomen, famous for her appearance in the reality TV series Keeping Up with the KardashiansAs we know, she loves to share her life with her fans, and her pets are no exception!

Photo: Courtesy of TMZ

These cute little pooches are Norman and Bambi Jenner, Kylie’s dashing Italian greyhounds. Of course, these little fellas have their own Instagram page, normieandbambijenner. It’s true, their accounts don’t have many pictures, but you will find some very adorable photos from when they were puppies.

#21. Lucy, Leo And Bear Vonn

Lindsey Vonn is one of the most talented alpine ski racers in the history of America. She has won 4 World Cup championships and became the first American woman to win a gold medal in downhill in the Winter Olympics. But skiing is not her only passion; did you know that she’s a dog lover?

Photo: Courtesy of

Meet LucyLeo, and Bear Vonn, Lindsey’s rescued pups. They have their own shared Instagram account, vonndogs, which includes dozens of pictures of them playing in the snow. Crazily enough, they seem to love snow as much as her mother does!

#20. Kane Songz

Trey Songz is a well-known singer, songwriter, and actor, most famous for his debut album I Gotta Make It. With over 25 million albums sold, he is one of the most successful rappers of these days. But do you know what else he’s famous for? His beautiful pet!

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Meet Kane Songz, Trey’s cute Frenchton pooch, a cross between a French bulldog and a Boston terrier. Not only does he have his own Instagram account (kanesongz), but he has also appeared in a few of his dad’s videoclips. Beat that!

#19. Wacha Cohen

Andy Cohen is one of America’s most famous radio and TV talk show hosts, famous for his late-night talk show Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Who do you think is prettier, Andy, or his beautiful dog Wacha?

Photo: Courtesy of People

Wacha Cohen was rescued from a shelter in West Virginia. How lucky is he? He passed from living in the streets to having a room of his own in one of the most luxurious apartments in New York City. He has his own Instagram account, therealwacha, which is full of pictures of him and his dad.

#18. Diana Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is an Indian actress, model, and singer, who catapulted to fame after winning the Miss World 2010 pageant. She then pursued a career in acting, winning numerous awards, such as one National Film Award. But do you know who is just as famous as her? Her dog!

Photo: Courtesy of

Meet Priyanka’s doggo, Diana Chopra. Of course, this fancy little creature has her own Instagram account, diariesofdiana, which has over 100,000 followers. Priyanka loves dressing her up with bizarre outfits, as you can appreciate in the picture above. What are you waiting for, look her up!

#17. King Maximus And Princess Alexus

Tracy Marrow, popularly known for his artistic name Ice-T, is an American rapper, songwriter, and actor, famous for his rap albums Rhyme Pays and Power. But did you know he has the most beautiful pets with the funniest names ever?

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter

Meet King Maximus and Princess Alexus, the dogs of Ice-T and his wife Coco. Follow them on Instagram, they’re as fancy as it gets! Sometimes, Ice-T even makes them wear crowns… you don’t wanna miss that!

#16. Julio Lopez

Julio Lopez isn’t JLO’s pooch, but the one of actor, TV host and journalist Mario Lopez. Does he ring a bell? You’ve probably seen him as a host on The X Factor and America’s Best Dance Crew.

Photo: Courtesy of Celebrity Pet Worth

His doggo, Julio, is just the most adorable French bulldog you’ll ever see. Look him up and follow him on Twitter (@JulioCCLopez). His bio says “Playa. Gangsta. Champion. Pimp. and Papi Chulo“. I know, like father like son, right?

#15. Ewok Greenberg

The American actor Bryan Greenberg and Korean actress Jamie Chung are probably one of the most beloved celebrity couples out there. One can’t help but love them, they’ve got the most beautiful doggo in the whole world!

Photo: Courtesy of People

Meet Ewok Greenberg, one of the most popular dogs on Instagram. The couple adopted little Ewok from a rescue center, and in a matter of months, he had already reached thousands of followers. Check out his photos on ewokgreenberg!

#14. Finn Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried is a famous actress, model, and singer, most famous for her roles in the teen comedy Mean Girls and in the 2008 remake of the classic musical Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. She also starred in the HBO series Big Love, and guess what?

Photo: Courtesy of People

One day, a litter of puppies appeared on the show’s set, and Seyfried fell in love with them in an instant. She adopted one of these pups and named him Finn. This cute doggo has his own Instagram account, finnsite, and if you scroll down his pictures, you’ll see that he loves dressing up with his mom!

#13. Smooshy Cuoco

Ever since The Big Bang Theory was released back in 2007, Kaley Cuoco catapulted to fame and became one of the most successful actresses out there. In fact, she has received both Satellite, People’s Choice, and Critics’ Choice awards for her TV show performances. But here’s something you probably didn’t know about her…

Photo: Courtesy of

Did you know that Cuoco has a pet miniature horse named Mooshy? Mooshy was rescued from a shelter but now lives a great Hollywood-style life. Wanna see more pictures of this beauty? Look her up on her Instagram page, lifewithshmooshy.

#12. Nacho Flay

Bobby Flay is one of the best and most popular celebrity chefs in the world, also famous as a reality TV personality in Iron Chef and Beat Bobby FlayBut apart from all these cooking shows, he’s also famous for being the owner of this dashing cat!

Photo: Courtesy of Tasting Table

This is Nacho Flay, Bobby’s Garfield-like cat. Can you believe how big he is? For more pics, follow him on Instagram (nachoflay). Have you read his hilarious bio? It says: “Healthy eating is my new mantra. I have my own private chef“.

#11. Olly Gervais

Ricky Gervais is an English stand-up comedian, actor, and screenwriter who became a worldwide icon after his talk show Meet Ricky Gervais. But hey, enough about him, let’s focus on his gorgeous cat, Olly Gervais!

Photo: Courtesy of The Dodo

It seems that Ricky really loves his cat, cause not only did he create a Twitter account of his own, but “Ollie” tweets almost every day! And he’s just as funny as his dad, there’s no arguing about that!

#10. Ru Enninful

Edward Enninful is a British fashion stylist and editor-in-chief of the iconic magazine British Vogue. He’s worked in fashion ever since he was 18, and guess what? He has a beautiful little pooch who is just as fancy as he is!

Photo: Courtesy of Clarín

Say hi to Ru Enninful, Edward’s Boston terrier. Of course, he has his own Instagram account, ruenninfulwhich has nearly 20 thousand followers. Let’s face it, we’ll never be as popular as this pooch!

#9. Meredith Swift

Taylor Swift is a world-famous American pop and country singer, famous for songs such as Blank Space, Shake It Off, and Look What You Made Me Do. She has sold over 50 million albums throughout her career, becoming one of the best-selling musicians in history. But do you know who else is famous? Her cute little cat, Meredith!

Photo: Courtesy of One Country

Meredith Swift is the pop star’s pet kitty. Not only does Swift upload pictures of her all the time, but she has even created a Twitter account of her own. Her description says: “Happy. Furry. Confused. Hungry. At the same time.” Now, Meredith has two cat sisters, Olivia and Benjamin Button.

#8. Toaster Rose

Kevin Rose is an Internet entrepreneur, and you probably know him for his latest creations, which include Digg, Pownce, and Revision3. But guess what!? He also has the loveliest dog in the world!

Photo: Courtesy of The Golden Hour

Meet Toaster Rose, Kevin’s dashing labradoodle puppy. Doesn’t he seem like the best work buddy ever? And the fluffiest one, too! Look him up on Twitter by the name @ToasterPup!

#7. Purrfect The Cat

CeeLo Green is a singer, rapper, and actor, famous as part of the hip hop group Goodie Mob and for his single album The Odd Couple. But hey, what is it with rappers that they always have the most dashing pets out there?

Photo: Courtesy of NBC News

This is Purrfect the Cat, the fluffiest cat ever. Does he ring a bell? That’s probably ’cause you’ve seen him as a judge on The Voice sitting on his owner’s lap! Look her up on Twitter (@PurrfectTheCat), you won’t stop scrolling down his photos!

#6. Lupo

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, and his wife Catherine Middleton are probably one of the most famous and beloved royal couples in the world. What is more, not only do they have a beautiful son together, but a gorgeous little pooch as well!

Photo: Courtesy of

This is Lupo, one of the prettiest royal dogs ever. He doesn’t actually have an official Twitter account, but someone created one in his honor under the name HRH_Lupo. Wondering what his bio reads? “Prince among royal pooches. Pet of Duke & Duchess of Cambridge. Prince George’s furry big brother. Likes sausages“.

#5. Shanti Om BB

We all know Miley Cirus, right? She started off as a Disney Channel icon starring in the comedy musical Hannah Montana but came to be one of the most famous singers and songwriters in America. Last year, she got married to Hollywood icon Liam Hemsworth, and months later, they introduced the world to their new family member, Shanti.

Photo: Courtesy of

Shanti Om BB is Cyrus’ fluffy, cute white cat. She has her own Instagram page, shantiombb, whose profile reads: “I love you. You love me. I’m Shanti Om Bb! PS for bookings DM me.” She has over 50,000 followers, so I guess that Miley’s four other cats must be pretty envious!

#4. Miss Asia Kinney

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love Lady Gaga? Famous for her unconventional and provocative work onstage, she has been rocking the music world over the past decade. What is more, she has also become a Hollywood icon, winning an Oscar nomination for her leading role in A Star Is Born. But did you know that her pets are also stars on their own?

Photo: Courtesy of Lecturas

Lady Gaga has several dogs, but the most famous one is Miss Asia Kinney, this black pampered French bulldog. Miss Asia’s Instagram account, missasiaxoxo, has nearly 250,000 followers, and she often appears with her other Bulldog siblings.

#3. Paris Hilton’s Pets

Paris Hilton is a model, singer, businesswoman and media personality, famous for songs such as Stars Are Blind and Turn It Up. However, she’s most famous for her dozens of pets of all kinds. As you may imagine, she has an Instagram account, hiltonpets, dedicated to all her furry animals.

Photo: Courtesy of Get Leashed Magazine

Hilton’s most famous pet was Tinkerbell, her pet Chihuahua that looked just like Reese Witherspoon’s in Legally Blonde. Unfortunately, Tinkerbell passed away a few years ago, but she has nearly a dozen other dogs, apart from pigs, cats, bunnies, and even donkeys. Did you know that her pets live in their own $325,000 mansion? Lucky them!

#2. Graham Sheeran

There’s not much to add about Ed Sheeran and his talent that you don’t already know, right? This English songwriter, guitarist, and actor has revolutionized the music industry with hits such as Perfect and Shape of You, but you know what else?

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest

Apart from his sheer talent, Ed has the most adorable cat you’ve ever seen! Little Graham Sheeran is a cute little kitten rescued from a shelter, and you should definitely be following him on Twitter. Look up @GrahamShizza!

#1.Oprah Winfree

OK, our #1 may be a bit misleading, for the cute little doggo named Oprah Winfree has nothing to do with the world’s biggest talk show host ever of the same name. On the contrary, he belongs to rapper 50 Cent!

Photo: Courtesy of Jezebel

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many pictures of him on his Twitter account, but give me one good reason why you shouldn’t be following him? Look him up by the name @OprahTheDog and I guarantee you’ll be scrolling down his photos all day long.

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