These 20 Strange And Creepy Facts Will Leave You In Awe

Learning new facts is always fun… or is it? To be honest, some facts are so terrifying that they should better be left unknown. Here is a list of the 20 weirdest and creepiest facts that will definitely send shivers down your spines. Are you ready? You can’t say I haven’t warned you!

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#20. Sloths Can Die From Starvation With Full Stomach

Sloths are one of the funniest creatures on earth, mainly because of the widely known fact that they always move in slow motion. In fact, they move slower than any other mammal on earth. They are so lazy that they urinate only once a week!

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But here’s a weird fact about sloths that you probably didn’t know. If a sloth’s body temperature happens to drop too low, the bacteria in its stomach that helps digest the food may stop working. As a consequence, a sloth may actually starve to death despite having its stomach full. I’m glad us humans don’t have that risk!

#19. Horses Can’t Throw Up

Unless you grew up in the Arctic, I’m pretty sure all of you are familiar with horses. These animals have been domesticated for over 5,000 years… basically, by the time the first civilizations were established! But here’s a peculiar fact about horses you didn’t know.

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Unlike humans, horses can’t throw up. It’s physically impossible for them to do so due to the power of their cut-off valve muscle and due to the strange angle in which the esophagus meets the stomach. In fact, some veterinarians say that if a horse needs to throw up, it can die. That’s kind of scary!

#18. Medical Residents Often Make Mistakes

As we all know, when you go to the hospital, sometimes you’re attended by a medical resident instead of a professional doctor. Of course, we always choose to believe we’re in good hands, but… have any of you heard about the July effect?

Photo: Courtesy of American Medical Association

The July effect refers to the increased risk of medical and surgical errors caused by medical students. It happens in July since this is when med school students graduate and begin their residencies. Allegedly, 1 out of 20 first-year medical residents make mistakes that end in a patient’s death. Yikes!

#17. An Alligator’s Penis Is Always Erect

Alligators are one of the largest reptiles on earth and mainly live in the freshwater wetlands of North America. One of their most remarkable features is that they never stop growing, and may grow up to 15 feet long.

Photo: Courtesy of Chicago Tonight

But do you wanna learn something creepy? The male alligator’s penis is permanently erect. The structure of its penis is filled with a dense layer of a stiff protein known as collagen, which serves as protection. You definitely don’t wanna come across one of these guys!

#16. Don’t Shine A Flashlight On A Turtle

Turtles are reptiles famous for their hard shells which protect them from other predators. They are one of the oldest animals in the world, and they are also one of the few species that can outlive human beings.

Photo: Courtesy of Mother Nature Network

But here’s something you should know about turtles, specifically about sea turtles. Remember never to shine a flashlight or a smartphone on its face, or else its eyesight will be permanently damaged and it will start crawling in circles. You don’t want that to happen!

#15. Whales Can Drown

Whales are the largest animals on earth. Out of all the different species of whales, blue whales are the largest of all, and they can reach a maximum weight of 150,000 kg! Also, together with the turtles, they’re one of the few animals that can outlive humans, as they can live over 100 years.

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But when whales grow very old, they begin to lose strength. When this happens, when they swim too deep, they may not have enough strength to swim back to the ocean’s surface, in which case they’ll suffocate due to a lack of air. That’s kind of terrifying, isn’t it?

#14. Our Stomach Produces Mucus Constantly

Mucus is one of the grossest things in the world, but believe it or not, it’s pretty important for our bodies. In fact, our stomachs produce a new layer of mucus approximately every two weeks. It’s gross but at the same time kind of cool! So let’s learn a bit more about our stomach.

Photo: Courtesy of Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials

The human stomach is made up of different layers: the serosa, two muscle layers, and the mucosa. The mucosa is the stomach’s inner layer, and as its name suggest, its made up of lots of mucus. The mucosa is pretty important for our immune system since the mucoid cells contain antibodies and bacteria-killing enzymes which help fight off infections.

#13. Armadillos Can Carry Leprosy

Armadillos are pretty unique species. In fact, they’re the only animal that can roll into a ball as a means of protection. But in spite of how cute they look, little do people know that they are potentially deadly animals. The reason will surprise you.

Photo: Courtesy of The Howler Magazine

The bacteria that causes leprosy – which is a chronic disease that can generate nerve damage and disfigurement – is transmitted to humans from armadillos. In fact, several transmissions have been detected in the southern United States. Make sure you stay away from them next time you see one!

#12. You Can Catch Many Diseases By Kissing

When kids are in high school, they always dream of having their first kiss. But no matter how romantic the act of kissing is, you can actually catch many diseases by doing so. Of course, I’m not telling you not to do it, but just make sure the person you’re kissing is healthy!

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Gingivitis is one of the commonest diseases throughout the world, and it can easily be transmitted through saliva. The same can be said about more serious diseases such as mononucleosis, strep bacteria, type 1 herpes.

#11. Suicide Plants

Did you know there’s a plant called suicide plant? Of course, this is not its scientific name, but still, how scary does it sound? Suicide plants – also known as Gympie Gympie trees – are found in Australia and its leaves are covered with hairs that resemble hypodermic needles.

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If you touch these hairs, they will stick into your skin and will release a toxin. The pain caused by this substance can be compared to having your face covered in acid, and it can last several months. Let’s hope you never stumble upon one of these killer plants!

#10. Penguins Without A Mate May Be Ostracized

Penguins are a very unique species of birds. To begin with, they’re one of the few birds that cannot fly and one of the few than can swim. But another remarkable fact about penguins is that they mate for life, which is not a common trait among animals.

Photo: Courtesy of Stocksy United

Many species of penguins don’t have a permanent colony, given that males and females separate for several months and reunite during mating season. During the time they’re apart, one of the two mates may die or get lost. If the “widowed” penguin fails to find new mate, it will separate itself from the colony and his life will be at risk. Doesn’t that sound terrifying?

#9. Ducks May Indulge In Cannibalism

Ducks are aquatic birds that live in both fresh and seawater. They are one of the commonest birds, as they can be found in every continent except Antarctica. They are omnivores, as they feed both on plants, insects, and fish. But do you wanna learn something creepy about them?

Photo: Courtesy of Metzer Farms Duck and Goose Blog

Ducks are one of the few animal species that can indulge in cannibalism. This tendency can develop at any age, though ducklings over four weeks old are more prone to indulge in this practice. The main reasons behind this behavior include overcrowding, lack of ventilation, and improper nutrition.

#8. Crucifixion Is Legal In Sudan

If you haven’t found these 12 facts creepy enough, then get ready, because what’s coming next will definitely send shivers down your spine. Did you know that the death penalty is legal in many countries in the world, including some states of the USA? Well, Sudanese law allows even crueler punishments.

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The Sudanese law is based on Sharia law, a religious law inherent to the Islamic tradition. Not only does its legal system contemplate death penalty, but also different forms of corporal punishment, including crucifixion. Can you believe that?

#7. A Disturbing Japanese Dating App

It is common knowledge that many adults use dating apps to meet people more easily. However, the Japanese have taken things to a whole other level, since they’ve created a very creepy and disturbing dating computer game. Can you guess its name? Don’t even bother, it’s too bizarre!

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter

The dating game I’m talking about is called My Horse Prince. The weirdest thing about it is that the players date horses with human faces. If you ask me, that borders zoophilia. Would you dare play it?

#6. It Takes 22 Pounds To Crush A Testicle

Testicles are a key part of the male reproductive system. Their function is to produce testosterone, and their temperature is slightly lower than the rest of the body in order to allow sperm development. And as you probably know, they are one of the most sensitive parts of the male body.

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It takes 22 pounds of pressure to crush a human testicle, which is equivalent to 217 golf balls. This may sound like a lot, but pressing it hard with your fingers will do. That’s quite scary if you think about it.

#5. Many Americans Choke On Ballpoint Pens

Ballpoint pens are objects that most people use on a daily basis, especially if you’re a student or if you work in an office. However, even the simplest objects can be potentially dangerous if you don’t use them wisely.

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Many people tend to chew on pen caps or put them inside their mouth. Well, guess what? Nearly 100 Americans die each year from choking on a pen cap. So think things through next time you canalize your anxiety by chewing your pen!

#4. The Smell Of Cut Grass

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh-cut grass on a Sunday noon, right? Well, as pleasant as this may sound, I’ve got some bad news for you: cutting grass is quite morbid. Have you ever wondered why that particular scent is produced?

Photo: Courtesy of Mental Floss

That scent is actually the smell of chemical defenses. The grass releases different organic compounds known as green leaf volatiles as a result of a chemical distress signal. So if you think about it, the scent is just the grass trying to save itself from the injury you’ve inflicted.

#3. Remote Controls Are The Dirtiest House Item

We’ve all got a friend who’s crazy about hygiene, right? Well, most people believe that washing your hands after flushing the toilet is a must because of all the germs that the flush has. But guess what? The toilet flush valve is probably not the dirtiest item in your house.

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According to a study carried out by the University of Houston, two of the most contaminated house items are light switches and remote controls. So if you’re really concerned about germs, you should wash your hands each time you change the channel!

#2. Raw Oysters Are Alive When You Eat Them

Most people regard raw oysters as one of the world’s finest and tastiest delicacies. Have you ever tried one? Well, you may wanna think it through, because believe it or not, raw oysters are still alive when you eat them.

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No matter how gross this sounds, this is actually a good thing, because raw oysters are no longer safe to eat once they die. The reason behind this is that dead oysters carry lots of bacteria which can easily make you feel sick.

#1. Itchy Eyes From Swimming Pools Are Caused By Urine

Have any of you ever ended with itchy eyes after spending all afternoon in the swimming pool? Most people believe that this is the effect of the chlorine in the pool’s water, but actually, there’s another reason. And way grosser than what you’d imagine.

Photo: Courtesy of Maritime Hotel Bantry

According to many scientists, the red stinging eyes after swimming are the result of urine instead of chlorine. However, sweat and dirt from people’s bodies also have to do with it. I bet you won’t feel as excited next time your friend invites you to his pool!

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